The Words of the Pak Family

The Meaning of the Coronation Ceremony

Rev. No Hi Pak
Washington DC Hq. Church
July 1, 2001

Good morning, Brothers and Sisters!

It is a my great privilege to have this opportunity to speak to my beloved brothers and sisters this Sunday.

When Rev. Lee asked me to speak something about the Coronation Ceremony for God's Kingship at Sunday service, first I hesitated very much. Because Washington Church is national headquarter church, and I know most of the members here are early members in our movement and have attended True Parents quite a long time.

What can I say to you?

But I decided to accept this opportunity simply because I have to follow my Field Commanding Officer's order. Anyway it is a great honor for me. I appreciate Rev. Lee to give me such a precious time.

Today is July 1st. year 2001. Already half of this year, the first year of the 3rd millennium has passed. Once again I feel that time goes so fast.

When I think about my life in last 6 months this year, it has been amazing period of time for me. During last 6 months I participated 40 days fishing workshop in Pantanal, Brazil last February and March and I have made 5 trips to United States. Just following the True Parents instructions I was so busy as I feel dizzy.

In Korean, there is a proverb saying that "Ö" If I translate in English the meaning might be, "Obedience is better than any other offering."

Father has taught us that our principles of church life are 'absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience'.

When Father called the National Messiahs at certain place I knew that there would be definite providential meanings. So the last 6 months I tried to do my best to follow Father's instructions.

When I left Korea to participate in the Fishing Workshop in the Pantanal from Seoul on 14th February I met Rev. Hwang, president of the Korean Church at the airport. To say goodbye I approached him and said, "I am very sorry I have to leave my mission in Korea as a Regional Director of the Federation of the National Movement for the Unification of North and South Korea to go fishing for quite a long time."

Then he said immediately. "No, no, it is the National Messiahs' mission to follow Father's instruction without any excuse. Go ahead. Don't worry about here." So I confirmed that another National Messiah's mission is just to attend the True Parents in any circumstance.

When Father called all National Messiahs to Pantanal for Fishing Workshop a 3rd time last February, many of us wondered, more over, and complained why is Father calling us again at this time. We were all engaged with busy lecture schedules for the national movement for the unification of Korea. Even we had no time to fulfill our mission in Korea. Father did not give us the time to work.

But when we followed Father's call and arrived at Pantanal we found that the Workshop was extremely meaningful for the providence of our True Parents.

As you may know Father assigned the Pantanal as our 'Original Holy Place, Victorious Holy Place and Holy Place for the beginning of the new Providence'.

Father said that actually Father started his 50-state tour from Pantanal on 16th Feb. 2001.

And Father asked all National Messiahs to gather at the Pantanal, the Holy Place for the Beginning of the New Providence and asked us to pray hard and to have Hoon Dok Hae eagerly to support Father's tour spiritually.

True Parents wanted to start their tour on the foundation of 185 nations' total support. So Father wanted all National Messiahs who represented each nations completely united with True Parents and totally supported his tour spiritually.

When we understood such a meaning of workshop we were overwhelmed and did our best to match with Father's desire from 7 o'clock in the morning to 6 pm, 11 hours on a small boat under such strong sunlight.

The reason I am telling this story is that we have to see all programs or events which True Parents are doing from the providential perspective. Sometimes when we see those things from the personal view point there are many things we can not understand. More over, Father's each providential program has very special spiritual meanings which we can not even imagine.

Let us think about Jesus' death 2000 years ago.

Jesus Christ was crucified. When the Israelites saw that fact as only a historical view point, it was a death of a political criminal at that time. That is why the Jewish religion still does not recognize Jesus as the Messiah.

But when we saw that crucifixion from the providential viewpoint, it was Israelites' permanent sin when they killed the Messiah whom they had waited 4000 years due to their spiritual ignorance.

In Father's program of Restoration History, year 2000 and year 2001 are very much significant. Father said, year 2000 was the year that God's Restoration Providence would be completed and year 2001 will be the beginning of the New Era.

What is the meaning of the completion of the Providence of Restoration?

Father said that the completion of the Providence of Restoration is the complete liberation of the following 4 points.

