The Words of the Pak Family

Rev. Sun Myung Moon: The Man

Bo Hi Pak
February 2, 1980
Tongil Segye

I was seized with panic when I was asked to contribute an article entitled, "Rev. Sun Myung Moon: the Man". Why? It was because the subject was, I strongly felt, beyond my powers.

I have been his follower for the last twenty-two years and in the last ten years I have served as his interpreter whenever he goes on a lecture or speaking tour across the fifty states of the U.S.A. and throughout the rest of the world. And yet I am completely at a loss as to where and how to begin this article about him. That's why I was panic stricken. Perhaps, I should say that although I have been his disciple for twenty-two years, I have just begun to understand him. Believe it or not, this is the truth.

As I've just said, I've just begun to "scratch the surface", a very apt phrase in English that accurately describes my situation. After twenty-two years, I have to say that I have a long way to go to really know him inside out.

If you stand at the foot of a very high mountain, you can't estimate its height. You would need an appropriate instrument to measure it. My attempt to describe Rev. Moon is like using a measuring stick that's only 30 cm. long to gauge the depth of the Pacific Ocean. Hence, you can readily see I have great temerity to undertake this almost impossible task.

While serving Rev. Moon in various capacities for so long, I have more than once wondered to myself whether there ever was or will be another human like him. It is almost 2,000 years since Jesus Christ came upon this earth. However, no one, I hazard to guess, has completely understood Jesus the man, his total personality. So many scholars have written their Ph.D. dissertations on him and yet none of them has understood him inside out.

Probably, the same thing may be said of the Buddha, Confucius, Mencius, and Mohammed.

Speaking of Rev. Moon, maybe I should deal with him by the same yardstick that applies to these greatest of men. Korea was founded as a nation by Tan-Goon 5,000 years ago. In those 5,000 years, Rev. Moon is the first Korean to affect world history. There is no shadow of a doubt in my mind that in the next hundred, nay, thousands of years to come he'll continue to shake up the course of human history. His thought, his outlook on life as a whole, is al ready making a big difference in the lives of millions and millions of people of all races, in all cultures, throughout the world. I can confidently predict that even in his lifetime, he will transform millions of people. His impact on their lives is simply too mind-boggling to contemplate. Now it becomes doubly obvious, then, that it is beyond my powers to do justice in this article to Rev. Moon the man. Under the circumstances, I tried to decline to do this piece on him, yet as he is about to celebrate his 60th birthday it behooves me, as one of his closest followers, to accede to the request. In any case, by a miracle I can stay two days longer in Korea than I anticipated, and it is as good a time as any to do my best in writing about him.

Rev. Moon's "Ism": Liberate-God-ism

To put in a nutshell the teaching of Rev. Moon, it is this: Liberate God. We often use the expression, "liberation". But when we apply it to God, we find ourselves flustered. We readily understand expressions, such as liberation of all mankind, liberation from oppression, liberation from poverty or disease, liberation from colonial ism. But if one says we "liberate" God, we don't know what is meant by it.

No philosopher or religious thinker has talked or written about "liberation of God." But very often, indeed, Rev. Moon concludes his sermons with his reference to "liberation of God." This must be a new expression, a new "ism," to put it mildly.

But what does it all mean? Liberating God from what? In whose captivity is God held? Rev. Moon preaches that we should liberate God from His sorrow and suffering! Two thou sand years of Christianity have nothing to say about His sorrow and suffering. God is omniscient and omnipotent, all perfect, seated comfortably in Heaven, bestowing His blessings now and then upon mankind.

We must say of Rev. Moon that he has gone far beyond the ordinary understanding of man kind in his concrete and practical yet transcendental knowledge of God.

Rev. Moon says: "I would rather know God, see Him and feel His presence, than to believe in Him." To believe may imply the denial of any possibility of proof. I don't say I believe that my parents gave birth to me. I don't use the expression "to believe" when I know.

