The Words of Peter Kim

Presentation to World National Leaders Assembly

Peter Kim
February 22, 2010
Yucheongung, Korea

Good afternoon everybody. Shall I speak in English? OK, English.

I'm happy to see all of you here. You must be tired by now. The spirit may be by now more inspired and high up there, but your physical body…

Today -- actually, several days ago I was asked by one of the Mission Department staff to come here and share what's going on with our movement at this special time period… in this special time period. In a way, internally speaking, we are going through a crisis. Our life of faith is still strong and sound and vertically intact, so I doubt that anybody sitting in this room, at least, has any doubt about God, has any doubt about True Parents. Do you? (No!) We are absolutely united, at least in our heart, in our mind, we are absolutely united with God and True Parents. Right? (Yes!)

But the environment, the circumstances we often get into push us around and sometimes makes us feel that "Oh, what is going on here? Is what I understand right? Or is there something else that I don't know?" I'm pretty sure that many of you got into that kind of situation and even pity yourself. Am I right in a way? It's not a simple issue with -- actually we are going into a testing period in terms of our group. We want to call here in Korea, not any more Unification Church Movement, but we often call Unification Church Group. I don't know which one is better. Dr. Walsh, which one is more religious term? Anyway, as a Unification Church Group I feel we're going through a testing period.

To be frank, with you and I, our movement, our group, is not big enough to be split, to be divided, to be separated, to have another cult, to have another sect so to speak. Some Christian denominations have millions and millions of members -- acting members. Let's talk about Catholicism, they have over what? 100 million people all over the world. So they have different denominations and different sects and all kinds of cults. Looks more natural. More, you know, could be there. So let's face the reality. In our movement, we, our actual acting members… live around the world, with this small number of people we are facing great, big difficulty.

We have been following and attending True Parents for the last 30, 40, 50 years. We have been -- in our minds, at least -- we have been dedicating our lives for the sake of building the kingdom of God on earth following True Parents footsteps. We are still doing that. But then, how? What happened to us that we are facing this crisis? Internal division. Even among True Children. Initiated by a True Child. And this movement has been shaken. Whether you admit it or not, I think our movement has been shaken now. So, of course, from God's point of view when True Parents look at our faces I'm sure they see a lot of the defects and a lot of mistakes, a lot of wrong thinking, wrong doing, in our thinking, in our activities. But beyond that, why is it happening now? That is the point that I'm going to get to.

When it comes to our individual responsibility which is based on God given Divine Principle understanding, everybody has -- let's say, Divine Principle says 5% responsibility, even if we say 3% of responsibility, we have responsibility. But often, what we forget is because we believe in True Parents and absolute standard 100%, we know we have to offer our absolute faith, absolute love, absolute obedience to God and True Parents vertically. So when it comes to our relationship, our life of faith in dealing with True Children, without being told, without learning, without thinking, we apply that standard immediately. Many times we did it blindly. "Oh, True Children, oh, True Parents direct lineage, we must give absolute obedience. They must get the standard of True Parents." Everyone thought that way. Many cases. Sometimes we wanted it; that is the kind of incline, kind of tendency we want to believe in, we want to respect it, we want to worship them.

But in reality -- not because I have been attending and serving True Parents' family including True Children for the last 40 years, all the children. Maybe I had a better chance to look in, look at their lifestyle and look at their behaviors and watch them growing from infant stage to the age of 40, like that. But, because we have to understand the Divine Principle from a different angle, I think. As True Parents always said, True Parents appear in this physical world -- maybe in the spiritual world too, actually -- just once in eternity. No other time True Parents will appear. Rev. Sun Myung Moon and True Mother are the True Parents to humankind.

Heung Jin Nim in the spirit world, Hyo Jin Nim in the spirit world, Hyun Jin Nim here down in this physical world, Hyung Jin Nim here, Kook Jin Nim here, they are not our True Parents. Please don't take this the wrong way. I don't mean to discriminate. I don't mean to judge them or criticize them. But I'm trying to share with you my understanding of the Divine Principle when it comes to our relationship with True Parents and True Children. Do you understand what I'm saying? (Yes.)

