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by Reverends Paquette

Unification Satellite Broadcasts

Ronald Paquette
Feb. 24, 1992

Dear Members,

As many of you may already know, the broadcast of Father's morning address on God's Day, along with the evening program from the Manhattan Center, were both a tremendous success. The events of that day set a new precedent in terms of audience size and production values. From Washington D.C. to Los Angeles to all over Japan, some 36,000 members thrilled at the sight of members of the True Family performing live from New York.

After hearing the reports by inspired members coast to coast, Hyo Jin Nim decided that we should broadcast all the Church's Holy Days from that time onward and on True Parent's Birthday, In Jin Nim's speech, "Our Paradigm of True Love," proved an especially poignant experience for hundreds of members all over America. Again, a new chapter between the True Family and the American Movement was opened.

Japan, of course, has been doing this for years, each morning broadcasting two to three hours of programs. Usually these programs consist of Sunday Belvedere sermons from New York (with Japanese subtitles), lectures by noted Japanese leaders or "specials" such as our God's Day Entertainment program.

How this works is a marvel of modern technology. Numerous satellites are positioned in geostatic orbit over the earth's equator. These satellites beam down most everything we see on cable television here and abroad. They can also be leased on an hourly basis and that is how we are able to broadcast our programs. Realistically, anyone in the United States with a satellite receiver is capable of seeing our programs. We have already received reports of non-members getting very inspired from the broadcasts.

On God's Day, several centers rented satellite dishes. For some, the cost approached one thousand dollars for the single day. This is truly unnecessary because the equipment is not that expensive to own and is very easy to set up and operate. In many ways its as easy as setting up a television antenna.

How much does a satellite receiver system cost?

There is an enormous price spread for Satellite equipment. A lot has to do with how sensitive the tuner is and how big the dish. For purposes of receiving Church-related broadcasts, a setup of around $1,000 should do quite well.

For your convenience, I have enclosed a couple of pages of adds from NBO, a company that specializes in Satellite equipment. They seem very friendly and reliable and offer the best prices I have come across. They are also available 24 hours a day for technical assistance through an 800 number (and that might be a great help in the early days of owning your own system). Their sales representatives indicated that for around $1,000 (includes shipping) one could have their EchoStar 310 system set up to receive KU Band from a dedicated satellite.

Whatever you decide, just be sure that the tuner and dish you get are capable of receiving "KU-Band" signals. If you can afford the extra hundred dollars or so, it would be good if your setup were capable of receiving C-Band signals as well. We usually broadcast on KU-Band but may need to switch to the less expensive C-Band at some future date. It would save you a minor hassle if you already had multiple band capability.

NBO also offers its own financing with a 2-hour credit approval time. So, as the ad says, a system can cost you a little as $29 per month. They also take credit cards.

The most difficult aspect of installation is the placing of the 3.5" pipe that holds the satellite dish. It might need to be set in concrete for stability. There are free standing dish supports on the market (that is, those that do not need to be installed into the ground with cement), but at present I do not have the information. Be sure to tell NBO what type of dish mount you prefer. NBO can also arrange for installation in your home, but you can probably find a local handyman to do the job much cheaper. Note: You might want to check local ordinances regarding satellite dishes. While Federal Law guarantees the right to have a dish, some areas have codes as to their installation

The rest of the installation is easy. From the satellite dish's LNB (the device that the dish reflects the signal into) a single coaxial cable runs to the tuner next to your television set. Another cable connects to the TV, just like your VCR, and plays on Ch. 3. .

Ultimately, what Hyo Jin Nim is trying to accomplish is the establishment of a network by which our entire movement can be connected, informed and inspired. He hopes to begin broadcasting on a regular monthly basis in the near future. For the present, our next broadcasts are scheduled for April 3rd (Parent's Day), May 1st (the Anniversary of HSA-UWC's Founding) and June 1st (Day of All Things). I believe the May 1st program is going to be all classical music.

Hyo Jin Nim has also been researching ways to broadcast all of Father's holy day speeches, even if Father is in Korea. He is also considering an interactive broadcast between Japan and the United States, where both countries will contribute live performances to the same show. Other possibilities include a monthly news magazine or the coverage of important events sponsored by our Church such as the ICUS conference and Assembly of the World's Religions, should they be held in this country.

What we need most at this time is your interest and your action! I encourage all of you to obtain a satellite system as soon as possible and tune in to these special events.

One final note: Since these broadcasts are expensive to produce and broadcast, Hyo Jin Nim has requested that I ask members everywhere to help support our work by making some kind of contribution, even if it is only a few dollars a month. If we increase the budget, we can increase the level and frequency of the programming. As is usually the case with such providential developments, a lot depends on you, the individual members. But I'm sure you'll agree, the benefits are well worth the investment. When you do make you contribution to HSA headquarters, just earmark it "For Satellite Programming, please."

Some members have expressed a desire to make a pledge using their credit cards. Since this is not possible through Headquarters, the best way to help support Hyo Jin Nim's vision is to buy tapes and CD's put out by Manhattan Center. That's why I've included the order form. (And if you haven't heard any of Hyo Jin Nim's recent albums I would suggest you try a few!)

In any event, we understand everyone's financial plight and sincerely hope that you will do your best to support these efforts.

So, get ready. Set your VCR's for our next broadcast on April 3rd, Parents' Day, 9 a.m.(EST) on satellite SBS-6. We usually come on the air ten minutes prior to the scheduled start time with some sort of I.D. (The exact channel number on the satellite will be available closer to the broadcast date.) The speech will begin at 9 am followed later that evening with the Holiday Entertainment Live! from Manhattan Center, 7 to 9 p.m. As to who will speak or perform -- well, that's always a surprise. But most likely some member of the True Family will speak, if not Father himself.

If you have any questions, please free to call me. But I strongly recommend that you call NBO first and ask them about the EchoStar 410 or 310 system. Their number is 1-800-346-6466. Afterward, do let us know you have a satellite system so that we can keep you informed as to programming information.

On behalf of Hyo Jin Nim and everyone here at Manhattan Center, may God's blessing be upon all that you endeavor in the service of Our True Parents throughout 1992.

Yours truly,
In Their Names,
Ronald Paquette, Producer/Director
Manhattan Center Studios

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