Up to the present time, Christianity has believed in God. This could mean that it has not fully understood and known God as manifest reality. But Rev. Moon is the first person in human history to proclaim that he "knows" God. In I Corinthians 13:12:

For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: Now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.

Rev. Moon's knowledge of God is the fulfillment of the prophecy in this biblical quote. Rev. Moon does not see God through a glass, darkly. He sees Him, knows Him, face to face.

Now Rev. Moon really knows God inside out, face to face; he knows His loving heart. As a result, he now knows that God does not dwell in joy and dignity and peace. He has discovered that God, indeed, is a suffering God. Since His creation, this suffering God has gone through all manner of hardship and heart-rending frustration.

This discovery is a great discovery in the history of mankind. God is not living in glory and joy, but is a suffering parent who has lost His children, who cries out in anguish over them. God sees that His children are fighting and killing one another, and His heart bleeds; hence, the history of God is one of sorrow and suffering. No one has ever before given an accurate portrait of Him whose heart is broken, torn apart to shreds. Only Rev. Moon has succeeded in doing so.

And he publicized this portrait of the suffering God to every corner of the world. He started campaigning for the liberation of God from this heart-rending situation. His is the Unification Movement that spreads like wildfire all over the world. Now then, how does he propose to liberate God? What constitutes true liberation?

The only road to liberation of God consists in this: to save fallen mankind from sin and to restore them to the state of perfection. This is the teaching of Rev. Moon and also the Unification Movement.

To say that one should liberate God from His suffering and sorrow is to say, in the final analysis, that we ought to realize His original plan for the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, so that when He looks at the earth here below, He would be filled with joy and happiness. This is the first of Rev. Moon's "ism's" and, in a word, it is "liberate- God-ism," to coin a new word.

The reason why Rev. Moon is the first to proclaim this truth in human history is that he also is the first to really know God, and only because he knows Him so well, can he proclaim his new truth or "ism" and start a new Movement.

Crazy for God's Love

"Crazy for God" may not sound genteel, yet I can find no better or more accurate expression. The Bible tells us, among the Commandments, "Love God with all your mind, all your heart, and all your soul."

Suppose we use this phrase in connection with love between man and woman. Suppose, then, that a man loves a woman with all his mind, all his heart, and all his soul. Can he, then, really do anything else? Suppose further that a woman loves a man likewise. Then we may aptly say that she is "crazy" about him.

For similar reasons, Rev. Moon too, not only knows God and feels His presence, but loves Him with all his mind, all his heart, and all his soul, and is said to be really crazy about Him to the highest degree, more than anyone else. He works with God, toils and sweats with Him, dedicates all his life and heart to Him.

Because Rev. Moon knows God to be a suffering and sorrowful God, he has become a person who cries for Him and comforts Him. Throughout human history, there can be no other human being who has shed more tears for God than Rev. Moon. Now and then we hear a story or anecdote. One has it that in the early stage of the Unification Church Rev. Moon spent so many countless hours, hour after hour, in ardent prayer. Once he knelt down to pray, he continued in his prayer for fourteen or at times seventeen hours at a stretch. Can we find anyone who cried on God's behalf like Rev. Moon? After a while, we are told, calluses developed on his knees and elbows.

Once he begins his prayer, his prayer may last one or two days. He forgets food and drink. He forgets sleep. Some of us who were close to him observed all this. No lesson was as momentous as this. In recent years, he speaks through an interpreter to the American congregation; he begins at six in the morning and may end at five in the late afternoon, speaking for eleven hours. Then, after he finishes his sermon he turns around to ask someone if it is lunch time. He always teaches his followers to live for God, to become crazy for God. After all, they are bound to be crazy for something, whether it be money, the opposite sex, honor, learning, etc. Why not God, he says.

Two years ago, Rev. Moon proposed for our annual motto: "Let's be crazy for God." Life that is crazy for God is not only holy in itself but also worth living. Blood and sweat shed in the course of such a life can never be washed away. And Rev. Moon lives this kind of life more intensely than anyone else.

