The Words of the Pak Family

Blessing Testimony

Yun Sook Pak
January 4, 2004
3rd Daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Bo Hi Pak

I knew that a matching was coming because we had been asked to send our pictures to Korea. But because I didn't actually participate in the matching, it was a very sudden event for me.

I received a call from my mother one night while I was at school in Philadelphia. She gave me the news and told me to catch the next plane to Seoul. Then my Father called me and told me the same thing. I didn't think very much about what was happening; I just got ready to leave. I was about to receive the Blessing from True Parents, which was an overwhelming thought. I was only slightly acquainted with, my husband, Jin Kun Kim. I had met him a couple of times at the Blessed Children's workshops. Jin Kun was at the airport when I arrived in Korea. He had arrived there only the day before and was present at the matching. We didn't talk much - just casual, talk about school and how we felt as all this was going on.

Between the matching and the Blessing we participated as bridesmaid and groomsman at Un Jin Nim's and Jin Hun Nim's Holy Wedding. It was a great honour. Things were hectic so we still didn't get to talk a lot, but I did meet with my mother-in-law and spent some time with her.

I was born in Washington DC on May 25, 1964, the fifth child in my family. I grew up in Virginia and attended schools there. I spent a year and a half in Korea in order to learn Korean. After that I went to boarding school at Phillips Exeter Academy for a few years, and now I'm a junior at the University of Pennsylvania, studying communications and economics.

All my life I knew in what manner I would be married, and understood from a very early age that I would humbly accept Father's choice for me. As I got older and the possibility of being matched approached, I prepared myself by always thinking about the Blessing with a sense of gratitude. To receive the Blessing is a privilege of tremendous magnitude, for which I am very grateful, but I will probably realise the depths of it more and more as I mature in the years to come.

Observing my parents' single-mindedness in serving True Parents and God was the best lesson I had in preparation for the Blessing. I knew that if I listened to them I could never go wrong. I sincerely thank them for bringing me up in True Parents' truth and love. Only because of them was I able to receive the Blessing.

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