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Tongil Group Chairman Inaugural Address

No Hi Pak
April 1, 2013
8th Floor Headquarters, Main Hall
Inauguration Ceremony as Tongil Group Chairman

Respected Peace Ambassadors starting with Chairman Min-ha Kim, church elders starting with Chairman Young Whi Kim, leaders of church organizations starting with Hyo-yul (Peter) Kim, passers centering on President Chang Shik Yang, all Tongil Group subsidiary employees, and beloved members!

Distinguished guests from Korea and abroad who have graced us with your presence!

My most heartfelt welcome. It is a pleasure and an honor to meet you here. And now the long and cold winter has passed and the cherry blossoms blooming in the south bring tidings of springs arrival. Despite your busy schedules, I offer my deepest gratitude to the distinguished VIPs who have set aside busy schedules to attend today to congratulate this humble follower before you who was appointed as the 15th President of the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity since the inception of this foundation on October 4th 1963. Thank you.

Even as recent as several days ago neither 1 nor any of you may have thought that I would be appointed for such a position. I was surprised and assume you all may have been surprised as well.

After having served with complete devotion for the past 8 years raising up and stabilizing the foundation, Chairman Kook Jin Moon unexpectedly left the foundation, leaving the founder and president of the Tongil Group True Mother Hak Ja Han Moon to pass on this great mission to me who I feel am lacking in knowledge, wisdom and social leadership.

So, standing before you I would first like to offer a gesture of my gratitude to the True Parents of Heaven and Earth,' and would like to offer my deepest condolences and gratitude to the former Chairman Kook Jin Moon who is not in America for the hard work he put in.

Please join me in a round of applause of encouragement for Chairman Kook Jin Moon who is now in America. (Applause)

Standing before you today I feel from the bottom of my heart what an honor it is to be assigned the duties from Kook Jin Nim, and while thinking about what an honor it is to stand here, I also feel great shame in my unworthiness.

But, True Mother called me up on March 24th stating how they are in the position where they cannot be a single day without a leader and sent for me to resume duties immediately which is how my responsibilities as chairman began.

Over several trip over the past few days to the Foundation I learned through reports about just how much serious trouble the Tongil Foundation had gotten itself into over after the IMF crisis and just how much work and effort Chairman Kook Jin Moon must have put into reengineering over the past 8 years and making steady improvements to management to make it the liability free profitable company it is today.

Also, True Father has protected various forms of assets throughout his lifetime and always contributed them to the development of the providence, one cannot help but be moved when seeing how ordered they were.

As I have already spoken to the employees, as manager of this foundation, I will continue to develop the principles and system that Kook Jin Moon had laid down, and I will work hard for all the programs that were running to take root and be even further developed.

Distinguished guests from Korea and abroad!

In 1957 I was in my second year of high school and had never heard about Principle before, but followed my brother to the Cheongpa Dong Headquarters Church, joined and met True Parents and have lived a life working single-mindedly with obedience towards True Parents and ran to wherever they needed me with filial piety and loyalty.

In doing so I have never lacked the knowledge of a professional field and have never made any significant accomplishments and often felt that I am not worthy to fill such big shoes, once again I would like to say how humbled I feel before this great task ahead of me.

But, as the old saying goes "to obey is better than sacrifice" I stand before you today with an unchanging heart of obedience towards the Word.

Last year in July of the Heavenly Calendar when Father's sudden Seonghwa hit the Unification Family like a thunderclap and when everyone was cast into despair and confusion True Mother stood up courageously and took center stage of the providence declaring and encouraging us with ''we will not stop advancing". Also, on Father's deathbed he left an with prepare for the 'Foundation of Cheon Il Guk' and declared the era of 'Cheon Il Guk' by offering the Coronation Ceremony.

And presented a new providential goal in "Vision 2020" in which through great pains were taken to unfurl a new providence by designating 43 strategic countries and designating appropriate leaders reorganizing world leadership.

Also as a central country in the providence, Korea, leaders of church and foundation organizations were arranged and reorganized which led to the replacement of the foundation chairman.

