The Words of the Perry Family

Blessing Our Son - The Testimony Of Joshua's Father, Peter Perry

Peter Perry

We started to look for candidates for Joshua in November last year.

In praying about how to go about matching our son, one thought that came was how the choice we make could best serve God and True Parents. In my heart of hearts I know this is no walk in the park, to find the one who could best fit Gods plan for this couple.

I had some criteria based on Joshua's character and personality. I first approached my son and asked if any one in New England that he knew might seem as someone who could be a candidate and he said no because they were like his "sisters". I felt that K. was a good possibility. Yet, I approached 2 other families and they had other ideas.

I approached Scott ___ in May and he was surprised by the offer. Scott and Yoko ___ are K.s Parents.

We talked for several days, but they felt that they wanted to allow K. to focus on STF, so we left it at that. Our children attended the workshop in June and K. told her father that she felt ready for the blessing and asked him to start looking for someone.

When I talked to Joshua about the matching before he said to me his attitude was "Absolute Faith, Absolute Love, and Absolute obedience" considering the choices I was going to make.

There was a bye bye party at Richard Buessings' home for those going on STF. Scott came to the party and asked me why I was in such a hurry to match my son. I felt that if my son was matched he could focus better on STF because there would be no more 'eligible candidates' and that he would know who his fiancée was and could focus more on preparing for blessing and his future spouse.

We shared more that evening and on the next evening Scott offered K. as a candidate for Joshua. I was jumping out of my skin! The blessing is so big and the fact that the 3rd generation was within sight was so awesome.

I called Joshua and my wife Antonella together and reported about the matching. My son looked down at the ground and said "good choice". I never told my son about this matching. He wasn't aware that I had talked to the ___ family. I was surprised about how well he received it.

They spoke on the phone. Of course it was totally awkward for them as they knew each other fairly well as "brother and sister", but after a week at the STF workshop things began to be more comfortable.

Pray and trust in the answer you receive. Study the personality types, strengths, and weaknesses of each child. I was concerned that they would fit well together, not necessarily really like each other, but compliment each other in their personalities and temperament, their commitment, and the way they attend God and True Parents.

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