Once a high U.S. government official came to hear Rev. Moon speak. Rev. Moon was not prepared and he and the visitor casually started in a conversation. After it was over, the official was duly impressed and concluded: "Rev. Moon is crazy for God. No matter what he talks about, he somehow manages to get back to talk about God." This is a very interesting observation. Rev. Moon's being is filled with God's words. I've seen at least one person who is truly crazy for God.

He Lives on God's Behalf

Rev. Moon may be said to be a person who is willing to shoulder all the responsibilities in the world. This sense of responsibility dominates his daily life, so that it can be said he represents God in every conceivable way.

God is formless. Rev. Moon wants to dedicate his whole being to the formless God. That's why his eyes, ears, and mouth represent those of God; his body represents that of God Himself.

As religious leader, Rev. Moon takes interest even in things that are not religious. He seems interested in almost everything. It matters little to him whether it is economic, industrial, political, or cultural. He is a completely natural person. If, for instance, an earthquake brings disaster in a remote corner of the earth, he stays up all night, praying for the victims. If famine strikes some where, he does the same. He tries to understand how, in these dire situations, God will think or react to these people and events.

He teaches that God is our Father. So He takes interest in everything that affects all His children. Parents are concerned over everything in their household; God is the same, concerned over all His creatures and everything in His creation. Hence, he teaches: "This God is our Father. If we are to become His true children, we should also be concerned over everything and take the responsibility for all things."

Rev. Moon's sense of responsibility and mission is overwhelming. He believes that without him there may be no one who can save this world. That is why, whether he is awake or asleep, he suffers for and with his fellow men and takes the responsibility for all that happens to them.

Once he comes to the U.S.A. he wants to shoulder the responsibility for it and its affairs. This goes for every other country, too. He sends missionaries to every nation and through them tries to take the responsibility. He knows only too well that the free democratic nations are invaded by communist ideology and they are like a house on fire. No wonder he asserts that one of the most urgent problems of this world is that of combating communism. Communism is an ideology that seeks to chase away God from this earth. If communism achieved victory all over the world, the world would be godless, God having been kicked out unceremoniously. If there be one who constantly thinks about how best to eliminate communist evil, it must be God. So if someone truly knows God and His heart, he must also feel the same way about communism as God does. This someone is none other than Rev. Moon.

Rev. Moon carries on his shoulders the burden of combating the plague of communism. Now Rev. Moon and communism are engaged in a final battle. Communism has no other choice but to confront him. For this reason, Rev. Moon spread his teaching concerning "Victory Over Communism" throughout the world. He thus exposed the deception and unrighteousness of communism. Besides he makes it clear to the whole world that communism is the enemy not only of mankind but of God as well.

For the first time communism is on the defensive because of the fact that Rev. Moon has mounted his attack against it. There is only one sure way to eradicate the evil of communism, and that is to speak the Truth. This begins with the assertion that God exists. An ideology that denies His existence must crumble when another that believes in His existence prevails.

Now, for the same reason, communism has also been put on the defensive in Japan and the U.S.A. Up to now, communism has swallowed up one-third of the world through its effective but misleading propaganda offensive in the last sixty years. But the anti-communism of Rev. Moon has been pushing it into a narrow corner. I firmly believe this: that a new weapon is being forged in Korea to effectively combat and win victory over communism. This weapon is Rev. Moon and his new ideology. Armed with these, a country will be safe from communism. Nay, not just a country but the whole free world. Then the free world will take one step further and liberate the communist world.

Rev. Moon feels that it is his responsibility to liberate the communist world. It is then natural that he wants to stage the next big rally (similar to the one at the Washington Monument) in Moscow, the symbol of the communist world. It would be no exaggeration to say that in one sense Rev. Moon wants to eradicate communism from the face of the earth and build, through his "revolutionary" army, the Kingdom of Heaven.

