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Report on South American Tour

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Peter Kim

21-day trip. 13 nations + 4 = 17. In Jin Nim and Jin Sung Nim will cover another 6 nations. 23 nations covered out of 25 which have missionaries. 4500-5000 dignitaries attended the banqeuts.

Lima: June 18th was a national holiday, so the banquet was postponed until the 19th. TPs visited the Inca ruins. Took a local charter plane to Cuzco because the charter plane from the US was prevented from making the trip due to safety restrictions. Cuzco = capital of the Inca civilization. The Inca built this community on top of a mountain. They used granite, but no mortar. Housed 1500 priests, predominantly women. Disappeared without explanation after the Spanish came. Discovered 1911 by an archeologist. About 500 visitors come every day. Father prayed in the center of the temple. He told sp world to come and work with their descendants. Father said the Incas were of Asian ancestry. Belaunde-Perry and Bermudez-Morales (former presidents) attended the banquet and agreed to attend the blessing. Sometimes we saw members who did not know how to do kyung beh. They learned from Father. 400 attended the banquet. 138 signed up for the blessing.

Bolivia: 12,400 feet above sea level. US charter plane was not allowed to go there. Had to charter a local place. At takeoff from Lima, no permission to leave Peru. At refuel stop near border, still no permission. Finally, a VIP interceded and they received permission to leave. Result was they arrived 20 minutes late to meet Pres of Bolivia. He had to leave, therefore, no meeting. Everyone had problems with the altitude, except Father. He gave his speech with no problems. 340-350 VIPs attended the banquet. Purchased property (hot springs and land) in the best fishing area. During fishing season, they catch them by the truckload (2 trucks in 4 hours). Father will build a training center for VIPs there.

Ecuador: Still high altitude. TPs did not want to leave. Best country for rose farms. Guest sitting next to Peter Kim owns the rose farm which used to sell to Eden Floral. Father met with the Pres 40 minutes. Pres sent wife and daughter to banquet. They arrived 10 minutes early, so went to Father s suite. Father said: give me 10 minutes to talk about true love. Later First Lady said, Couldn t quite follow his speech, but something punched my heart. Pres said he would do his best to protect our movement. Father saw a great future there. Visited Lat. O O , the beginning of East, West, North and South and prayed. On the East side of the monument are two mountains called Father Mountain and Mother Mountain.

Un Jin Nim s horse is named Ecuador. She won a place on the Olympic team as an individual. Korean team will not be competing. Un Jin Nim placed 2nd out of 300 riders competing for individual spots.

Chile: Father must have read his speech 1400 times, yet he still reads it. It is clear that he is making sp conditions. He constantly prays until the last moment. Cardinal s nephew came to the banquet. A top scholar seated next to the podium was in tears throughout Father s speech.

Life in sp world is like life in a balloon. If you have complaints, your balloon will sink.

Colombia: Sent 1200 soldiers to fight in the Korean War. In 1983 Father donated to the Simon Bolivar organization to renovate their memorial. At the banquet, the organization presented Father with a plaque in rec ognition of his contribution. One scholar gave such praise of Father s work that Father told the leaders to make a book of testimonials. Father gave a plaque to the Colombian Joint Chiefs in honor of their contribution to the Korean War on the anniversary of the beginning of the Korean War. One scholar recited a poem praising the Japanese sisters who came to work in Colombia with WFWP. Father visited the Amazon jungle and set conditions for those living there. During their trip in the jungle, a parrot sat on Father s arm.

Panama: Pres was travelling overseas. Because they were arriving by private plane from Colombia, everyone in Father s party was searched thoroughly on arrival. Pres sent a former pres and another former pres daughter to attend the banquet. Father sang for the members.

Dominican Republic: Father met the pres, who is 88 years old. They shook hands. Father gave him a big hug. The pres was like a child to Father. Father gave the pres a CB watch and put it on his arm.

Father s speech is like shouting in front of the mountains to create an echo to reach everyone. Father s speech in this country was the fastest--like a bullet. Everyone in the banquet was more serious than middle school kids in a classroom.

Dr. Bo Hi Pak s New Hope Festival tour is successful. After each speech there are just 2 kinds of people: 1 kind is smiling, 1 kind crying. The 1st kind are relatives of members who now know the truth and are relieved. The 2nd kind are members. The Japanese appreciate Kim Il Sung. They have this attitude because Dr. Pak s visit to Kim Il Sung s funeral is the reason why he cannot return to South Korea and, therefore, can be in Japan.

At the time of Nostradamus predictions, Nam Sa Go also made predictions. His predictions testify to Father.

A Mr. Sohn predicted Kim Il Sung s death correctly a year prior to it happening. Because of his accuracy, he is now well known. He was recently interviewed by the Japanese media. During that interview Mr. Sohn stated that in 1998 or 1999 Japan will decline unless they receive the Messiah from Korea.

Haiti: Father s party had to charter a local plane in the Dominican Republic, as the US plane was not allowed to go there. Dr. Tom Ward came to translate into French. It is one of the poorest countries. Peter Kim realized that this country really needs Father s help, spiritually and physically. At this banquet, Father spoke prior to the meal being served. Haiti gained independence in 1804. At that point, all French were killed. All its problems now are due to all individuals with skills and culture being killed at that point.

Guatemala: The origin of the Mayan civilization. Father met the Pres twice: private meeting and luncheon. Father s attitude throughout the tour = last chance to meet this person. At one point Father was speaking about the separation between church and state. Pres commented, Religions must not become politics, but politicians must become religious. Father visited the Mayan ruins.

Nicaragua: In the mid-80s Father gave direction to Arnaud de Borchgrave on how to support the freedom fighters in Nicaragua. Congress had decided not to support them. Father gave a donation and Washington Times ran articles. Later Congress reversed itself and supported the freedom fighters. As a result of this, Violetta Chamorro could later be elected pres. She came out of her office and greeted Father saying, This is your home. Nicaragua needs to grow economically. Father told Violetta that it should grow economically, but the young people need to be educated morally. Give me 500 young people to educate, including your son. She agreed.

Costa Rica: Richest country in Central America. Met the 2nd Generation blessed couple. Standard is so serious that drunk drivers are sentenced to death. Former pres Carazo sent his wife. His health is not good, so he could not attend. 2 past pres attended the banquet.

Peter Kim said that dealing with the banquet plans clearly showed the level of that country.

El Salvador: Pres dressed casually. He was on his way out to the fields. Father asked him for 500 young people to educate. He agreed. Father introduced the national leader and said, Become brothers. Father told the Pres, You re like my son. Antonio Betancourt sang 3 songs at the banquet. The national leader was not blessed. After full research, Father matched the national leader to 1 Japanese WFWP sister working in El Salvador. Matching took place 7/7 at 7 am.

Mexico City: They were just completing a 1-day blessing workshop.

In total, 8 heads of state became friends or sons of TPs.

In Jin Nim will give Father s speech in Honduras, Jamaica, Bahamas, Guyana, Surinam and Venezuela.

Father had Tyler Hendricks read the text of the speech Father (and In Jin Nim) is giving at the banquets.

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