The Words of the Pak Family

Report on Father's Visit to Korea

Bo Hi Pak
January 1981

In Korea, Father was given a hero's welcome, a homecoming to the country where he was persecuted most. The welcome started at the airport. He was allowed to enter the country without passing through the formalities of customs or immigration. The members were waiting with great excitement at the airport. The Seoul airport had been recently inaugurated, and I felt that it was built for Father.

Representatives of families gathered from all over the country for the welcome ceremony at the church. Members wept tr see our True Parents. Father loves Korea the most, although members there were a little afraid that he had become too Americanized and had forgotten Korea.

There were three important events during his stay in Korea. On November 1, there was a rally of leaders from all corners of the peninsula. The IFVC had been holding rallies throughout all 200 counties of Korea during the previous several months. Many people had attended and learned about Father's work through the film of the Washington Monument rally. So there was a lot of interest in meeting Father.

Four or five leaders came from each county for the meeting with Father. Many came in their private car, driven by a chauffeur. Still, Father had them stay in a workshop center, just like any other Moonie. They slept in bunk beds, lined up in the mornings to use the bathroom, carried their own meal trays and cleaned up the center. But they were so joyful, because they wanted to see Father. The second day, Father appeared. Once Father's spirit and the Divine Principle touched them, they became like children. He spoke to them for two hours.

The following day, Father invited the leader of each delegation to a luncheon at a hotel. According to photographs I saw, it was not a high society gathering, but more like a father meeting with his children. People came forward to speak in Father's praise. "He is the hope of our country and the hope of the world," one person stated. They passed a resolution, "Reverend Sun Myung Moon is hereby recognized as Father of the country:' They also voted Mother as mother of the country.

All wanted to have their photos taken with Father. So group photos were taken province by province. They were fighting for the positions closest to Father; others competed for positions near Mother. "I sang today," one would say, "therefore, I should be here." "But I spoke today," another would counter.

Another historical meeting took place on November 18. Christian ministers from 17 different denominations were invited to come to hear Father speak. We were given four days to prepare for this meeting.

The suspense was great, because we did not know how many would come. Food was prepared for 700 guests, but in the end over 1.000 Christian leaders showed up. Never in Korean history had so many top ministers gathered in one place. There was not enough space for Father to enter through the crowd, so he had to come through the kitchen.

Rev. Hung Soo Kang, president of an interdenominational group, gave a welcoming address. "No matter how much I praise him," he said of Father, "I could never match ten percent of what he has done."

In America, at a banquet, people eat first and then listen to the program. But in Korea, first they listened to Father and then ate. Father spoke for an hour and a half, talking very rapidly, in order to cover a great territory -- the scope of the Divine Principle from top to bottom. What moved their hearts most was his statement, "You are my elder brothers." Many ministers were crying tears of repentance and unity. Father spoke with great spirit and great vigor, but with great heart as well. His opening statement was the same as for his Madison Square Garden speech: "Today, for me and for God, is a day of declaration."

The following day, a religious weekly newspaper ran big headlines: "This is the beginning of a new era in Christian history." They devoted the entire third page to Father's speech, entitled, "Jesus Christ and Christianity in the light of the will of God." His speech will be published in booklet form.

Father later invited every leader of the Unification Church in Korea -- from the leader in the smallest village up to the president of the church -- to come to a workshop and study VOC theory, Divine Principle and internal guidance. They ate, slept and studied all together. They were so inspired. True Parents were there and gave direction for the decade of the 80's. They also heard reports of activities in America. This meeting gave real revival to our leaders.

On another occasion, Father invited all the foreign members working in Korea to meet with him. There were about 80 altogether -- Japanese, European and American. Father asked for testimonies. Many gave their reports in the Korean language. One German brother gave an excellent speech in Korean, and Father asked him if he could interpret for him when he visits Germany. The brother asked for one more year of study and practice. Father asked Lynn Kim, "If your Korean husband dies, could you serve your parents-in-law the rest of their lives?" She answered that until recently she could not have answered yes. In beautiful Korean she said, "I learned Korean virtue. Even if my husband dies today, I will serve his parents the rest of their lives."

In conclusion, I was very honored to accompany True Father and True Mother to Korea. My mission is to testify to Father, no matter what the audience. That is, in fact, the mission of each of us. When Father opens his mouth, the word of God is speaking.

When we open our mouth, the word of True Parents should be speaking. 

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