This "revolutionary" ideology is the ideology of the Messiah.

I once accompanied Rev. Moon to England. It was about ten years ago. There were not many English family members. When he arrived, about twenty-five members were there to welcome him in a large room. Rev. Moon asked them a question: "Is there anyone among you who can confidently claim that he or she will save England single-handedly? If you think you are the one, raise your hand!" The task was considered too stupendous, so that none answered in the affirmative. "Then," said Rev. Moon, "let me ask another question." "How many saviors do you think God needs to save this world?" Everyone kept silent. No answer. So he went on to ask, "Two thousand years ago, how many saviors did God send on this earth?" Then all answered in unison, "Only one, Jesus Christ." Again he said: "Now then, God needed only one savior to save all mankind. So this small country England how many saviors does he need? If you are armed with the ideology of the Messiah, possess the character of a Messiah, and carry out the mission of a Messiah, how many of you are needed to save England?" He added parenthetically that if they, twenty-five English family members, understood his meaning, there were more than enough in the room. Thereupon, all of them got the message and without a moment's hesitation raised their hands. Rev. Moon looking over them, said quickly: "England has twenty-five Messiahs aren't there simply too many?" In other words, he taught them that if any of them meant to dedicate his or her heart to God's Will, then he or she could be more than enough to save England single-handedly.

A Person of Simple Heart

It comes as a surprise when one is told that Rev. Moon is a person of simple heart and of humane love.

On one occasion, there was going to be an open-air gathering in the U.S.A. When the news got out, the American magazine, People, sent its photographers and reporters to cover Rev. Moon's outdoor preaching to his followers.

The magazine later printed a story in which the reporter described Rev. Moon's outfit in glowing but inaccurate terms: His suit was specially custom made in England; his watch, studded with diamonds and other precious stones, was worth $30,000-$40,000; his shoes, worth several hundred dollars, too, were not U.S. made but custom made just for him in England; his expensive shirt was custom made, etc., etc. In other words, Rev. Moon was supposedly covered from the top of his head to the tip of his toes with gold and jewels and other fanciful and fantastic things. In fact, however, he then wore an inexpensive Korean-made suit, his watch was only a birthday gift, about $40, from his own son, and his shoes, U.S. made, were only $40. Many people don't realize what simple taste Rev. Moon has in his daily life. Contrary to the newspaper account, he leads an utterly simple life. I have been with him for so long and yet I still have never heard him complain about, say, food even once. He relishes his food, even of coarse kind. He doesn't care much about gourmet food. One of the reasons so many Americans respect and adore him is that he and Mrs. Moon often eat at very inexpensive places such as McDonald's. McDonald's is a chain of fast food restaurants designed to please children and common folks. You can eat your meal for a dollar or so, and a small Mac will cost you anywhere between 40 and 50 cents.

He often takes his children there and enjoys eating with them, which looks so natural that newspaper reporters who happen to be there swarm around him to take pictures of him and his family.

When he was on lecture tours throughout the fifty states, he made a point of taking his hard-working followers, most of them Americans, to McDonald's for hamburgers and milk shakes. He chatted with them at the same table and expressed his appreciation for their hard work. This simple lifestyle of Rev. Moon leaves an indelible impression on American members, who try to emulate him in this regard. In 1974 he visited each of the fifty states in forty days on a speaking tour. He rode in a beat-up Plymouth, day and night, and one thing that really worried me was that he ate only coarse food.

He often stopped the car in front of a super market and bought a loaf of bread, a jar of cucumber pickles, and a bowl of soup made of cow intestines; that was his meal day after day for forty days. Even when he shops for his own clothes, he picks up a pair of pants for $9, and the whole suit costs him $30-$40. He is very careful and strict with "public" funds. He teaches his followers that Heaven's money may not be misspent without one becoming a thief before Heaven.