(1) Liberation of human beings,
(2) liberation of spiritual world,
(3) liberation of all things, and
(4) liberation of God.

The liberation of human beings has been achieved through the Holy Blessing Movement from 1960 by our True Parents.

What is the meaning of Blessing? The blessing means the change of fallen people's blood lineage to God and the change of Satan's dominion over human beings to God's dominion.

Consequently, Father said we, blessed families, should become the 4th Adams who are independent even from True Parents just like well ripe fruits separated from a tree. Father allowed us the Registration Blessing which we could get the citizenship of Kingdom of Heaven from September last year.

And more dramatically, Father told us on God's day year 2001 we could pray to God as a report of all our life with my own name instead of prayer in the name of the True Parents or before, in the name of Jesus.

Of course, there are many other changes, such as change from My Pledge to Family Pledge. The change of the churchís name from Unification Church to Family Church, and so on.

All these kind changes are ultimate changes of the value of human beings in quality, not in quantity of indemnity until year 2000.

For the restoration of all things Father offered three times the Return Ceremony such as Ocean, Land and Cosmos from June last year. This is the meaning that all things and cosmos which were not originally fallen status but all cosmos which was controlled by Satan's dominion had to return to God's dominion completely by True Parents again.

Also last year, on October 14 which was the day of the 50th anniversary of Father's release from Heung Nam prison, Father proclaimed that total liberation and unity of whole spiritual world. and on Dec. 1st he declared the removal of the barrier between the Kingdom of Heaven and Hell. And 4 Saints of major religions united in oneness and support of the True Parents. This was providentially the realization of total liberation of the Spiritual World.

As a final step, we can imagine that for the completion of the Providence of Restoration, the liberation of God has to come.

Due to the fall of human beings God Himself, even the Creator of the entire Cosmos was cast away to the farthest corner, and He had to work in the entire history of restoration with sorrow and lamentation. If there was no fall of human beings He would be naturally the King of the whole Cosmos and could have full authority of almightiness.

But nobody has understood God's original position and the sorrow in His heart. Nobody even thinks about the restoration of His Kingship. It is very natural that God's desire through whole history has been the restoration of His Kingship. But he couldn't do anything by Himself because there was Satan who was always slandering.

It was a desperate hope of God that someday, somebody will dedicate such a Glory to God after overcoming all of Satan's charges.

Finally in the last days, the True Parent could have raised God to the highest pinnacle through the Coronation Ceremony on Jan. 13th year 2001 above the foundation of victories through his whole life of indemnity.

What is the meaning of the Coronation Ceremony of the God's Kingship?

Because I, myself could participate in that ceremony and experienced directly the spiritual and holy atmosphere of the ceremony at Chung Pyung on that day, I could understand better the seriousness of the providential meanings. But I am sure that most of you didn't participate in that ceremony and just heard the news and read message later. So many members had difficulties to digest the real meaning.

Even I myself couldn't understand the whole meaning of the Ceremony, but I could comprehend a part of the meaning through Father's words as follows.

First, it means the complete 'Restoration of Godís Original Standard' and 'Recovery of God's Total Ownership.'

Due to the fall of the human ancestors, God lost all His dignity, glory and authorities. Even though He was the Master of whole Cosmos, He couldn't exercise His almightiness.

He was fallen in grievance. Even He had to share all His things with Satan.

But Our True Parents could recover all of God's original position and ownership through the Coronation Ceremony after his whole life-long course of indemnity.

Second, it is the total liberation of God. Due to the fall of humanity God, even the Creator has suffered a broken heart and has been captured under Satan's bonds throughout all of history.

Our True Parents made Lucifer surrender completely on March 24th in 1999 and even gave the blessing to 30 of the worst criminals in history together with the four great saints.

On such a foundation Father could dedicate the Coronation Ceremony of God's Kingship and totally liberate God.

Third, it is total unity with His creatures. As through the Coronation Ceremony God recovered His original position as the Creator, God finally could be united with all His creatures completely once again.

As conclusion Father said that it is the beginning of the new era. But you can say, "Wait a minute. What is the new era?" Today is the same as yesterday. Tomorrow will be same as today. What a difference!

At this moment I want to emphasize once again that we have to see all these things from the perspective of the Providential view point.

