The Words of the Pearlman Family

Pastor J. Edwards' Church and School in Foreclosure

Lewis and Marielle Pearlman
September 29, 2003

From: Tyler Hendricks
Date: Wed, 01 Oct 2003 22:00:23 -0400
To: Alum A-C
Subject: Rev J. Edwards in Need

Dear E-Cornerstone Friends,

I don't do this as a rule, but this is an exception that proves the rule. Our friend J. Edwards is dealing with the repercussions of some nastiness of members who left him over his support for True Parents, that has landed
his church $10,000 in debt. The attached letter gives an explanation.

Many current UTS students donated tonight at dinner, including one for $500.

This is going out mainly to those alums who may know J.. It's also for anyone who can give a little to help a Pentecostal who is giving it all for the Lord and his wife.

Checks should be sent to: "Pentecostals of Philadelphia."

As the letter says, a phone call to Lewis or e-mail to Lewis or J. will enable them to inform the bank that the money is on the way.

As Rev. Jenkins puts it:


Tyler Hendricks

A Plea From: Lewis & Marielle Pearlman

Pastor J. Edwards' Church and School in Foreclosure this Friday, October 3, 2003. We Need Your Help!

Monday, September 29, 2003

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

Thank you for your many, many sacrifices for the Providence of God. It has become necessary in a desperate plea to ask one more request. Our most precious brother, Pastor J. R Edwards is faced with an overwhelming dilemma. Unless Pastor Edwards comes up with $10,000 this Friday, October 3rd, his Church Center and Christian school will be in foreclosure. The amount was originally $20,000; however, the owner agreed to accept $10,000 now and pay off the balance over time. Pastor Edwards' school has 40 students, including 3 Blessed children. The Church and school were forced to close last year; as a result of complaints among some of his church members for Pastor Edwards association with True Parents. This happened just before the Edwards were leaving to the Blessing last year. Their Christian school; and, even their church had to close. Since then, Pastor Edwards' programs have been in financial crisis. The building became $20,000 behind. As a result, the owner has been threatening to foreclose for months.

All this time, Pastor and Sister Edwards have been tirelessly sacrificing over and over again, to help expand God and True Father's Providence. Even some members of his own family have persecuted him; yet, he still continues to help God and True Parents. Also, the building has been used for a number of ACLC events, a Second Generation CARP workshop, plus a number of FFWPU events. Now, Pastor Edwards for the first time is in desperation; even unable to help in New York for the UN rally this Friday. The whole foundation he has built over the past 7 years is about to collapse. All that has been invested in people and resources will be lost. All the time spent by the Edwards attending True Parents at the risk of being ex-communicated from their own religious organization will be destroyed, if $10,000 is not available by Friday, Oct 3rd.

So far, Pastor Edwards and our family have contributed $1,000 each. We only need another $8,000. If we can get this before Friday, Pastor Edwards will be able to devote the rest of the week working for the UN rally. Now the burden is left to those family, friends and associates who have appreciated the great sacrifice the Edwards have made.

If we could get 8 people to contribute $1,000; or 16 people to contribute $500; or 80 people to contribute $100, we can do it. Pastor and Sister Edwards have devoted countless hours to help our True Parents. Now it is time to help them.

Can you please help? We are sorry to ask you; for, if our family had the resources, we would surely give it without question to save the foundation that the Edwards. Please call us to let us know if you can help ASAP. The Edwards MUST notify the Owner of the Church and School property of any pledged amount BY Friday.

Thank you and God Bless you,
Lewis & Marielle Pearlman
Philadelphia, PA

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