The Words of the Pak Family

We Are Going to Create the Miracle of the Century

Bo Hi Pak
January 16, 1976
New Hope News

Col. Pak Explains About Yankee Stadium

This gathering is equivalent to the gathering of thousands of Unification Church members throughout the world. Truly the forthcoming God Bless America Festival is going to be created under the spiritual guidance, heart and soul of our True Parents. We are more like a bridge. How can we transmit these feelings, heart, soul, life and spirit from Reverend Moon to every nation of our movement? We do know that God is with us. We do know that our Parents have already conceived the victory. 99% of the victory is won. That means that the entire heavenly dispensation comes to this final moment to decorate the victory. The victory is locked up already; we the ones to transmit or translate the victory into dramatic expression. Father is the root; we are the trunk or bridge to transmit that spirit all over the world. Father won the victory and we are the ones to transmit that victory to all of the world.

All members of the Unification Church think that we are the minority. Everywhere we are pushed to the corner. Everywhere we meet negative people. Everywhere we are faced with negative press. This has become the daily diet of the Unification Church. So we often think that we are on the verge of being overrun. But I want you to know that this world is but a small portion of God's creation, a small portion of the cosmic being.

Our Parents have won the test of it the entire history, the entire spirit world, and entire heart of God. No matter what negativity we face just laugh at it! Smile at it! In due course, we'll lick it. It's just a matter of time. But we are grateful that God has given us this little opportunity in which we can claim some worthiness in His sight. If God had done everything, we would have nothing to do we would be begging for glory.

He is giving us a chance to work so that we can claim some victory on earth. Instead of begging for glory, we can be entitled to it. God wanted to have worthy sons and daughters with whom He wanted to share the entire amount of His glory. You must look at it in that positive way. The whole universe has been won; a little tiny bit is left to us to be finished. Let's say God arranged a brick wall. 99 layers have been completed, but one mote brick will complete the wall. God wants us to pick up that one brick and put it in the tight place in the wall. Then He will say: "You and I completed it." What a wonderful title God is going to reserve tor us co-creator of the universe! Co-creator of man! The most important thing we have to do is have absolute conviction and positive thinking.

For twenty-four hours every day, we must be bubbling with enthusiasm. Second, we must consider that the world where we are doing battle is not the main world. The subject world is the spirit world. The destiny of the world has already been determined.

In due course that victory in the spirit world will he transmitted to this world. We cannot fail. In spirit world redemption has been claimed. The head of the serpent is crushed; this world is merely the tail. There is no chance for that serpent to be revived. It is like swimming in a pool with two arms on the floor. There is no way you can drown!

We must today clearly perceive the victory. That is the first purpose of this meeting. Already the victory is there. You must see it, you must touch it, you must feel it.

My job is to give you the feeling of utmost conviction and absolute positivity. We can do it. We can win. We have already won. Your thinking will be the result of individual thinking translated into visible situations. Your thinking is everything. Father has not one hairline, nor one dot of doubt about his mission. I've been following him for almost twenty years. Not even one split second did I glimpse that he was doubtful about his mission. What you think is what you are; what you think will be showing in an external way. How much victory you conceive of shall be translated into Yankee Stadium.

For this meeting I would like to excite you with the dream of this God Bless America Festival. We must make "God Bless America" and "Reverend Moon" synonymous in the hearts of every American. If we do this through Yankee Stadium, then we have consummated our mission. Americans have heard so much about Reverend Moon but many things very negative. Many people earnestly want to know: "Who is Reverend Moon? What is he trying to do?" The Yankee Stadium crusade is going to give a clear-cut image and answer to the American public. Who is Reverend Moon? What is he trying to do? He is the one who brings "God Bless America." I never doubt for a moment that this will do it. That means that it will present Father correctly to the American public so that he will gain acceptance from the government down. This is our purpose. Acceptance. Proclamation is not enough. Two thousand years ago there was proclamation, but no acceptance.

We have proclamation; we must have acceptance. The God Bless America Festival is for acceptance, acceptance of Father. Through this super-national, super-racial, patriotic, humanitarian, embracing, God centered movement, we can do it we can achieve the goal of acceptance. Remember the word "acceptance."

When you speak to the American public, always think: "How did I present Father's name? Did I do well? Did I increase his kingdom or close another door?" Either you are opening or closing a door. Which one? Our every action has to reflect upon the consequences. We must open doors. Father must he appreciated by Americans. At the end of Yankee Stadium, we want to hear the majority of Americans saying, "We need him here in America." If Americans speak this simple conclusion at the end of Yankee Stadium, we are successful.

We do not look like giants, but inside every one of us is a diamond gem. We have a diamond shining; we have our capability shining. All we have to do is put these together into one cohesive working harmony to bring a tremendous outcome. All together we are going to create the miracle of the century. Yankee Stadium will he the first miracle of the third century of the history of America!

Let us have great ambition for God. Ambition is a God-given gift, wrong only when it is self-centered. Father is the most ambitious man under the sun. He would like to accomplish the greatest victory possible before his earthly life is over. We are joining with him as co-crusaders for the greatest victory here on earth. 

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