Unification Sermons and Talks

by Reverend Peter Kim

Mother's Speaking Tour in Korea

Belvedere, July 26th 1992
Unofficial Notes
Mr. Peter Kim

Mother's speaking tour in Korea was not only significant for our movement but also for political leaders of the Korean Government. The opinion of many people and political leaders is that for any president to be elected to office in the future, the next elections are in December of this year, he must have the endorsement of Rev. Moon.

Mother is making strong conditions for the unity of South and North Korea and the political leaders are recognizing this and have to consider the political impact Her speaking tour is making.

Father mentioned for the first time in July of 1991 while He was in Alaska that Mother should speak publicly. Father asked Mother to speak in Tokyo, Japan first. Mother had previously testified to Father to participants of the Professors World Peace Academy and the World Media Conference, but this time it was completely different.

Father prepared Mother for two months for this speaking "engagement" in Tokyo to address the Women's Federation for Peace in Asia. Mother's speech was a big success. In November Mother spoke to 7000 members of the same Federation on Seoul Korea, also with great success.

On that foundation Father asked Mother to speak on a higher level, the world level. No longer Peace for Asia alone but peace for the world. Thus Father formed the Women's Federation for World Peace and asked the Korean members to gather up 150 000 people in the Olympic Stadium on April 10th 1992 which Mother was to address. The Church leaders were really amazed about this direction. They only had four Months to prepare, but they did it.

Mother's course is really amazing. She has raised 13 Children while totally standing behind Father and supporting Him, praying for Him. At the same time Mother also raised us, the members of the World wide Unification Movement. On top of this she is now she is "Chairman" Han, the leader of an International Peace Movement.

150 000 people came in pouring rain, Father and Mother spoke with Mother being the keynote speaker. An international Holy Blessing of 1300 couples took also place at the same time. This whole event had big impact in Korea. The government as well as the Christians took a close look at this event. Especially the Christians did not want the rally to be a success and they thought that at the most 30 000 people would come if the weather was nice. They thought for sure that the rally would flop if it should rain.

However, the rally was a success even in the pouring rain. Most of the people who came stayed right to the end even though it was also very cold. Some had to go to their cars for a while, start up the engine and warm up. But then they would return to participate in the rally. The example of attendance was set by 1200 women from Japan who sat right up front solid as a rock and never moved. The Koreans did not want to be outdone by them so they also stayed.

After the rally in the Olympic Stadium Father asked Mother to go on a speaking tour covering 21 major cities in Korea. This speaking tour started on May 11th and was successfully completed on June 30th. During this tour Korea started to recognize Mother's leadership qualities.

After the 21 city tour was over, Father again asked Mother to continue and speak in 40 more cities, for a total of 61 cities. This 40 city tour took place between June 10th and June 30th. During this tour Father added another 20 cities to the list for a total of 81. Since this was too much for Mother alone to handle, four of the True Children, Hyo Jin Nim, Ye Jin Nim, In Jin Nim and Nan Sook Nim participated and spoke for Mother. They read Mother's speech word for word.

The format of a rally would be like this: Dr. Pak would introduce one of the True Children present (for instance Kook Jin Nim) as the graduate with honors from Harvard the best University in America. He would come and deeply bow before everyone. This would help people to understand how special the True Family is. Then Father would always give the congratulatory introduction. This would take between 8 - 10 minutes. This was really not enough for Father, He wanted to have more time to explain the providence to the people. He also explained that it was He Himself that founded the Federation. After Father's introduction "Chairman" Han (Mother) would speak for about 45 minutes. The content of Mother's speech covered the following points:

Godism - The Dual Characteristics of God - True Love, give and forget you gave - Woman is weak, but a mother is strong - Mind and Body unity - Love first and more important than Life - True Parents visit to North Korea - God can not destroy evil people because they are loved by their own family members - The Fall of Man - The Purpose of the Messiah, He does not come on the clouds, establishes True Parenthood, uproots and chases out satan, lays Foundation for World Peace and establishes the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

In each major city posters with Mother's picture (the latest official picture with Mother wearing a golden hanbok) were put up everywhere similar to what we did here in New York for Madison Square Garden and Yankee Stadium. Many people testified after that they only came to see who Mother was. She radiated dignity and beauty.

Mother spoke twice each day, at 10:30 am and 3:30 pm. She could not speak in the evening because the women in Korea are expected to cook for their families in the evening. Mother had to travel up to three hours between speeches. She wore a new hanbok (Korean traditional dress) for each rally.

The rally organizers were worried that Mother's would loose her voice but that never happened. Mother has such a beautiful voice and people found it easy to listen to her. One lady suggested to insure her voice.

At each rally leaders of the communities down to the village level received certificates and pictures of True Parents with the direction to hang them up in a public place in their houses. Their were not enough pictures in some places and people almost fought to get one. They were also given a Unification Church flag and asked to fly it in front of their houses.

Right now these meetings are continuing with outside people conducting the meetings on the village level with anywhere from 20 to 100 people in attendance.

One Testimony: One brother who has a mission in Tokyo travels four hours each weekend to his Home Town. He gave his family True Parents picture and they hung it up in the living room. He explained to his father and eldest brother that He was now in the central position of the family and all would have to bow down to him. They did not like this too much and when he left the wife of the eldest son took down the picture and put it under the bed.

The next three nights the grandfather appeared to her in a dream and chastised her and told her that this picture represents the good luck and fortune of the family. After some debate with her husband and other family members they hung up the picture again and she called the brother in Tokyo to apologize.


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