The Words of the Pak Family

CAUSA Veterans Association

Bo Hi Pak
February 1987

Coinciding with the start of the CAUSA USA signature campaign last September, the CAUSA Veterans Association (CVA) was formed as a project of CAUSA USA. It seeks to educate active and retired members of the armed forces about the dangers to the survival of democracy and the free world posed by atheistic communism. CVA is not intended to take the place of existing veteran's organizations, but it was formed to offer the CAUSA critique and counterproposal to communism as a tool and a source of inspiration in the continuing fight against totalitarianism.

CVA seminars have been held around the country on a variety of topics including: "The Current Soviet Threat to Freedom;' "Terrorism -- The Source and its Solution:' and "Subversion in the Media Beyond the educational value of these seminars, their purpose is to facilitate the creation of a network of patriotic, informed, and committed veterans who can emerge as local volunteers, able to speak out and organize others in the cause of freedom.

Response to CVA seminars has been positive. One participant stated:

When I first received my invitation I didn't know what to expect, and I must admit I came here with some skepticism. Now, in all sincerity, I want to tell you that I have never attended a conference or seminar which to me was more meaningful, more productive, more interesting, more pleasant, or more useful than this one.

CVA and CAUSA USA welcome volunteers to assist in their expanding activities around the country. For information about activities in your area, please contact:

One Penn Plaza, Suite 100
New York, NY 10119 

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