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About Dr. Bo Hi Pak

Jonathan Pak
July 28, 2006

Dear Everyone,

A hearing was held in Dr. Pak's trial yesterday at the Seoul court of appeals which turned out to be the final hearing. After a couple months delay due to an evil co-defendant we were able to counter his last trick and bring the trial to a close. Dr. Pak delivered a moving speech after closing arguments. The judge set the sentencing date for August 24, 2006 at 2:00 pm. What we need then is a sentence of not more than 3 years with a suspension of the sentence. This would mean that Dr. Pak would be able to go home from the courthouse. If he gets more than the 2 years that he has already served and no suspension then he will be sent back to prison to serve whatever remaining time is left on his final sentence.

During this final month please let everyone who cares about DP know that we are in the final phase of his trial and between now and the sentencing date would be a good time to pray for his safe deliverance.

God bless you all.


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