The foundation is a providential public agency. "The foundation is a providential public agency. It is "an agency that people do not follow according to the wishes of others, but that is followed according to the providence of Heaven."That is why according to the providence today I will humbly accept the mission that the President has given to me according to providence and change the foundation into a new system that supports a new providence.

On the morning of the 24th when the committee decided to appoint me it was stated that the direction of the foundation would be best served by following the original mission statement that True Parents instilled when first founding the foundation which was "foundation that maintains the federation."

As True Mother has already spoke about in the video message you have seen, and according to what we learned in Principle, a healthy person is someone who has achieved mind body unity and "the federation should be like the body and the church like the mind "which is what I was asked to do to be true to form and maintain the federation from behind the scenes.

Indeed. The Tongil Group will be come the backbone, the fence, the fertilizer of the Unification Movement, and with the single aim of establishing the vision of Cheon Il Guk upon this Earth will become the foundation.

Also, the mission of the foundation is to protect all the tangible and intangible assets that have been used for the providential goals of the Providence, both in Korea and across the world, and organize them to be put to good use for them to create as much profit as possible to contribute to the providence.

But, unfortunately, as of late many of these assets, these public assets from heaven have victim to various impure intentions and have been severely damaged.

That is why the foundation will seek measures in the future to absolutely prevent the damage of public assets from heaven. This is the will of our True Father who art in heaven and the sincerest wish of our True Mother accompanying him from Earth.

If those who stand in a position of responsibility do not live up to their responsibilities and let their morals slide damaging the public assets, that persons descendants and their descendants will face unfortunate circumstances.

Also, True Mother spoke about True Father's teachings on the ideal world of creation where all the members of the federation and Unification Family would create a 'community of true love and heart achieving the ideals of Cheon Il Guk and will become the center of the operation of the role played by the federation. I will do my best to take on this mission and see it through.

Finally, I would like to ask all the employees of the foundation and affiliates to relax their solidarity among employees, which could cause all kind of unnecessary challenges from the outside. With that in mind I think we should with solidarity within our organization be strong during this time of conversion centering upon True Mother. And recover our losses in this process by boosting productivity, and be able to hold fast to our posture of service.

I too will do my best to take the stance of learning from all aspects and communicating with you all to prevent gaps in work from forming.

Looking back, our Unification Family has overcome many challenges and trials over half a century to stand where we are today. And we have been victorious. Inheriting the life of blood, sweat and tears that our True Parents have showed us by their own hands, I hope this will become a place where we can surely overcome and be victorious no matter what he challenges or adversity. All of us together with our Heavenly Parents, centering on the True Parents of Heaven and Earth, by fulfilling our duty of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience, we will be able to overcome any trials and be victorious and will see the ideal of our Cheon Il Guk blossom on this very soil.

Distinguished members from Korea and abroad

We have all learned of God's will though the words of True Pare., and through the Blessing have been promised eternal life through connecting to the blood lineage and are the "People Cheon Il Guk." Therefore I think all of us must give everything in our lives to reveal to the world and be proud of our True Parents as the savior, the core teachings of truth, and the eternal value of the Blessing. Before True Father's Seonghwa Ceremony at Hoon Dok Hae he commanded us in regards to a "desperation to give everything, maximum effort, and put into practice," which we can pay back not with words but actions.

Despite my shortcomings I will loyally fulfill my last public service as president of the federation with a heart of desperation to give everything and loyally fulfill the duties True Mother assigned to me.

Secretary general Seon Pyo Hong was in charge of working level responsibilities and did a great job, but left together with Chairman Kook Jin Moon, so though disappointing we were able to promote Executive Director Jong Gwan Kim as Secretary General and effectively create a team together with me so for this I am grateful to our True Parent of Heaven and Earth.

Distinguished guests from Korea and abroad

Once again I would like to offer my deepest gratitude for coming out setting aside busy schedules to attend today to congratulate this humble follower. From now on, though lacking, please advise me and I wish all the blessings of Heavenly Parents and True Parents upon you and your families.

Thank you. 

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