The Words of the Paridi Family

Testimony About GOP (General Orientation Program in Korea)

Margaux Paridi
March, 2003

Hey BCs of all Europe!

My name is Margaux Paridi, I'm 14, and I'm from Italy. Now I'm living in Korea for about 6 months, in this dormitory called ''world student garden of brothers and sisters''. one of the best points here is that there are BCs around my age from all over the world. most of them are americans, and this is also one of the reason that pushed me to come, even if in the beginning i had some struggles with my english, but it's really fun to learn new stuff and improve yourself. that's why i didn't give up. and i'm glad i didn't because now we are really developing a relationship of real brothers and sisters, getting to know each other better, and really having fun.

This is the program: we get up at 6:30 for morning service, sing songs, then have breakfast and go to school at 8:30. One of the main purposes is to get to know Korean, True parents language, so we have around 3 or 4 Korean classes everyday. And everytime we learn something new we can go out and practice it by talking to Korean people. Actually they are really nice to western people, they think we are cool! At 12:00 we have lunch, then go back to school until 3:00. After that we have free time: we can play soccer, matanage (a japanese game), or do whatever until dinner time. Our study time is from 7:00 to 8:30. After evening service we have a different schedule everyday: Sometimes it's group night, game night, DP lecture night or testimony night. The best one is saturday night: we choose between playing capture the flag in the field (a really fun American game), or watching a movie in the prayer room. We have field trips every months, so we can see new places and visit korea.

Now comes the fundamental part: developing a life of faith. I think this is the best place to make one because around you are not "bad" people like everywhere, but BCs. In Europe its easy to hang out with the wrong people and be pushed to do the wrong things like happened to me. And I realised it for the first time when I came here. I think this year will not be just a good memory, but what saved me. I'm really grateful I came and I hope that everyone can have the chance to come in this dormitory.

From Korea, Margaux Paridi

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