The Words of the Pak Family

The World Seunghwa Ceremony of Heung Jin Nim Moon

Bo Hi Pak
January 8, 1984, At 9:00 Am
Main Address
Ceremony Committee Chairman
Little Angels Performing Arts Center
Seoul, Korea

The hearts of the audience following Heung Jin Nim as he is being carried out after the Seunghwa Ceremony.

Today we are standing on sacred soil. We are attending today a solemn ceremony to commemorate Heung Jin Nim Moon's passing away to heaven.

We call this ceremony the Seunghwa (Ascension and Harmony) ceremony. This is a new heavenly word that can only be understood and appreciated by those of us who are attending the True Parents.

The death of a human being has traditionally meant despair, darkness and sorrow because it was taken to mean eternal separation. This is why it has previously been called the "Ceremony of the Last Farewell" in the Korean language.

Those of us attending this ceremony, however, are citizens of heaven, living in a very different dimension from other people. We have the privilege of being proud saints in the Age of the Completed Testament. It is a privilege that can only be obtained by those who are attending the living True Parents, who have been victorious over the world and over death.

Revelation 21:4 reads: "He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning nor crying nor pain any more, for the former things have passed away." Blessed are all of us living in the glory of the True Parents who have caused all the former things to pass away.

Heung Jin Nim is one of the sons of the direct line of Rev. Moon. He is one of the True Children born physically of the True Parents. How can there be death for such a son? Heung Jin Nim has cast off the umbilical cord connecting him to this world and has been reborn in the world of light.

Rev. Moon, our Father, consoled the brothers and sisters who cried with sorrow on the day of Heung Jin Nim's passing, saying, "This is a new birthday for Heung Jin Nim. Let us celebrate Heung Jin Nim's new birthday. Heung Jin Nim is now marching to a new world of gluts, and eternity by being reborn.

Heung Jin Nim is now truly free to move in both the physical and the spiritual worlds, living permanently together with us. We must celebrate his passing in the same way as we would celebrate his wedding ceremony."

Therefore, this is the day for celebrating Heung Jin Nim's new birth into the eternal world of God. Today, we must glorify and learn from the example he set during his 17 years of life and appreciate that we are standing before a sacred altar in front of which we should solemnly determine and resolve to unite together, centered on Heung Jin Nim's holy ascension, which was a sacrificial offering for the unification of the world.

That is the essential meaning of this Seunghwa ceremony. This is a holy moment for us to solemnly respond in the spirit of Seunghwa to Heung Jin Nim, who is harmonizing both the physical and spiritual worlds, mankind and Unification Church members of five colors from 70 countries

The Sacred and Innocent Historical Sacrifice

It is likely that some people may ask why such an unexpected accident should happen in the family of the True Parents, and why such an ordeal had to occur to the perfected True Parents themselves.

Those of you who know the original ideal of creation understand that the power of sin and darkness has reigned over the world since the tragedy of the Fall of man. Since the Fall was caused by man's lack of faith, his immorality, and his voluntary give and take of love with Satan, God has suffered and has been bound by the principles which prevent even omnipotent God from taking back creation and man without a condition.

We all know that God works within the principles of restoration and has to pay indemnity conditions to Satan in order to restore mankind. This principle was expressed in the sacrificial offerings in the time of the Old Testament and in the offering of Jesus Christ, His only son, to Satan in the time of the New Testament. Through these conditions man was able to receive salvation and stand before God.

True Father, who understood this principle of sacrificial give and take for the first time in human history, made himself a sacrificial offering and has devoted his life of over 60 years according to the principle of "Blessing after Hardship." This is why he has been suffering with blood, sweat and tears throughout his life and is now fighting the last fight against Satan to save all mankind, broadening the foundation from the individual to family, family to race, race to nation, and nation to the world level.

The Unification Church, which today is standing on the worldwide foundation, has its origins in the very bottom of hell -- in a North Korean labor camp. The ordeals which Father went through in Hungnam for two years and eight months were the worst kind of experiences a human being can go through, and resembled the Cross at Golgotha.

