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Richard Panzer
October 28, 2011

As a graduate of UTS or a friend of UTS Alumni Association you will surely want to know that, with the support of the sponsoring church, and the leadership of the UTS Board of Directors, UTS is moving forward to launch an undergraduate college in Barrytown, that is academically excellent, grounded in Unification values/ lifestyle and highly affordable. A place where our college-age children and other young adults can grow intellectually and spiritually, without having to endure the toxic cultural environment prevalent at many colleges.

We have submitted an application to offer a Bachelor of Arts degree to the NY State Education Department and hope to receive approval in time to start a freshman class in the Fall of 2012.

We are currently soliciting applications for 3 positions: Undergraduate Dean, Assistant Professor, and Director of Student Life. If you know of anyone with a graduate degree who has a desire to invest in the collegiate education of our precious young adults, please encourage them to apply and to do so by October 28.

More detailed information can be viewed at

Feel free to contact me if you'd like to know more.


Richard Panzer
UTS President 

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