So, in my mind, even if one of the True Children come and slap me, I will sit down "You are not our True Parents eternally. You are our eternal elder brother. Eternal Abel, but not True Parents." I think Hyung Jin Nim, our world president, is clear about this point. I think he has been saying that many times too. Otherwise Divine Principle doesn't work here. We have our own True Parents, and then if we have another set of True Parents, whether they are True Children or somebody else, it doesn't make sense. Which set of True Parents is the real True Parents? So, that is the key point I think we have to really understand. Really understand that True Parents are only one. Between God and humanity, True Parents are the only one in between there and our mediator, our True Parents can bring us to God…. God's bosom, God's bosom. So we give our absolute obedience to True Parents, absolute faith. Because True Parents are at the stage of completion, perfection.

Several years ago in Hawaii, Kona, that time I think Rev. Yang was there and Rev. Jongok Yoo was there too. One morning, early morning, True Father called the leaders, three or four of us there, and called True Mother out of the room. And they stood together in front of us. And they put Hyun Jin Nim and Kook Jin Nim in front of us. Father and Mother were facing us and right in front of them Hyun Jin Nim and Kook Jin Nim. Behind Hyun Jin Nim and Kook Jin Nim three or four leaders were standing. There Father prayed and saying that all these years I have been educating and bringing True Mother to this level of perfection and completion. And so today I declare to Heaven and earth that True Mother came to the level of perfection equal to me, Father said. We are completely equal and on the same level. True Father said that. So, ever since then, in my mind, when I say True Parents it doesn't matter. In my mind, True Father and Mother, both of them are included in that. Always two. So, True Father and True Mother are at the stage of level of perfection -- completion.

What about True Children? Father said there in his prayer, "Hyun Jin, you are in the position of Cain. Kook Jin you are in the position of Abel. So from now on the two of you must unite and come to me through True Mother." Father said that. You must come to me through your Mother. Because your Mother reached the level of perfection and she is in between myself and you -- my children. So you have to come through Mother.

You know what that means? This means True Children still have their own course. Their own distance to cover. Of course they inherit their direct lineage from True Parents -- true love lineage. So they are in much better hands, much better position. They are much safer, they are stronger, and in every way they have a big advantage over us. But, think about it. True Children, each True Child has the responsibility to reach the perfection -- I think so. So, if anybody, any True Child makes mistake, has to pay indemnity. That, I mean, that is the principle of creation. We all learn that.

Why am I driving this talk to that direction? Because I want to talk about Hyun Jin Nim's course and this point. I want to be honest with you. I have been telling this to everybody, all the leaders actually. Not everybody but the leaders. Because leaders are responsible to educate your members and your children and whoever under your control, your care.

Hyun Jin Nim, yes, True Child! He received everything from his hair to his toe, everything was from True Parents. Nobody has a doubt about it. But he has his own course just like we do. Maybe we are a hundred steps below Hyun Jin Nim. But Hyun Jin Nim is up there, but he has his own 1% responsibility.

Just like Cain felt when God received Abel's offering but not Cain's -- Cain felt, what did he feel? He felt resentment. He felt jealousy, envy; all those feelings against -- maybe against God, too -- but against Abel. So he killed Abel, didn't he? This, I'm not going to get into detail, because you all know what's going on with this movement.

Hyun Jin Nim's, people under Hyun Jin Nim's camp are saying that "Oh, Hyun Jin Nim's younger brother Kook Jin Nim and Hyung Jin Nim -- maybe my name is included in too. Some people say even Peter Kim -- they all teamed up together and they somehow brainwashed Mother and True Mother is whispering into True Father's ear all kinds of lies and twisted stories. Now, that is why Hyun Jin Nim is being cornered and misunderstood and criticized and judged as a monster." That is what they are saying. I have heard that a lot.

But this is not a matter of siblings' fight. This is not a fight between Hyun Jin Nim and Hyung Jin Nim, this is not a fight between Kook Jin Nim and Hyun Jin Nim. No. Somehow they picture that way to begin with. Because they didn't have guts to criticize Father and Mother directly in the beginning. Because still, Hyun Jin Nim has his parents Father and Mother. He still declares publicly that Father is the True Father of humanity and things like that.