Unlike the case of Jesus Christ who was betrayed by his 12 disciples, Father found his disciples in the communist prison, in the depth of hell, and was liberated in 1950, thanks to the participation of the worldwide Abel nations in the Korean War. His coming to South Korea at that time enabled the Unification Movement to begin its work toward the salvation of the world. The Unification Church was established in 1954. Thirty years have passed since that time. During this period True Parents have been unable to obtain the response and support of the Christian world which was prepared as the Second Israel; and by himself, Father has established the Unification Church in the place of traditional Christianity as a foundation for the world to receive the Messiah.

This is why Father had to fight against all adversity, and using the principle of sacrificial give and take, has overcome all satanic persecution and is now striding forward to the imminent day of victory on the worldwide level.

Today, there is no one in the free world who dares to halt the spread of communist power. There is no king, president or prime minister who volunteers to take the responsibility for overcoming communism. Even the United States, the leader of the free world, is at the end of its tether.

Now the only ideology that can halt communism is the Messianic ideal and the thought of the True Parents which proclaims the existence of God and the original ideal of His creation. The reason why our True Parents held the IFVOC rallies from December 14 through 23 in Korea was so that an international front line against communism could be created with Korea as its center, and the worldwide victory of True Parents could be connected to Korea, their country of origin.

There was an absolute providential reason for holding these rallies not later than the end of 1983. In a short space of time we were able to gain an exceptional victory, mobilizing over 250,000 people in eight cities.

The satanic powers, however, were alert to obstruct such a victory. Our strategy for the rallies was so successful that Satan suffered a desperate failure in his plans to hurt the True Parents in Korea. Finally, Satan had to demand a sacrifice from the family of the True Parents. According to the principles of restoration, Heung Jin Nim became this historical sacrifice.

The accident happened at the very last moment when the final rally was being held in Kwangju. There was not even a second's discrepancy in the timing. The accident happened in America at 11:10 Korean time, just after the final rally had begun. In America the time was 21:10, December 22, 1983.

In fact, all the spiritual people in the church warned us that there could be danger to True Parents' security. Mother had asked if the rallies could be postponed until 1984 because she had a premonition of some misfortune. However, they were held in 1983 so that providential conditions could be satisfied.

In the end, after his failure to hurt True Parents, Satan invaded by attacking one of their beloved children. The fact that the two events happened at exactly the same time is clear evidence of the great historical meaning of the success of the national IFVOC rallies.

The regret we all share is that the sacrificial offering should have been Heung Jin Nim and not someone like ourselves.

We learn from history that Satan always demands the best sacrifice in proportion to the degree of his failure. True Parents' victory gained through the IFVOC rallies had a symbolic meaning for the worldwide victory. The True Parents established the basis both physically and spiritually for communism to collapse totally. Furthermore, we firmly believe that this basis has enabled us to start marching toward the achievement of a country for God, the providential goal.

Considering this extraordinary meaning, our own lives are not worthy payment as an offering for such an historical blow against Satan. Abraham offered his own son when he was 100 years old, and Jesus Christ, God's only son, was offered as a sacrifice to save all mankind. In like manner, the True Parents had to offer one of their beloved children for the restoration of the original world of creation. This is the very meaning of Heung Jin Nim's passing and the great role of his sacrifice.

In a word, Heung Jin Nim died for the True Parents. God could never allow Satan to invade Father's body. Instead, he had to allow Satan to take one of his beloved dutiful children, even though it caused him much pain. At this point, we have to recognize the deep meaning of Heung Jin Nim's victory. The role of replacing Father's position! What greater way could there be than this? Heung Jin Nim has achieved the ultimate in filial piety. We cannot but be moved by his victory.

Please assume for a moment that it was not Heung Jin Nim but True Parents themselves who had been sacrificed. This would have been a day of darkness, a day of Satan's victory over the world and a day of desperation for mankind. In such an event, what value could we find in our own and Heung Jin Nim's survival? We would all have fallen down to the state of being slaves of Satan.