He practices what he teaches and preaches. But he may hold the world's record in spending money generously on other people. And I may add that when it comes to spending money on himself, he is downright stingy. He must hold the world's record in this respect also.

One anecdote deeply moves our family members. When Rev. Moon was imprisoned in North Korea, they gave the prisoners so little food that he knew no one was supposed to survive on that meager diet. He realized that only God's love and grace could save his and other prisoners' lives, so he decided, living among those hungry wolves, to give away half of his small barley-ball to another prisoner. Even the whole barley-ball would not have allayed a small child's hunger. Hunger was so real and exigent that some prisoners wrenched the masticated food out of the mouth of a dying prisoner. Under these extreme conditions, he gave them love. He did not pray for more food but delighted only in God's words. Some say that because of Rev. Moon's unselfish, selfless, and loving way of life during this period, the Unification Church members of today receive from Heaven material bounty and other blessings.

A Man of Big Heart that Pays Attention to Details

Rev. Moon is a Korean but he transcends his ethnic identity. He is a cosmopolitan, a citizen of the world. Anyone who comes into contact with him and listens to him is struck with amazement about how one person can be so big and great in his heart, dreams, ideals, etc. When he sits down with his followers, he talks about the world, the very axis of Heaven and earth. He talks not only about the physical world but also about the invisible yet real spirit world.

In the final analysis, even before he fights against the evils and sins of this world, he has already won his victory in the spirit world. He leaves us with the impression that his grand strategy covers Heaven and earth, and is too vast for our minds to imagine. After twenty-two years, I still hear new things in the speeches and statements that I interpret for him. In them I find inexhaustible truth, wisdom, joy, and hope. Since his heart and mind are overflowing with God's words, he cannot help but share them with others whenever he speaks.

Many people expound their philosophies or ideologies yet utterly fail to put them into practice. But as for Rev. Moon, he backs up his grand philosophy with very intense and faithful practice, even in the smallest detail. He always makes a very careful and detailed plan before he acts, and more than once I have been amazed at how he can pay attention to such minute details. For example, I have watched him dress on many occasions, but he has never left a single button unfastened. He carefully knots his necktie and sticks a pin exactly at the right spot. His dressing habits demonstrate his careful and detailed mental attitude.

I once heard this incredible anecdote. Before the Korean War broke out in 1950, he had already spent almost three years in the hellish Hungnam prison in North Korea. Even there, under the most trying circumstances, he saved a thread here and there to sew a small bag to put his chopsticks in. Some of his followers who had been in contact with him now and then told me that it was very well-made. He has an amazing gift in so many different areas. He is a born calligrapher as well as a good painter. He teaches American seminarians at his Unification Theo logical Seminary how to mend fishing nets and catch fish in the Hudson River. None among them could compare with him in dexterous skills in mending or casting fishing nets. When he goes on a trip, he carries with him a small bag. Once he opened it to take out a book. I took a quick look at the opened bag, and what struck me most was that everything was so neatly put in its place. His life style shows even in packing his travelling bag.

Rev. Moon always sits straight, never letting his body tilt or twist. This is another indication that in every area of life, he never lets things go awry. His neatness without is but an external manifestation of his neatness within.

Rev. Moon Always Aims High

Rev. Moon always aims at the highest peak. I heard several anecdotes about his childhood that illustrate this, both from Rev. Moon himself and from his close relatives. In his childhood or at the age of sixty today, he impresses us as being the one who never gives up until he reaches the top, so to speak. He is always keenly aware of the flow of human history in his daily life. He thinks of what legacy he should leave to the future generations. He establishes a tradition that will continue in the days to come. This tradition is to strive to break all records, that is, to improve, to over come, and to go beyond all that has been done before. He once casually remarked, "I want to be someone who sleeps least among all those who have been born on this earth." This implies that he tries to get along with less sleep than anyone in history in order to fulfill God's Will better than anyone else. I am sure that no one in history has worked harder for God's Will. I have never seen him go to bed before midnight. In the early days of the Church at Chung Pa Dong, Seoul, he stayed up till two or three in the morning, speaking to his followers. And when and if he sleeps at all, he gets up before 5:00 a.m., always earlier than anyone else. Since he came to America, he seems to have forgotten about his sleep. Many times he takes a cat nap in the armchair and goes right back to start his new day.