So, they need a scapegoat. So they use me, because I have been attending True Parents all the time there as a special assistant to True Father and Mother. Most of the reports go through me so, most of them I read them, to them directly. But there are times that I cannot read word by word because of the timing, because of the reasons Father's -- you know -- feeling, and all kinds of reasons. So sometimes I summarize and give the report to them. Things like that. So I was included. And Hyung Jin Nim and Kook Jin Nim were included.

Why did they start doing that? It comes with Hyung Jin Nim's crowning issue. Before Hyung Jin Nim was fully crowned through the ceremony Father had in Korea and back in New York. You know that two times he did, actually three times. Before that ceremony, it turned out that, I came to understand that Hyun Jin Nim fully believed that he was the one to be anointed to be crowned by True Father and True Mother and become the successor or heir of True Parents. He believed in it. Just like Esau believed that he was, since he was the eldest son he would receive all the blessing. But in reality the crown went on Hyung Jin Nim's head. The reason? We don't know fully. Because it's the area is the special privilege that Father and Mother had. Nobody else even had open doubts about it. Who could dare as Unification Church members in front of Father and Mother, who can dare to rise up and say, "Oh Father that this child is better for your successor or this one is a better heir." Nobody. Nobody in their ordinary mind as a decent person could do that. Dr. Ohtsuka can you do that? No. Nobody. It's totally Father and Mother's responsibility dealing with God. So it's a divine power there.

So Father did it and Mother did it to Hyung Jin Nim. For that somebody else should take responsibility? Nobody whispered in Father's ears, "Oh you must do it on Hyung Jin Nim"? No. If I had done it I would die, kill myself here even now. Nobody could do that. What happened? But since then, because of that ceremony, now the finger started pointing at different people. Peter Kim, now Hyung Jin, Kook Jin, even True Mother, we all got in that -- their finger prison. And we were stuck there in their criticism and judgment that we did it. No. Hyung Jin Nim didn't do it, Kook Jin Nim didn't do it. No. They are afraid of True Father and Mother when it comes to that kind of serious issue. I know that.

So that was a splitting point. Then, Hyun Jin Nim started -- because still at that point Hyun Jin Nim couldn't put his finger on Father and Mother directly. So, his siblings, myself is easy. They can put their finger, not just his finger but his fist on me. No problem. But then gradually Mother.

He resisted talking to Mother. He refused to meet Mother even when he came to Las Vegas to meet Father last time -- that was the last time he met Father. He sent his message in advance that he doesn't want to see Mother present there when he comes to see Father. But Mother was there with Father. So when he came he didn't know that Mother was there. He came, Mother was there about 100 feet away from Father. Then Father immediately told one of our staff members, "Go and fetch Mother." Then Hyun Jin Nim really got angry about that and saying to our staff member, "don't do that, I will kill you." But, we have to listen to Father. So Mother was brought. And they all went to a room and spoke. Still, he refused to deal with…

This kind of feeling; that kind of attitude; that kind of behavior; came from this crowning ceremony. Feeling of left out, feeling of jealousy, feeling of kind of even, I don't know, even anxiety and animosity. All those feelings were inside. Then he felt probably that I didn't speak with him about it honestly. He felt maybe he's the one who could do it, nobody else. In his mind, Kook Jin Nim is one year younger than him, but Hyung Jin Nim is about 10 years younger. 10 years younger. So, that's a little kid, he cannot do it, so I will do it.

But who makes the decision to inherit Father's legacy and tradition and this movement, running this movement, God's providence? Father. God and Father have to make it. So that's where the deviations started taking place. We have to understand that it's not a sibling rivalry issue, it's not a wrong decision making issue. But the feeling like Cain had against Abel and God, Esau had against his mother, and his father and Jacob. Remember, Jacob ran away from his home and spent 21 years out in the wilderness with his uncle. The Bible didn't say exactly what happened between Jacob and Esau, in terms of their fighting and after Jacob was chosen, but we can imagine. I'm sure Esau must have been angry and maybe even tried to kill him so he ran.

But now time is different. Now is the era of democracy which God prepared for humankind to serve our Messiah. So because of this time we live in, now Hyung Jin Nim is doing his mission after he received mission from Father now as Father's successor, Father's heir. It's crystal clear. You have no doubt in your mind. Now Hyung Jin Nim is the successor and heir of Father and Mother. Even Father and Mother are alive here now, he is still acting as Father and Mother's official representative -- movement representative as Father's heir and successor. Of course, when Father and Mother go to spirit world, Hyung Jin Nim will act that way, continue acting that way.