When we think about it like this, Heung Jin Nim's death has two meanings. First, it was in place of True Parents' death, and second, in place of our death.

Heung Jin Nim is the Model of a Dutiful Son and a Loyal Subject.

According to the providential meaning I have mentioned, we come to understand that Heung Jin Nim has carried this role since his birth. Heung Jin Nim was born in Chongpadong, Seoul, at 12:33 p.m. on October 23, 1966. His survival was uncertain for three days after his birth, indicating that he had to pass a three-day way of the Cross even as a newborn baby.

He had a reputation for being a warm-hearted boy since he was ten. Even as a child he was recognized as having unique wisdom. He was respected by all of his friends and had that special characteristic of deeply loving his brothers and sisters. His mental and physical growth was outstanding compared to that of his siblings, and when he was only 15, he already fully comprehended and absorbed the ideology of the True Parents. We all saw that even at such a young age, he tried his best to make his parents happy.

When he was 16, he already sensed the danger his parents faced from communist terrorists and was always alert to maintain his parent's security. When he visited my home recently with the children of blessed families in New York, he asked each one of them whether they would dare to throw their own bodies in the way of a terrorist's bullet to protect Father, saying, "I will, of course, do it myself," and, raising both hands, he swore that he would definitely protect Father with his life.

I heard from an American family member that Heung Jin Nim told him, "I can die in place of my father. The only regret I would have would be that I could not be blessed and that I would be dying at such a young age. However, what greater thing could there be for me than dying for Father?"

This conversation took place only seven hours before the accident!

Heung Jin Nim devoted himself to following Father's will completely. He was a naturally gifted artist and he wanted to become a famous industrial artist. After he understood Father's ideology, however, he later made up his mind to major in history and archeology and later study theology and philosophy in order to become a great religious loader.

Heung Jin Nim loved humanity. He was very friendly and loved every visitor at East Garden. He shared all of his best things with his friends. He did not discriminate between people but loved everyone who was loyal to Father. On top of that, he endeavored to share his possessions with those who worked hard for God's will.

Jin Bok (Lee) and Jin Gil (Lee), the two sons of Mrs. Yi Seng Yeon who were in the car with Heung Jin Nim at the time of the accident, have now fully recovered and are out of the hospital. On the day that Heung Jin Nim's body was taken from New York to Korea they gave the following testimony in tears:

"Heung Jin Nim died in order to save our lives. The car Heung Jin Nim was driving was not at fault. A truck that was driving in the opposite direction skidded on the slippery road, crossed the center line, and came straight toward Heung Jin Nim's car. If Heung Jin Nim, who was driving, had veered to the left he would have been only slightly injured and Jin Gil would have been killed. Even though he knew the risk, he veered to the right and took the terrible impact that resulted in severe cerebral concussion."

The Bible says, "There is no greater love than this that a man give up his life for others." At the young age of 17 Heung Jin Nim already understood these profound words and realized them as the embodiment of love.

When they heard the sad news, the students of Hackley Middle School and Irvington High School, which Heung Jin Nim attended, put up placards expressing their condolences, lowered the school flags to half-mast and held tearful memorial services, without being instructed to do so by their teachers. This is further testimony that Heung Jin Nim is a hero of love and friendship.

If we look at Heung Jin Nim's life we can clearly see the determination he held in his young heart to sacrifice himself for Father and give his life for others if necessary as the absolute expression of love.

Deep in our hearts we should remember Heung Jin Nim as the greatest of filial sons to our True Parents, the most loyal of loyal followers, the most glorious hero of the Unification Movement, and the saint of saints.

After Heung Jin Nim had passed away, he appeared to one spiritually open member and earnestly said, "How sad Mother must be to see my broken body after the accident. Please console her. I am fine. My only sadness is to see Mother so sad." As one who has known Heung Jin Nim all his life, I could not control my weeping when I heard these words which express his heart so well.

