The Words of the Pak Family

Dispensational Meaning of Father's Visit to North Korea

Bo Hi Pak
January 1, 1992
World, Mission Center

"This is the personification of true love -- the moment God's dispensational history has been fulfilled. This one event is that important." Father embraces Kim Il Sung.

I feel like I returned not from North Korea, but from a very faraway place like the moon. We had wonderful experiences. Father and Mother have been absolutely brilliant in their manifestation of true love.

Since Mr. Peter Kim gave an hour-by-hour kind of report, I would like to emphasize the dispensational meaning of True Parents' visit to North Korea.

The victory of Jacob and Esau, particularly Jacob, was the one time God was truly satisfied, beaming from ear to ear with joy. Jacob completely fulfilled Cod's expectation and from there, the Israel nation emerged. But few before or after Jacob in the history, of the dispensation have achieved victory. God felt joy when lie created Adam and Eve, but I le has been absolutely brokenhearted ever since they fell.

Through all this time, God has not had any good days until now when Father, as the universal Jacob, went to North Korea and embraced the universal Esau. Kim Il Sung is the only world leader whom the citizens call father, and as the false father or Adam, he represents the entire Hellenic ideology and all the satanic and communistic forces. The entire evil his- tory is personified in one man, Kim Il Sung. Jacob was courageous enough to go into North Korea and meet Esau. That he could be welcomed by Esau is the most incredible accomplishment in the history of Gad and man. You will have no idea how significant this is until the entire history is unfolded. Even I only have a glimpse of it.

Kim Il Sung meets father and Mother at Hung Nam, symbolically apologizing for his wrong-doing. They agree to a joint communique, the first step toward national unification. Father "goes to these people, to open their hearts, testify, heal them, and solve the differences between North and South."

The natural subjugation of Kim Il Sung, who symbolizes all the evil, satanic qualities, including false parenthood, means false parents have finally stiffen- demi in front of the True Parents. Father has completely fulfilled Cod's dispensational history. From today on, January 1, 1992, he is much more relaxed, confident, and happy. Father knows now that both the spiritual and physical worlds will be different.

Kim Il Sung tried to kill Father, at least three known times. Once his government tortured Father almost to death in Pyongyang. The members, like Rev. Won Pil Kim, picked up Father's body and prepared for his burial, but miraculously Father survived. Then he tried to kill Father in Hungnam prison. The third time, in 1987, this man sent out about two squads of the Red Army, headed by a Japanese man, Mr. Kikumura, with incredible explosives to blow up Father's home, Morning Garden in Boston. In the nick of time, they were discovered and captured by the FBI. I could spit at Kim Il Sung. However, Father said, "I forgive you, I love you as my brother, and I unite with you." In picture: you can see Father and Kim Il Sung looking at each other almost like brothers who have been separated for ten years. This is the personification of true love -- the moment God's dispensational history has been fulfilled. Because of this your job gets easier, my job gets easier, the spirit world is happy, and all kinds of miraculous things will happen. This one event is that important.

Father said he met Kim It Sung as a friend, then after lunch they came out as brothers, and next time, Kim Il Sung will be as Father's son. I told Father that he should be in the center between Mother and Kim Il Sung in photographs, but Father said, "No, my future son should be in the center; we must surround him with true love."

Kim Il Sung is eighty years old and many people wondered, "Why has God let such a dictator survive that long?" Father said, "Good reason." I realized he must be in the providential position to meet with True Father and be subjugated by true love before he dies.

Father signs the joint statement December 5, 1991, as the President of the Federation for World Peace.

The only newspaper in North Korea printed a picture of Father's entire party on the front page, and every day they reported everything Father was doing. All North Korean people read this, like a Bible. They know who Father is now, what Father has spoken, what Father has been doing. But most importantly, Father's welcoming speech was published in the newspaper the following day. Father gave that speech the night he arrived. Then at three a.m. somebody knocked on my door. I did not know if that was the CIA, or the KGB equivalent of the North Korean intelligence. The man out there was very nervous, and apologized saying, "I am sorry to disturb your sleep. Great Leader called me. He just read Rev. Moon's speech given last night. He liked it so much he wants to put the speech in the newspaper. We have never done this before, but this time Great Leader would like to do it. I need Rev. Moon's approval." I said, "Rev. Moon is in bed and sleeping. l cannot get his approval." He said, "What about your approval?" I wondered whether I had the authority or not. But most important, what if they changed and twisted the words? That would be a problem. Sot said, "Okay. I will give approval if you sign this copy of Rev. Moon's speech and promise you will print it exactly as it is written," So he signed it. Father spoke about God in his speech many times, and each time they reluctantly put quotation marks around the word "God." This was the first time in forty-six years that the word God in a context of love appeared in a North Korean newspaper.

The second day we had a meeting in the Mon Su Da congressional hall. Chairman Yoon and many professors attended. They tried to persuade Father to accept their Juche ideology. Yoon Ki Bok is a great orator. He gave a thirty-minute speech about plebe ideology, saying that it can save the entire world. When the briefing session was over, they expected just a couple of questions, hut instead Father said, "Bo Hi, give them a report of what I have done in the past twenty- five years in the United States." Pounding the table, I spoke politely, but forth- rightly, and explained Godism, head- wing ideology, true love, and all our projects. They politely applauded, but thought that was the end of it.

