The Words of the Pedro Family

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Angola: Rally for Peace Sparks Hope (Kinambuta Sambu Pedro - August 10, 2006)

Unificationists in Angola build their first church (Kinambuta Sambu Pedro - November 2014 pdf)

Peace Road 2015 in Angola (Kinambuta Sambu Pedro - August 22, 2015 pdf)

YFWP Angola holds The Need for Character Education workshop (Kinambuta Sambu Pedro - October 10, 2015 pdf)

Angola: The Consequences of Sexual Revolution exposed to Youth (Kinambuta Sambu Pedro - November 25, 2015 pdf)

Holy Marriage Blessing at Angola's Prophetic Church of the Winner in the World (Kinambuta Sambu Pedro - October 13, 2016 pdf)

Angola's Peace Road 2017 held in Luanda's Independence Market (Kinambuta Sambu Pedro - October 21, 2017 pdf)

Luanda Province, Angola's Heavenly Tribal Messiah Blessing Workshops (Kinambuta Sambu Pedro - December 11, 2017 pdf)

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