The Words of the Pak Family

Dr. Bo Hi Pak's 13 Commandments

Circa 2006

1. God gave me a good life, a wonderful family, excellent health, and the divine mission to fulfill. He has lead me through many difficult paths, though many impossible battles to victory. He has protected my life miraculously so often and in so many hopeless situations.

Therefore, my life belongs to Him, not to me. I believe He has a definite purpose for allowing my life to continue. I want to live the rest of my life to do whatever His will dictates.

I live my life with eternal gratitude. Even though my life may come to an end at any moment, I will die with absolute gratitude to Almighty God that He had sustained my life thus far and has allowed me to accomplish so much. Whatever the length of life I live from now on, I shall consider it as His grace. I will completely use it for his purpose.

2. I am eternally in debt to our True Parents because it is they who taught me about God, granted me resurrection, and gave me eternal life. Even if sometimes I feel that they abandon me, assail me, and abuse me, they do so only with a parental heart. By receiving and accepting it gracefully, I shall be forgiven of all my inequities, sins and shortcomings. True Parents already gave so much to my life. Even if they took everything away from me I would still be grateful because of what I am; a Son of God and True Parents. How can I ever repay the debt to them? I will always remain as their son. I will die only in that capacity, a Son of God and a son of True Parents.

3. I am the master of my own life. I am responsible for my life. I have absolutely no one to blame. Once I have purpose and absolute faith in Him, there is nothing that is impossible. Whenever the goal is not fulfilled, it is only because I have limited myself by not opening up to the whole new possibilities and going after them.

4. My life is to fulfill love. True love. I practice true love with my family, my neighbors, my countrymen, and with all mankind. I love my God and True Parents with all my heart, all my mind, all my soul. I love my fellow man as myself. There is no greater love than laying down my life for my fellow man.

5. I live my life in full joy. I celebrate my life everyday. By loving and serving others, I will have my joy. By doing good for the sake of others, I will feel happy. By fulfilling the Divine task given to me, I will feel worthy.

6. I will not allow anyone to make my life miserable. I will live with dignity and self respect. It is my right granted by God. I also respect this right in others as well. I will have full command of circumstances, surroundings, and situations. I will always avoid the situations that will bring me down. I will always be a dynamo, Imparting warmth, power, and positivism so that others will be touch and inspired by it.

7. I will perform my work as though my life were depending on it. I will not dwell in the past. I will live my future now. I will invent whole new possibilities for myself, knowing that those possibilities are unlimited and it is up to me to make them realized.

8. My word is what I am. I will declare my word and stand on it. My word will never be dropped empty. Therefore, I will only speak when I have commitment and dedication. I shall be known as a man of his word.

9. I know I am a healthy person. When I think I am unhealthy, then I am unhealthy. When I think I am healthy, I am healthy. God, allow me to live a long life because there is so much for me to do. I will make investment in my health because it is my first duty to my God, True Parents, my family, and my fellow man. By being healthy I have a possibility of loving them all because my health is my only asset. Without it I do not service my fellow man. God endowed upon me to take care of myself. I must live a disciplined life.

10. When I die I want to be thoroughly used up. Then there is no waste in my life, the harder I work the more I live. I rejoice in life for my own sake. When I die I want to be remembered as a person who genuinely loved his fellow man, loved God and True Parents, My true gift to humanity is my good children and grandchildren left behind to carry on my brightly burning torch.

11. One of my life goals is to unite my divided home country. Unification is, I feel, a destined historical mission that God has endowed upon me. With His help I shall accomplish our national unification within my lifetime. I will play a major role in it.

12. I hate no one.

I resent no one.

I betray or criticize no one.

I hold a grudge against no one.

These are deadly poisons that will poison no one but my self. Even though there are many deadly enemies out there, I do believe God vindicate me. Justice will ultimately be done. If I do not see it while I am here on earth, then I will see it happen in heaven. "Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil, for Thou art with me."

13. At the same time, I will never give up or give in. I will never retreat. I will never hesitate. I will never slumber. I will never fear. I will never tremble. I will never surrender, knowing that God is on my side and the ultimate victory is set aside as mine. I shall move forward and secure my victory. By winning victory I shall glorify God, True Parents, and give honor to my family and to my self. True love is my sword of victory!

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