Then Father stood up. The officials said, "You don't have to stand up, please sit down." Father said, "No, Bo Hi, give me a glass of water." He drank the water and began preaching exactly as he does to us. I was scared to death. After that Father said, "Juche ideology is wrong because there is no God in it so it cannot be a unified nation's ideology!' I died even more.

Finally Father said, "In a unified Korea, I will become supreme chairman of the unified Korean peninsula. Kim Il Sung will be the vice chairman. Roh Tao Woo will be another vice chairman, and the central ideology will be Godism and head wing ideology." I thought we were finished and probably by the next day we would be in jail. Father said, "Since you heard this, I do not think you will want me to meet with Kim Il Sung, but no matter what, I came here for a historical purpose -- to testify to the truth." I knew that without meeting Kim Il Sung, Father's visit to North Korea would be very much diminished. I was dying inside. But when they tried to discourage Kim-Il Sung from seeing Rev. Moon, Kim Il Sung laughed and said, "What an interesting man we have, who wants to become the chairman and make me vice chairman. Well, that intrigues me, and I want to meet this man more than before."

After dinner Father and Kim Il Sung walk down a long hallway holding hands; from friends to brothers.

The big man recognized the big man. Father knew Kim Il Sung, and Kim Il Sung knew Father. For that reason the petty recommendation of the lower staff would not be accepted. Kim Il Sung said to Father very proudly, "I invited you, Sir." In other words, those people are so afraid of you, they do not even want to see you. But I want you to come here.

The amazing thing is that Father acted so beautifully and politely with Kim Il Sung. Kim Il Sung was so happy, from beginning to the end. Later he scolded his people, "What do you mean Rev. Moon is bad? He is a good friend of mine. Why did you report lies to me?"

Later on Deputy Prime Minister Kim said to Father, "Rev. Moon, I really respect you because at the meeting with President Kim I saw another side of you. After meeting you I cannot say there is no God."

Kim Il Sung just happened to invite Father to meet him at Hungnam city though Prime Minister Kim Dal Van tried to avoid having the meeting there. Prime Minister Kim Dal Van told me on the plane, "Dr. Pak, I just simply cannot deny God is there. We tried to avoid having the meeting in Hungnam so desperately, but it happened our leader wanted to meet Rev. Moon there." Kim Il Sung's inviting Father to I lung Nam in a way symbolically apologized for his wrong doing. This is the way history will be written.

A normal meeting with the president at the White House is only fifteen Minutes, in which time you can still conduct a lot of business. But we met with Kim Il Sung for an hour and a half! From time to time Father said, "Bo Hi, you explain." I had a good reason to shout because Kim Il Sung is hard of hearing. He gave Father a standing ovation three times. Nobody has given such a frank but loving and constructive talk except Father. It was an historical meeting. Also unprecedented was that he spent two and a half hours with Father in the dining room. Mother is not so much a drinker, but Kim Il Sung kept saying, "This is a special wine we especially brewed for you, Rev. and Mrs. Moon. You must taste it." What could she say but, "Yes, I will taste it." This man seldom does this kind of thing. He was like a child.

After dinner, Father and Kim Il Sung walked down a one-hundred-yard hallway holding hands. They are no longer friends, they are brothers. Father completely embraced him. There is no animosity or hatred. Father is incredible. Father said, "This was for me a historical opportunity to return to North Korea for the first time in more than forty years. No one can claim more justification than I for harboring ill will against North Korea. I received severe persecution from the government because of my position as a religious leader and my unswerving anticommunist principles. I was tortured harshly and imprisoned for nearly three years in a labor camp. There I witnessed the death of many who had also been imprisoned without cause. The fact that I am alive today can only be described as a miracle and as a result of God's special blessing and protection. Now I have visited North Korea. For someone in my position to love those who really cannot be loved is the essence of true love. I was not entering the house of my enemy, but rather I was returning to my homeland to visit the house of my brother. I carried with me to North Korea the principle that I have always lived by -- to forgive, love and unite."

Father signed two important documents while he was there: one is a joint communique with the North Korean government and the other is an economic joint venture agreement. This communique is an act of the president. The Korean government will say that Rev. Moon as a private individual went to North Korea to make an agreement, but what God says is more important. God will say, "You are my Son, my representative. Go and communicate with these people, open their hearts, testify, heal them, solve the differences between North and South, and sign the joint communique.• This joint communique is really the first step toward the unification of the Fatherland and is very important. There are ten points, like ten commandments coming from Pyongyang. Right now South and North Korea are haying talks. Father pushed Kim Il Sung to meet with Roh Tae Woo, the South Korean president, in the same way that he told Gorbachev to meet with Roh Tae Woo to open up diplomatic dialogue with South Korea. The South Korean government should be grateful because Father laid the foundation to accomplish their goals.