I am sure that all of us cannot help feeling intense sorrow and frustration when we think that Heung Jin Nim could have lived a long and successful life as a filial son of True Parents. From a human point of view there would seem to be nothing more sorrowful and pitiful than this event. However, even at a very young age, Heung Jin Nim completed an historical, providential mission. Even if he had lived to be 60 or 100, I doubt he could have exceeded this providential achievement.

At the very moment of his passing, at 1:15 a.m. on January 2, 1984, Father's last words to Heung Jin Nim were, "Heung Jin, goodbye. When you go to the spiritual world you will be the commander-in-chief of all the young people there, from East and West, past and future. You will have the mission of making the army of heavenly workers by mobilizing all the spiritual men not only of the free world but also of the communist world and freely descending to earth and awaking in spirit all young people. Mother and I will be eternally proud of having a filial son like you."

On December 30, 1983, Father, who had been told by the doctor that Heung Jin Nim's brain was too damaged for any chance of recovery, held a special Pledge Ceremony of Unification for Heung Jin Nim in the hospital.

Just as Abraham offered Isaac, and just as God offered Jesus Christ, His only son, so Father decided to offer Heung Jin Nim as a sacrificial offering. Father held the ceremony of offering of Heung Jin Nim, through which all levels and kinds of unification could be accomplished.

Based on the condition of Heung Jin Nim's sacrifice, this deeply meaningful Pledge Ceremony of Unification could be held, signifying the complete unification of Father and Mother, complete unity of True Parents and True Children, the complete unity of the True Children with each other, the complete unity of the Unification Church members and True Parents, the complete unity of the spiritual and physical worlds, the complete unity of all religions and in particular, the complete unification of the First Israel, the Second Israel and the Third Israel.

With the Blessing of Heung Jin Nim we are now standing at a new turning point. Internally speaking, this is a turning point of unification between the members of the Unification Movement and, externally speaking, this is a turning point that marks the collapse of the communist world from an aggressive to a defensive position.

Heung Jin Nim practiced filial piety until the very moment of his passing. According to the doctor, Heung Jin Nim should have been killed instantly in such an accident. However, at the time of the accident on December 22nd, Father was in Korea and was planning to hold a general meeting of all the IFVOC regional leaders in the nation on December 26th and 27th. Because of his public mission, Father did not want to leave Korea despite the urgent news of the accident. This is because he is Father, and has the public purpose of living for the sake of the cosmos even before the family. Even though Heung Jin Nim was in a coma, he persist. to the last possible moment until Father completed his mission in Korea.

Father did not want Heung Jin Nim to pass away before God's Day even though he might have arrived in America before that time. Hovering on the borderline between life and death, Heung Jin Nim tried his utmost to survive until the very last moment when live Parents could complete the God's Day Pledge Ceremony, God's Day Address, and their words of instruction to the world. He held on up to the moment of January 2nd and, at 1:15 a.m., passed away peacefully during Father's prayer, surrounded by his parents, brothers and sisters, world Unification Church leaders and representatives. This was the final act of a true filial son.

Testimony about the Great True Parents I have never before felt to the bone so strongly the greatness, sacredness and love of True Parents as when I witnessed the occasion of Heung Jin Nim's passing.

Father acted as a completely public man from the beginning to the end. He did not move even an inch from the originally scheduled providential plans, even after he was informed of Heung Jin Nim's accident. He left his son in God's hands. Father flew to America to see Heung Jin Nim in the hospital on December 29th, five days after the accident. During the five days Father completed all the plans that were originally scheduled and spoke to the regional IFVOC leaders here in this theater just before he left Korea.

Father was concerned about consoling Mother's broken heart at the hospital. From the time he arrived there. Father stayed awake day and night until Heung Jin Nim's death. He never showed his extreme exhaustion. He thought only of the will of God. He never shed a single tear. I can imagine, however, that he must have shed floods of tears in his heart. Father was just crazy about God and God's work, and he offered his most beloved son to God in his prayers to fulfill God's will if it was necessary.

He was very dignified and remained unchanged when he was saying that he would offer his son if it could result in the collapse of communism and could establish a way to save not only hundreds or thousands, but billions of people. He scolded, consoled, and taught the children who were exhausted with grief.

