The Words of the Paczinski Family

Parents Sacrifice for Children

Caroline Paczinski
December 13, 1998

There are many parents in this country who don't think they have to sacrifice for their children.

It is a natural thing for parents anywhere to give unconditionally to their children. It is true human nature to do this. In our world, there may be a lot of problems in families due to fallen nature, but these problems are everywhere and I don't believe Japan is any exception.

However I do believe that most members who joined the church had to make sacrifices. I myself gave up my job (it was a good position and I was making good money) but I did it willingly. It was my decision. I had to decide to separate from my family after their attempt to kidnap me with the help of an anti-cult organization.

I was very hurt how they had no trust in me and made no effort to try to understand.

But I made the choice myself. I knew I was doing the right thing. It may have been a sacrifice, but I would do it again if I had to. When I came to the USA for the matching at the end 1980, I did not want to stay here, but it was Father's direction, so I stayed. I thought I will never join MFT, but that was the direction and I did.

I am sure there are many more cases where I, as well as others, made sacrifice, but I always believed that there was good reason for it. Looking back, I can also see how a lot of experiences came for the purpose of personal growth.

That's why I always believed God was there doing the guidance and to this day I have no regrets, except maybe that I could have done more or better. When we were single, we lived as brothers and sisters, we had to remain pure, not succumbing to physical attraction , which is also a self denial necessary to purify ourselves and make conditions to receive the Blessing. I believe those things were the same for anyone around the world who joined our movement, including Japan. Some made it, some did not. It was not that easy and natural. Is Japan any exception to that ?

Every nation has its own particular character and history. Each did things that were bad and things that were good. We all have things we can be proud of and things that we are ashamed of. Japan is no exception. Maybe for the first time, you were exposed to Japan's good nature. America has always looked to me as a very generous nation. She may be an archangel nation, but even the archangel was once good.

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