As a first step, the two sides decided to establish in 1992 a place where members of separated families can meet and mail can be exchanged. Father passionately appealed to Kim Il Sung, "How can I go back to South Korea after meeting my family without having permission for all families to meet each other?" Kim Il Sung said, "Rec. Moon, I am moved by your statement and your passion. Let's do it."

(Left) Father's only elder brother Moon Yong Soo and (Right) His grandfather's photos were presented to True Parents, along with the above photo of Father's mother.

Father's Family

Father met with forty-seven relatives but could only recognize his elder and younger sisters and his sister-in-law. Some relatives died during the war and some died of disease, but none of them were persecuted or sentenced to death by Kim Il Sung. Father respects that big-mindedness of Kim Il Sung.

Father's only elder brother, who is now deceased, loved Father very much. He knew his younger brother had a special revelation and mission and instructed his wife to completely serve Father, and when Father was attending school, she truly took care of him. So at the reunion with his sister-in-law she was ready to collapse in tears. But Father said, "Don't cry, I did not come for tears. I came for Gods mission. We have much greater things to do." This is how Father lifted up the spirit of the women. Father never showed tears.

Father's house is one hundred years old and big by Korean standards. In one conversation with Kim Il Sung, Father said, 'Thank You. I went to my hometown. My birth-house was intact. I have paint all over my body because the paint was still wet." They were laughing and laughing. Kim Il Sting said, "We have to preserve your birthplace in an important way, as a shrine." Can you imagine? North Korea, an atheist and totalitarian country that opposed Father, now wants to preserve his home as a shrine! So we already have a Holy Ground in Jeongju, North Korea. Kim Il Sung, as a prodigal son who came back, fulfilled a most wonderful filial son's role.

Kyung Kye Kim, Father's mother, who truly loved him.

At his parent's tomb, Father and Mother touched the tombstone the government had put there and prayed. Father's elder sister could not contain her emotions and shouted out, "Mother, you wanted to see your son so much at least once before you died. Now your son, Yong Myung (which Father was called as a boy), has come here. Mother, wake up and meet your son." Father said, "My dear sister, Mother is up in heaven. Please be comforted. Do not cry." I was crying and crying. Mother cried. But Father did not shed a tear.

Father's mother truly loved him, but because of his mission, he didn't pay much attention to her, which broke her heart. When Father was in Hungnam prison, his mother prepared clothe:: and barley rice powder, which was very rare and precious at that time. She put it On her head, and journeyed about thirty days to Hungnam to see her son and to help him survive. Father welcomed her, of course, but then immediately distributed everything to the other inmates in front of his mother. She thought, "I gave every ounce of my blood to make this and bring it over here. flow can you treat me like this?" Then she left and cried and cried. But still two or three months later she would go to Hungnam again, and the same thing would happen. She did not understand Father's position: I am not here for my own survival; I am here as the Messiah. I have to save these people. So Father now said, "I did a harsh thing to my mother, but I am sure she understands by now." Father never preached one word of Divine Principle to his mother.

In the administration budding at Pandas headquarters Father and Mother look at a model of the land area surrounding Panda's facilities at Danshui, China. Dr. Pak is indicating Panda's facilities are located near one of China's special economic zones and close to the port area of Aotou.

Back to Panda Country

When our plane landed in China after leaving Pyongyang, the North Korean ambassador to China was waiting in the rain to personally welcome Father and Mother, the friends of his king, Kim Il Sung. Father and Mother went to Tiananmen Square and then to the Panda site. The mayor, local secretary of the communist party, and local officials came to welcome Father and Mother. Father spoke with them for about an hour. We had a beautiful visit. Then Father and Mother went through all the Panda facilities and walked miles and miles. Mother said it was "awesome." Father asked Josette Sheeran, Washington Times reporter,

"What do you think about the factory?" She said, "Father this is ten times bigger than I imagined it." This factory is the biggest factory in the Republic of China, so all the top leaders of Beijing are coming down to look at it. This year, 1992, we are going to have a Panda car rolling off the assembly line.

Many newspapers printed headlines about Father's visit and published pictures of Father and Kim Il Sung. One quoted Father, "I entered North Korea as an Apostle of Peace." liven in Hong Kong, Tire Sunday Morning Post, December 22, 1991, said, "How Rev. Moon Slowly but Surely Took North Korea by Stem" The article concluded by quoting Father, "1 visited North Korea in the spirit of true love. I did not feel that I was entering the house of my enemy, but rather that I was returning to my homeland to visit the house of my brother"

The prime ministers from North and South Korea met. This meeting is nothing but the continuation of Father's meeting. There is incredible euphoria in all of South Korea. One English newspaper said, "New Era Dawning in Korea."

My dear brothers and sisters, this was a great victory for Father It is so big and we are so close to it that we cannot fully realize its significance. But Father's visit will impact all your lives in a good way. The spirit world has changed. In the Korean peninsula peace is coming. rather spoke about the unification of the new nation. That is a nation that comes under Father's principle. Korea will become a new nation. It is a matter of time. This is a great time we are living in. Father has accomplished a most extraordinary success in 1991. This year, 1992, shall be even greater, because the momentum from 1991 will be carried out. I see rather so relaxed, so happy, and to- day I am very happy too. 

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