Indeed, Father is the Savior of all people and the father of all people. The doctors and nurses at the hospital were also greatly astonished by Father as a great leader.

We have a great Mother also. How sorrowful she was to see the broken body of her son lying in the emergency ward. How ready Mother would have been to sacrifice herself a hundred or even a thousand times for her son! As long as Father was concerned only about God, however, Mother was concerned only about Father. I could not stop myself from saying, "Mother is great! Mother is great!" when I listened to her teaching the children who visited the hospital. "You should not cry or feel sad. There is Father with us who is more important than our lives. Heung Jin Nim was sacrificed for Father. What if something had happened to Father! Who would have been responsible for preventing communism and saving mankind if there were no Father in the work!? All of you children, please become dutiful sons and daughters who love Father by devoting your lives as Heung Jin Nim did." There have been many great mothers in human history, but I cannot imagine a greater mother than our Mother.

We who live with True Parents are happy people. I think I can understand now why God has waited for 6,000 years to have the central figure on earth. A person like him is born only once, not every 100 years, nor even every 1,000 years, but only once in human history. We met such parents who had a dutiful son -- Heung Jin Nim. Now we have to take our example from Heung Jin Nim and be loyal to True Parents. We are at the happiest point of time in human history in the sense that we can sacrifice our own lives in the same way if necessary.

Declaration of the Day of Victory of Love

True Parents declared the Day of Victory of Love at 4:00 a.m. on January 3, 1984. Earlier, True Parents announced the Day of Victory of Heaven on October 4, 1976, to commemorate the victory of the Washington Monument Rally. The Day of the Victory of Love announced at this time is to commemorate the victory of God's love. Up to this point the power of death has reigned in the world. But Heung Jin Nim's innocent and sacrificial victory of love has enabled the power of love to conquer the power of death. Now the physical and spiritual worlds have perfectly become one.

This body is not to die but to "Seunghwa" and to win a victory with love. True Parents overcame the power of death through the power of love, and Heung Jin Nim has opened a gate for us to go the way of victory of love through realizing Father's teachings himself.

There have been many dutiful sons and daughters in history. There have been many loyal followers who loved their kings and their countries. But all of them were limited to this world. They had no chance to be loyal to an eternal country and to eternal parents. We have, indeed, the eternal heaven and eternal True Parents, a central figure in this world. This is the time for eternal dutiful sons, dutiful daughters, and loyal followers to be born. The model for such figures is Heung Jin Nim.

Father made a calligraphic drawing for Heung Jin Nim ascending to heaven. It reads in Chinese characters as follows.

CHUNG HYO JI SHIN (The incarnation of loyalty and filial piety)

CHON SONG BONG HON (Offering to the world of heaven)

CHON UN DAE HAE (Ocean and heavenly blessing)

YONG WON AN SHIK (Eternal rest)

It means that Father offered Heung Jin Nim, an incarnation of loyalty and filial piety, to the world of heaven so that Heung Jin Nim can enjoy eternal rest in the ocean of heavenly blessing.

Before closing my Seunghwa address, I would like all of us to swear and pledge before the True Parents to become another Heung Jin Nim by taking example from his spirit.

Dear God, our Father, we celebrate the victorious way of Heung Jin Nim, a uniquely loyal and dutiful son. And we pray for Heung Jin Nim on this occasion of his Seunghwa (heavenly ascension) that God's glory and True Parents' love can be eternally and forever with him. Amen.


The use of the Chinese character meaning "Seunghwa" is new and unique to this ceremony and is not commonly used. The character for "Seung" means "ascending, elevation." It is sometimes used to mean "demise" when said "Seung ha" and to mean "peace" when said "seung pyung" and to mean "sublimation" when said "Seunghwa." The character "Hwa" has meanings of "harmony, the sun, peace," etc. It is often used to mean peace when said "Pyung hwa" and to mean unity and harmony when said "Hwa hap." The use of "Seunghwa" was first instructed by Father this time. 

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