The Words of the Pak Family

Letter to the Master

Bo Hi Pak
New Age Frontiers - May 15, 1963

The spring has visited here again. The weather is warm, lawn is green and flowers are blooming. There should be spring in our homeland where you are. I cry longing for the spring in that land where you are.

You are the Spring, Master! You are the Spring of the 6000 years, who have opened this thick icy land with the breath of life, Oh! how I miss the Spring! I am sent to this land by the Spring to be the pioneer of the Spring in order to witness the Spring. The words which you have given are the words of life. Whenever the words are given, new buds come out from dead trees. I am desperately fighting today to make this icy land into a garden of Spring, where all kinds of beautiful flowers will bloom, and yellow and white butterflies will fly in pairs. Then I would like to have you here, the Prince the Spring, the Host of the Spring, to live with you for hundreds and thousands of years. With this excitement in my breast I am fighting to fulfill the mission of the Spring to witness the Spring!

In March I saw the wonderful work of the heavenly forces, The grace and power of God fell like hail, and I had hardly enough vessels to fill and jumped from one place to another without knowing what to do, Oh! the harvest is all ready! but the workers of the harvest are so few.. I don't know what to do!

(1) The Increase of Mass meetings.

From the beginning of this year until March the Father drove me into the thirsty masses for the truth with wonderful force. It started this way. In January and February, the churches were scheduled to study Asia and the Far East. I caught this chance and infiltrated into the churches as a speaker on Korea with brother Rhee as a demonstrator of Karate. I spoke rather broadly but stressed the movement of the New Truth in Korea, and the Unification Movement of Korean churches and introduced the activities of our saints of the unification.

I spoke of our members in the bloody struggle of Korea and of the heart of the Father, which you taught us. The audience became very quiet. Some wept. They were moved so deeply. As the result of this, other churches sent invitations to us, one after another. Br. Rhee captured the hearts of the audience with his fascinating art of Karate. Then I attacked with testimony. We were welcomed and received praise everywhere we went, Then they recommended me to others saying, "You must hear what he says!" In this manner the way was opened for me in many churches to speak on the Divine Principles. Wherever I go, I advertise and also tell people that they should see Br. Rhee's demonstration. In this way we are working as a team in a wonderful relation of give and take.

Thus I have spoken scores of times in different places in March. Each time I spoke new doors were opened. A friend of mine teased me saying, "You'd be busy enough just doing this work alone and giving up your major work!" This joke became truth! Until March the rumor was spread mainly in Northern Virginia where I had prepared the heavenly altar. I have already received more than 10 letters of invitation. Sometimes I have to speak twice a day. The invitations for April lie mainly within Washington D. C., which is even more exciting.

The scope of territory from which the invitations come is expanding even to other cities and other states. I have been invited to speak on April 16th to a group of Christian business men in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. They sent me an airplane ticket. I am going to speak at a spring conference of Western District of ICL in Kansas, through which I hope to obtain fame nationwide. I thank you for your prayers and the prayers of the members. I heard that you had told them to pray for the work in America, particularly for the work in the Capitol. I am grateful for your concern. All this development has been possible because of your prayer and the prayers of the members. I hope they will pray more for the month of April. Here in Arlington they speak of me as a man of grace and the interdenominational so that anyone could hear me. I am most happy to hear this. On the 4th of March a large Church here asked me to give the sermon for Sunday. In the local newspaper my sermon was chosen as the Sermon of the Week. Is this not the work of the Father?

Then I went to lead a women's Bible class in the church, a woman brought me her friend and said, "I congratulate you. So many people in our church including ministers had invited her to our Bible class but she never responded. But when I told of you, she came right away, Your power is really great!" This is all your power, Master! In my house we have meetings twice a week, Wednesday, and Sunday evenings. People come and go freely, I am selecting and uniting the people whom Heaven may use and laying the foundation of the 'Unification Altar.' One day I invited an editor of the religious section of a local paper to our meeting and spoke to him on the Consummation of Human History quoting Scriptures. About 30 people were at the meeting and the editor was moved so much by the atmosphere. He took notes on my lecture and printed them in a newspaper article. Isn't this wonderful? I am sending his article to you.

After the lecture a woman came to me in tears and said, "Seriously I have learned this evening more than I have in the past 35 years. "This proves the greatness of the Divine Principles. We who posses the Divine Principles are the happiest ones in the world. Heavenly Father, Principle of the Principles, I am truly thankful to you. Because of the fact that I serve you, I become the most blessed one in the heaven and on the earth. Even if I were to die now, I would have no other desire, because I have you!

(2) The development of the Karate Institute.

The Karate Institute has been established to play the role of a fleet steed for the Divine Principles. In the past 8 months it has passed the stage of a colt and has become an excellent horse who may run for a thousand miles. We had a big festival on March 16th in the Institute. With the cooperation of Ambassador Chung and other staff members of the Korean Embassy, we filled the Institute with guests.

Ambassador Chung conferred certificates of advancement, and he and the general secretary of YMCA addressed the guests. The next day the Washington Post with a circulation of 490,000 put out an article about our feast. WTOT TV station showed the demonstration from the Institute, and this news is to be broadcast to Korea through the Voice of America. I am sending slides and you shall see the demonstration through the slides. The Institute's plant is not big enough. so we are looking for a larger place, which God will give to us. Please remember Br. Rhee, who is working hard for the restoration of America. He is a good worker.

It will soon be Parents Day and then the 100th day of the prince. On such important days we, who are far away from you, feel so lonely. We find comfort only in working hard. I am like a baby cow crying after his mother cow. But do not worry about us. We have grown enough to stand alone and fight. We have now mastered the usage of the weapon you gave us. We are like young David in front of Goliath in trial, test, suffering and tribulation. As the year changes, I feel indignant to think of the fact that your age is increased by one more year! That one year is so precious and yet I have done so little in a year. It is already 3 years since the Divine Principles were first proclaimed! But because of us, the unworthy soldiers, not even one corner of the world has been restored yet! I will sweep through the continent this next year!

This is my prayer and oath! May God give you a long life, Master! 

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