I am ten years younger than Rev. Moon but I cannot possibly claim to be "younger" than he is. I can't keep up with him. So, the great difficulty in serving this man is lack of sleep. If someone asks me what I want most of all, I must answer: I want to sleep to my heart's content.

Who in the history of mankind has spoken or preached more than Rev. Moon? His words, from beginning to end, are always God-centered. No one, I am sure, can beat his record in this regard. Rev. Moon always harps on this, that the road that our Church must walk is a difficult, torturing, tortuous and tear-filled road, but we must be grateful to God for having the opportunity to go this way. Thus he endures so much hardship and suffering of which he never speaks, but rather emphasizes God's love, suffering and sorrow. Rev. Moon often asks this question: If we know that God is also suffering, then how can we complain? He tells us that God is now seeking for people like us. He cannot help but walk this difficult road, and can ill afford to get tired. He teaches us that this road is worth all of our effort, for it is the way that leads to the fulfillment of God's Will.

For the last few years he has engaged in tuna fishing near Boston. Of course, he is no fisherman by trade. But in a few years he has emerged as a highly respected "instructor" in tuna fishing. His boat goes out before dawn and returns late at night, so that no one seems to be able to see it. Several hundred boats gather in the area for the summer; many of them are millionaires who happen to enjoy "sports fishing." Anyone who catches the largest number of tunas for the season wins a prize. But since he came on the scene, Rev. Moon has beaten every one, including those sports fishermen with thirty years experience. In 1979 he broke the old record in catching the largest tuna ever caught in this area. It was over 1,000 pounds. Rev. Moon has become a legend among fishermen. So they now believe that wherever he happens to be fishing, that is where the tunas gather around. Consequently, when his boat New Hope is on the open sea, there are other boats trailing it. As his boat puts down the anchor to begin fishing, other boats follow suit in the same spot. And when one is caught, other fishermen at once take out their binoculars to observe his technique of handling the giant fish. In recent years, these fishermen, who can't catch up with him, are finally convinced that Rev. Moon can brainwash tunas.

But the world has no miracles. You have got to "make" them. Rev. Moon believes in the history of God's dispensation, and he knows man's portion of responsibility to fulfill that dispensation. He believes in and literally puts into practice an Oriental maxim: "Do all that is humanly possible, and await the command of Heaven."

A Possessor of Strong Will and Indomitable Spirit

Once he starts something, Rev. Moon never lets up until he finishes it. In America, he has acquired the reputation of being a "born fighter." This implies that as a revolutionary he is born to win. In my opinion, God has sent him as one who will subjugate Satan. But one thing that he hates most is to hear it said that since he is a special person he doesn't get tired. This would be equivalent to saying that since Jesus was a special person he did not feel the excruciating pain on the cross.

In 1965, Rev. Moon had to go through a physical examination in order to apply for visas to various countries so that he could meet and talk with family members all over the world. The doctor who took his x-ray was taken by surprise and asked him whether he had ever had pleurisy. Rev. Moon was surprised too and asked why. The doctor replied that the x-ray clearly revealed the vestige of an old pleurisy. Rev. Moon had been so absorbed in his mission to carry out God's Will that he had not been aware of this malady. It seems that the disease "surrendered" before the iron will and the fighting spirit of Rev. Moon. This also shows us something about his life.

No wonder his message -- somewhat marred in the process of an interpreter's translation -- is bound to reach his American members. His strong will and fighting spirit can't be lost in the translation. That's why a man of little faith, once he listens to Rev. Moon, suddenly summons his courage and decides to have strong faith and determination. For he feels the power of resurrection in Rev. Moon's words. I've seen many who had lost hope for themselves come and receive hope and revitalization from his words.

