The Words of Peter Kim

A Personal Testimony about Peter Kim

Irma Balulot
April 27, 2010

I had a personal experience with Peter Kim when he accompanied True Mother to the Philippines in the PICC Convention speech in the early 90s.

Things were very rough at that time since we wanted to fill the PICC with VIP guests. Mrs. Ramos was expected to be a guest (speaker). And then we were told that she wasn't coming since the appointment was just filled in by a secretary and that she didn't really approve of it.

I was in the hotel helping in the preparations with Poo Chin. I had a lot of running around to do and calls to make. However, there were no phones available for the staff to use. (The leaders must have been using whatever was available). Rather, none for me to use.

The room of Peter Kim was just by the entrance of the suite composed of several rooms. I had an urgent call to make, and the door was open. When I looked inside, Peter Kim was there. I asked him if I could use the phone. He said "yes, go ahead." and gave me a smile.

Several times that day and the following day I kept going back to him and asked to use the phone. Then at one point, Poo Chin saw me. She scolded me why I bothered Peter Kim. Peter Kim said its okay. I said sorry to Poo Chin and explained that I really felt it is really okay with Peter Kim. (I had been doing PR for a long time I am confident to read people's eyes and faces [body language], quirks and all, that tells me whether the words uttered are the same as the person's feelings).

The few days that I observed and bothered Peter Kim, I came to the conclusion: True Father and True Family is safe because here is a man who does not let things/position/power/authority to go to his head. Peter Kim impresses me as similar to Won Joo McDevitt. I also had a precious experience with her attending Mother in another visit.

Peter Kim, and Won Joo McDevitt are very different from the behavior that I saw in several other leaders.

They are not proud, not arrogant, and they got their feet on the ground.

For Peter Kim to demand that all reports go through him goes with the work that is assigned to him. That does not mean that he is blocking anybody. Anybody who had worked in organizations (especially large ones) know how deep and wide is the chasm between certain leadership levels. It is a reality of organizational set up. It is also a style of management.



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