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World Media Conference Workshop - Bo Hi Pak - Article from "Editor and Publisher" magazine

Carla Marie Rupp
September 1982

Col. Bo Hi Pak announces that Rev. Moon is the Messiah at the Principle Workshop for the Media.

Colonel Bo Hi Pak, president and publisher of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon-owned New York City daily newspaper The News World, stunned journalists and some church staffers by saying he personally believes Moon to be the Messiah.

"The Messiah has come. The Messiah is Reverend Sun Myung Moon." Pak told participants at the World Media Conference (Aug. 9-15) sponsored by Rev. Moon's Unification Church.

The 60 participants included publishers, writers, editors, columnists, a circulation director and professors representing 18 countries. The setting was the Xanadu Hotel, Freeport, Grand Bahamas and all expenses of the attendees were paid for by the church.

Other than The News World and Washington Times, no other American papers were represented.

Larry Moffitt, director of the media conference, said this was the first time a high-level church leader has declared at any conference that Moon is the Messiah.

Pak said that Reverend Moon's mission is to get everyone to be the Messiah.

"The spiritual atmosphere has ripened so that we can say these things," said Pak. "Anybody who sees him with the spiritual eye knows he is the Messiah."

Pak said, "The worst criticism we get from the world and the media is brainwashing. If Divine Principle doesn't have power, we wouldn't be criticized of brainwashing. Rev. Moon calls it a conversion experience from abnormal to healthy."

Pak was asked that if the Unification Church is that good, then why is it so rejected, so much opposed. He replied, "Because of the very essence of goodness, we are opposed. If we're half-way, or mediocre, we wouldn't be opposed. Jesus Christ represented that same goodness and he was opposed." Pak said, "Rev. Moon has succeeded. No power can destroy his messianic work."

Advises Journalists

"We want to tell the truth to the media world. If you feel the divine call, don't stop it." said Pak. "Remember, you are children of God before journalists. Let it unfold itself. If you think that there is a one percent chance this is all true, don't judge quickly." Pak said the church was offering associate memberships with no obligation -- "just to keep you informed. My nickname is "Bubbling Enthusiasm."

During a question-and-answer session, Pak said, "I know I made a serious announcement. I take all responsibility. I say there is a possibility we could be wrong. God said there would be anti-Christs. But one thing will guide you: Truth and the spirit of God.

"I ask you not to make a quick judgment, but let the spirit communicate with you directly."

Other speakers were Dr. Durst, president of the Unification Church and included Tom Ward, who came directly from Chile for the conference, Paul Perry, originally from Brazil and Noah Ross of New York, all with the church.

Eye Opener

The conference was an eye opener most participants said, including the non-church members who worked for Moon's newspaper. For example, Tom Clifford, News World's features editor said the seminar gave him "a lot broader understanding of the people I work for. Most of the eight writers under me, all church members, are not trained professionals, except for News World experience. And I act as editor, administrator, as well as a teacher.

"This seminar gave an understanding of the way the church members write and why they write the way they do and how they really live their principles."

Nicholas Buscovich, vice president of The News World and secretary general of the summer conference, said at the farewell banquet he felt the purpose of the conference was accomplished: "To create an environment for participants to learn about God and the beliefs of the Unification Church."

Dr. Durst, the Brooklyn-born former high school and college instructor who heads up the Moon church in the United States, included the media among the components he said are involved in the anti-religious movement.

"Drama makes a sexy story," Durst said. He said this has especially been true when journalists have described the newspaper stories the kidnappings of Moon Church members by their parents.

"The media fails to understand the depth of the religious experience," Durst said. He called it "a tragedy when parents are preyed upon by criminals who make up to $10,000 to snatch and deprogram church members." He said journalists should realize that parents are often upset when a young person is confronted with a religious experience that "the parents aren't living up to." 

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