The Words of the Pak Family

Black Heung Jin Nim's beating of Bo Hi Pak

July 23, 1998

Dr. Bo Hi Pak's version of his beating, which I heard from him directly, is that only Cleophas [Black Heung Jin Nim / Cleopas Kundioni] did the beating at Belvedere, although others stood by and allowed it despite his pleas for help. Dr. Pak was handcuffed to a radiator, beaten with a baseball bat and had his head slammed against the wall several times.

Photos taken at the hospital indicate that the beating was severe, savage and sadistic. He had serious damage done to his head that required emergency surgery to relieve pressure on his brain.

Cleophas ordered Dr. Pak not to get the operation, claiming Dr. Pak's dizziness was the result of evil spirits. Earlier the same day, Father had told Dr. Pak to get the operation immediately.

Doctors later informed Dr. Pak that if the operation had not been done when it was, he would have been dead within 24 hours. 

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