The Words of the Panzer Family

Letter to True Father on the First Anniversary of his ascension

Miho Panzer
August 23, 2013

Myung Moon lying in state - September 2012

Dearest True Father,

Father, I can see your big smile, even now. We were like your small children following in your footsteps. Your steps are so wide and so big we had to run to be able to keep up until now.

Suddenly I could not see Father's footsteps anymore. I was surprised: "Where are Father's footsteps?" I was crying and looking for my father: "Abonim, Abonim, where did you go?" I called out weeping.

And True Father said:" Look up and wipe away your tears! Don't cry anymore." The sun was shining and within that sunshine I could see Father's shining face. Finally I had found Father! I wanted to embrace Father's big chest like a child and cry and laugh together with him.

I then realized that Father was lying in front of me with his royal crown and wearing the Korean royal robe. The robe represented God's creation with a beautiful waterfall that became the ocean. Many different kinds of animals like deer, birds etc. Like the Garden of Eden.

The King of King's last prayer was: "I accomplished everything." Then his body started to sleep eternally, and I saw him before me in the glass case. His face expressed pure royalty. His mouth was closed tightly, but I felt that he was going to wake up and give a speech to us at any moment.

Then I said to Father: "Father thank you so much for your sacrifice all your life. Do not worry about us, your children. Even though we are not worthy but still you called and we could work with you. Like Jesus who called simple fishermen and they followed him, so are we. Father you took care of us so well, teaching us, forsaking your own family to take care of us."

"Abonim, you gave your whole life for Heavenly Father and us. I remember- many times you did not eat or rest, just giving yourself. One day was as important as a thousand years for you."

Even Father had just a few hours to sleep each night, I still heard him pray during this time. Father's hand was covered with cuts and scratches, looking like a pair of very rough gloves. The King of Kings became the servant of servants living his life for others. The memory of the picture of Father's farmer's hands remains deeply in my heart. Now, I have to say, "Goodbye to Father, with my deep pledge."

True Mother was so sad and had to be supported when she said farewell to Father. Now she is carrying the whole burden by herself.

Dear True Mother. We are ready to walk with you.

From now on Father is with each one of us in our hearts. We are like little Abonims. Father please guide and teach us to march on united with all brothers and sisters.

True Father and True Mother, we love you! 

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