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Request For Prayer Support - Dr. Bo Hi Pak In Hospital

Jonathan Park
November 29, 2006

Dear Everyone,

Dr. Pak is at the Seoul National Univ. Hospital being preped for major surgery. The surgery is scheduled for Monday Dec. 4. He needs extensive work on his main artery; I think the aorta, in order to correct an aneurism. Also they are going to work on the artery to his kidney. They are going to be opening his torso for the operation. It will take several weeks before he can leave the hospital.

His main artery has ballooned from the normal 2 cm to 6.5 cm which is a very dangerous condition. It must be operated on right away before it bursts. Thank God he is out of prison so that he can have the operation. I shudder to think what might have happened if his artery burst while still in there. He was walking around with a time bomb in his abdomen without knowing how serious it was. There is no pain associated with the condition until it is too late.

Because it is major surgery he is undergoing tests and medication to get his body in the best condition for the operation. He was taking medication which thins his blood to take pressure off the arteries before but this is very bad for an operation so he has been taken off of that and put on other medication. It takes a while for the body to come around.

In case anyone wants to call the number at the hospital to his room is 822-2072-1423 room 5402.

It looks like one more mountain to get over. He has been restored spiritually and mentally now one more time to restore him physically.

Dr. Pak gave a sermon at the Seoul Main Church last Sunday before going to the hospital. It was a good sermon and he showed his old form and people were very happy to see him and uplifted by his talk. Dad has asked me to translate it into English and when I do I'll post it to you. The video of the sermon is on the Korean FFWPU site ( and the Peace TV site (

Looks like Dr. Pak's going to close out 2006 as the year of restoration and healing.

I'll let you know he is after the operation.

As always thank you for your prayers. Please stay safe and healthy this winter.

Jonathan Park

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