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The Little Angels In Cameroon, June 4 -- 7, 2011 - Bo Hi Pak

Ronald Fusi Atoh
June 10, 2011

An enthusiastic crowd of two thousand and four concert loving Cameroonians including the Minister of Culture; Her Excellency AMAH TUTU MUNA jam-packed the Congress Hall overlooking the City of Yaoundé on June 6, 2011 at 6 pm to be thrilled by the Little Angels-Children Folk Ballet of Korea. The audience included 2 active ministers, 21 diplomats, and many university professors, members of government, magistrates, lawyers, medical corps, traditional chiefs, religious leaders, business people and civil servants

The Little Angels who flew into Yaoundé on June 4th 2011, to celebrate 50 years of diplomatic relationships between the Republic of Korea and the Republic of Cameroon and the 50th Anniversary of the Independence of Cameroon was headed by Dr. Bo Hi Pak, the Chairman, President of Korean Cultural Foundation, the National Messiah and BBW of Cameroon.

The performance emceed by Mr. Ivo Patern in French and Miss Blandine Mbawe in English both from Cameroon Radio Television (CRTV). Before the Little Angels took the stage, the Mini Bantu Dance group thrilled the audience especially the Korean delegation coming to Cameroon for the first time.

After the Mini Bantu Dance, the Korean Ambassador in Cameroon-His Excellency HO SUNG LEE took the stage starting a series of speech making.

In his opening speech, the Korean Ambassador welcomed the audience and announced that this year from June- October; other Korean cultural groups will come to Cameroon for the celebration. He said that in the near future, an adult dance group and Korean martial Arts group will come to Cameroon.

Dr. CHEMUTA DIVINE BANDA, the next speaker, Chairman of UPF Cameroon, and the chairman of the National Commission on Human Rights and Freedoms spoke of the lessons Cameroon can learn from the visit of the Little Angels. He said that Cameroon should be able to catch the spirit that lifted Korea from the list of the poorest nations in the world in the 1960s to the 10th most advanced nations in the World.

The Minister of Culture while granting an audience to Dr. Pak and the Little Angels in her office in the morning of the day of the performance said that it is a great opportunity to celebrate 50 years of friendship and peace which is one of the key achievements of the Nation. She added that it was a great honor that the Little Angels have travelled all over the world with a message of peace and Cameroon is honored to be one of the nations to receive them. In the hall, the Minister then wished all to enjoy the performance of the Little Angels peacefully.

Dr. Bo Hi Pak, the leader of the Little Angels' crew then came on the stage to introduce the Little Angels and her founder. He said that the Little Angels were founded by Dr. Sun Myung Moon in 1962 for the purpose of spreading the message of peace in all nations of the world. He said that the Little Angels were 49 years old in the arena of performing, with 6000 performances in all the six continents.

Dr. Pak on his second appearance on the stage educated the audience on the philosophy that made Korea a rich country. He said that after the war Korea was poorer than Cameroon. At that time, President Park received guidance from Dr. Moon on how to reconstruct the nation. Dr. Moon gave in what he called the "New Village Movement" three elements. The first is to instill in the hearts of the people the power of spiritual growth; the second is to build the moral of the people and the third is hard work from 5 am to 8 pm, 7 days a week, no weekends and holidays. The Government then imported technology from the developed world. The audience had earlier been inspired by a short film of the Little Angels; Korea before and after industrialization.

As the Little Angels started to present their rich repertoire, every one sat spellbound punctuated with thunderous applauses. One Clergy man in the audience commented that the founder of the Little Angels is truly a genius; that though so young 9-15 years their presentation was flawless.

When it was time to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Independence of Cameroon, the audience gave a standing ovation to the Little Angels as they sang Cameroonian familiar tunes in local dialects – Douala language.

The Little Angels had earlier visited Muna Foundation on June 5 to savor the great achievements of the late Excellency Solomon Tendeng Muna as a politician.

The visit of the Little Angels was truly a crowd pulling event. The media came en mass within a short notice. The official media had 15 journalists and the private 14. They came both for press conference and the performance in the Congress Hall.

Before the coming of the Little Angels, the National Leader Mrs. Lau Asong had created a series of commissions including Airport, visa, transport, media, administration, restoration, lodging, hospitality, technical, tourism, ushers, medical etc. These commissions were over seen by the continental Director Rev. Ji and the Secretary General of the Little Angels Dr. David Yoon all the way from Korea.

Though Dr. Bo Hi Pak had tight schedule, he found time to meet all the members at the Church Center for education. He gave some money to the National Leader then she handed it to the Continental Director Reverend Ji and He asked all the members here to add more money for the construction of a church. Dr. Bo Hi Pak will match the amount we add. In the position of BBW, he was crowned as the spiritual King of Cameroon.

Before the Little Angels flew out of Cameroon on the night of June 7, they did not stop to inspire Cameroonians with their Angelic voices. Even at the Hilton Hotel where they lodged their voices kept no one indifferent and some members of the staff of the Hotel Restaurant sat down to listen to their voices. Friday, June 10, 2011

Ronald Fusi Atoh
FFWPU SG -- Cameroon 

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