We have to see the history with the eye of the Providence, not with only our physical eye. We have to be involved in the process of the Providence of Restoration with the spiritual understanding, not just with only cold, intellectual analysis.

Before I conclude my remarks I want to share a little more about the beginning of New Era.

The new era does not start suddenly after the conclusion of the old era. It gradually makes the old era change and develop gradually within the old era.

The new era after the Coronation Ceremony of God's Kingship has to be developed in our mind first when we have the strong confidence about Father's Providence. Father said that it is not a concept, it is real.

I have emphasized to read the Coronation Ceremony message in Hoon Dok Hae and repeat it over again. That is why you are going to neglect the important meaning of the Ceremony and ignore the reality in spiritual world.

Particularly, it is the time period of the "Harvest of the Pentecost" after Father's victory through the 50-state tour.

What is Pentecost?

2000 years ago, at the time of Pentecost after Jesusí Resurrection the Holy Spirit came down to 12 Apostles and 120 believers. They all experienced strong spiritual phenomena. Before that time all Apostles and believers were very much disappointed due to Jesus' crucifixion and went back to their homes with despair and scattered one by one. They lost all hope of the Heavenly Kingdom on earth which Jesus promised.

There was no centripetal force to make them one. But after they received the Holy Spirit, everybody had strong unity with each other and the new Christian community was naturally organized. Moreover, Peter and the other Apostles stood up to speak about Jesusí Resurrection without fear any more.

Now what is the meaning of our Pentecost? Father said, after the Coronation of God's Kingship and total liberation and unity of the spiritual world, all spiritual world is all ready to come down to us and support us. If we gather together and pray hard and work hard with strong confidence, we will receive the Holy Spirit and total support of spiritual world. We will see many miracles. This will be our Pentecost which Father said. Amen. Amen.

When I participated at one of Father's 50-state tour event in Washington at the Omni Shoreham Hotel on 16th April, I felt like I was dreaming. When I remembered Father's tour in early 1970 it was like a battle with Christian leaders. There were so much tension within the Christian society.

But this time when we saw the scene which many big Christian leaders attended with True Parents, they praised Father's achievements publicly on stage. It was just like a dream. I thought that a new horizon of the God's Providence in America had come.

Now our True Parents went to Korea to make another 12-city tour. But this time Father went to Korea with the total support of American Christian ministers. Some leading ACLC ministers such as Archbishop Milingo and Archbishop Stallings will play the role of John the Baptist. I am sure the Korean Christian society will be totally surprised about Father's triumphant return this time.

Let us support the success of our True Parents in Korea with all our hearts. Let us send a big hand to our True Parents. Thank you.

I am going to finish my remarks with one story. There was once a rich farmer, letís say in Korea. He raised many domestic animals on his farm. Because he was rich every year he invited many people to his birthday party and treated them with good food.

When his birthday came soon all the animals gathered and had a discussion who would be the sacrifice for the master's next birthday banquet. In the meeting, first the cow said, "If I die who will plow the field for our master? We cannot let him do such hard work by himself." All the other animals agreed. So the cow was exempted from becoming the sacrifice.

Next was the horse. The horse said, "If I die who will carry our master when he travels? We cannot make him walk all the time." Everybody agreed. The Horse was exempted. Next was the sheepís turn. The sheep said, "If I die who will give fresh milk for our master's health? We cannot make him have breakfast without milk." Everybody agreed. He was also excluded.

Next the chicken said, "If I am selected as sacrifice for our master it will be very sad because he will not be able to eat his favorite eggs. What shall I do?" All agreed. She also escaped from this difficult situation.

Then the dog participated in the discussion. He said, "As you know recently there are many burglars in our village. If I die who will watch his house? I am sure our master will worry very much about this situation."

Everybody agreed. Also the dog was saved.

In such a way they couldn't decide who would be the sacrifice. With anxiety when they looked around there was one other animal sleeping. That was the pig. They asked the pig to explain his situation. But the pig could not find any excuse to escape this circumstance. All day long he would just eat and sleep.

At the master's next birthday party the pig was served at the barbecue.

I am sure that among us nobody wants to be in the situation of the pig.

Thank you very much for your attention.

God bless you all.

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