Once he went to speak to students at the Unification Theological Seminary, Barrytown, New York. I was to interpret for him but I was not there when he needed me. So he loudly asked, "Where is my mouth?" and broke into a grin. Afterwards, I got the nickname of Rev. Moon's mouth. When ever I am called by this nickname, I pinch myself and wonder whether there could be anything more glorious. His real mouth is the mouth that speaks God's word. If I am supposed to be the "mouth" that interprets for Rev. Moon, am I not honored with a glorious, historic mission?

But I don't just translate his words. I try my best to bring out in my translation what is between the lines: his spirit, his faith, his love, and his heart. That's why I pride myself on the fact that the best of U.N. interpreters cannot interpret for him as effectively as I do. For his words cannot be literally translated to communicate effectively their true message. An interpretation of his over whelming sense of loyalty and filial piety to Heaven, his will to persevere as a born fighter, his iron constitution that overcomes all disease, must convey his exalted place in the spirit world, his personality, his faith and love. Hence, the first one to be moved by his words happens to be his interpreter himself.

He Loves Korea More than Anybody Else

In conclusion, I would add that Rev. Moon is a true patriot who loves his own country, Korea. When he returned last year he was invited to speak to a group of prominent national leaders at the Institute of Rural Community Development. He chose as his subject, "May The Fatherland Shine Forth." Hence, he is engaged in the stupendous task of liberating and restoring all man kind on a scale as large as the world itself, yet whenever he returns to his native country he speaks of "May The Fatherland Shine Forth." He never forgets his own country for a moment. And he is constantly busy helping Korea to become a country that all the peoples of the world may some day look up to as their own "homeland of faith." In the future, all the peoples of different races and culture scattered in 127 countries of the world will pay visit to Korea as their own Mecca. It is not to be too distant a future, either. The time will come also when peoples of the world will love and admire things Korean.

The long history of Korea is not exactly a glorious history that we may be proud of, but one of tears, sorrow, and humiliation. The domination of her peninsula for thirty-six years by the imperialist Japan is but one example. Presently, seventeen million Koreans are suffering under the inhuman and oppressive rule of communism in the north. This history is one of suffering and sorrow. Rev. Moon wants to put an end to this once and for all and begin the first page of a glorious future history of Korea, a country that is not to be ignored or forgotten in God's history, a nation whose future generations will bear the brunt of liberating all mankind.

Some time ago, I happened to talk with the president of a leading newspaper in this country. In the course of our conversation, he said that in order to come up with a special edition on the 1 00 year history of Korea since her open-door policy in the last century, he had gathered and intensively studied the relevant material on the subject. He came to the inevitable conclusion that this 100 year history has been one of shame and humiliation, except for the last ten years. During this time, the Unification Church has come up with an ideology that proclaims to the world the Korean people's noble spirit, their greatness, and all embracing love for all mankind. This, he added, commands respect and admiration from the rest of the world, thanks to the Unification Church. It also restores the dignity of the Korean people.

What Rev. Moon has done is more than to save "face" for the Korean people in the last 100 years. Since Tan-Goon, the founder of Korea as a nation 5,000 years ago, no Korean has made such an impact on world history. The world will everlastingly benefit by an ideology conceived and put into practice by a Korean leader. Korea will thus emerge as a liberator in God's history. And the blessing of the liberation will continue as long as God's history continues.

"May The Fatherland Shine Forth!" This is Rev. Moon's fervent prayer and wish. The shining history of this nation will be realized in our generation and will perpetuate itself for ten thousand generations to come.

"Rev. Moon the Man", he is the greatest treasure that Korea has ever produced, and his name will signal the new dawn of mankind's history. "Rev. Moon the man", he is, above all, the Liberator of God. 

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