The Words of the Parker Family

Blessing Testimony

Michael Parker
February 1, 2009

My name is Michael Parker, I am 18 years old and I was matched and blessed by True Parents on January 31, 2009. I was matched to Monika Lajdova from Czech Republic. I truly feel blessed by heavenly father for trusting me to be blessed with his daughter. My mind set behind me wanting to attend the blessing was to lessen Heavenly father’s sorrowful heart. What that means to me is having a blessed couple that sets the heavenly standard of sacrificing one’s self for the whole. I Believe that blessed couples are the only ones who can restore this world and bring God’s love to humanity. In my life of faith I want to attend True Parents and God with my full heart, but I realized that as an individual I am only half of a whole. The whole is a man and woman who come together in true love centered on God.

My experience at the blessing was one filled with God’s love and joy. I was able to connect pretty well with Monika and we were able to talk openly with each other. I feel that both of us were very serious about the blessing and really want God to work through us. During the blessing ceremony I couldn’t stop smiling, I think it was because at that moment God was so Happy that his 2nd gen could come before him in such a pure and heavenly way.

I come from a family difficult family back round. My parents had a divorce, my two older siblings left the church. In 2007 my mother past away from cancer. The day after I was praying and felt god’s heart and through his heart I felt my mothers love for me. After that experience certain things became clear to me, one was that god really needed 2nd gen set the true standard and establish blessed families. Ever since then I have strongly felt to attend the blessing for god and set a standard for younger and even older 2nd gen brothers and sisters who just need support.

I wish that my experience with the blessing could inspire other 2nd gen to start prepare themselves for the blessing, for God truly needs all of us to unite together as blessed families. 

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