But what I'm telling you is, because of that crowning -- the decision making from Father and Mother of who becomes their successor and heir. This division, deviation started taking place. In the beginning, I always said that it was very narrow. The gap was very narrow. It's like a small brook. You can hop over to the other bank to the other side of the river -- I mean, brook. But as time goes on it becomes wider and wider, it goes like this. It's not a parallel line, but started with a very narrow crack and becoming wider and wider. When time goes on like this, you cannot even swim, cross, or cross the river by swimming. It is obvious that it's wider and deeper, and rougher. The water becomes more rough. Why? Because so many people get involved. Leaders, members, and Peace Ambassadors. They are all involved in this battle. So this is the time that I strongly feel that we, the leaders of the Unification church, particularly the national leaders, should set our vertical axis straight. No matter what happens. Even if somebody comes with 1 ton of pure gold we have to close our eyes and go with this vertical axis you set. You know, vertical standard, centering on True Parents, connected to God. This is the key that we have to remember all the time.

Father and Mother, they don't want to talk about their children. Just like you, I'm sure most of you are parents too. When your children make small mistakes here and there, do you always want to talk about it in front of your children or in front of other people? No. We want to somehow embrace them. And give another chance, another chance. That is the heart of True Parents now. Even though True Mother was pushed aside, and criticized, and ignored many times by Hyun Jin Nim, True Mother still show her heart in that, "How can we bring him back? If he comes back I want to embrace him and treat him like any other child." But because of the distance that Hyun Jin Nim himself created between himself and True Mother, he's not coming back definitely.

Even True Mother nowadays is being criticized by Hyun Jin Nim's camp, if I may say camp. I don't know, maybe Hyun Jin Nim didn't say directly, but I got a story that they are saying that now Father himself failed in creating True Family within his -- among his own children. So Hyun Jin Nim is confident that he can build True Family out of his own family with his nine children. And set an example to the world that this is the True Family model, so you all follow me. Maybe he didn't say clearly "Father failed" but that was the kind of indication that came from that meeting. That kind of atmosphere is being built out there. That is the kind of bribe they are using to persuade people to follow Hyun Jin Nim.

There are many different issues here. Factual issues. Maybe our dear brother, Park Jinyoung, after me will give you more detailed factual evidences, what Hyun Jin Nim has done. Because I spoke with Mr. Joo who came here for the celebration two days ago before he left, he said now he comes to realize that Hyun Jin Nim has been preparing this division, his own activity, about 4-5 years back. Years ago. Not just this year.

I thought it was about two years ago that he started doing it, showing this kind of sign. And the final moment his intentions surfaced was the day he voted Unification Church International director Mr. Joo and myself out. That was the direct on the surface challenge against Father. But before that, he was still under the water and doing all those -- we could detect some, but we were doubting, "Oh, maybe not, maybe not." But from that point on it was clear that he did open fire there. So counting from that it's about a year and a half. I thought that way. But Mr. Joo said that many facts show that he started about five years ago. He planned to do this. Maybe he was building up a foundation to have enough ammunition and enough guns to have an open fire, an open battle like that.

So, as I said again, please as the national leaders and the leaders of many different organizations, we must have oneness with Father. This is our confession of our life of faith. Who do we believe as our Messiah, as our savior, as our True Parents? True Parents are the only one. Rev. Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon. If that is clear in our heart, then nothing bothers us. That's it. It doesn't matter if it's Hyun Jin Nim, or tomorrow maybe Kook Jin Nim will turn around and say, "Oh, no, I'm fed up with all these things. I am the one who will show this movement and reform this movement and make a new movement for the entire humanity." We don't care whether Kook Jin Nim does that or not, we are not going to follow him. If Hyung Jin Nim does that are we going to follow him? No.

We are following, we have absolute faith in True Parents here on earth. And after we die and remain in the spirit world we will have the same life of faith, won't we? (Yes.) No room to be shaken to allow other forces or other theory to sneak in. But that is my confession and my plea this afternoon that we as a man, as a person of life of faith, many years following True Parents, we must have that. That is our privilege, at the same time, our duty. Amen to that? (Amen.)

Yes, Dr. Walsh, you have a question? Yeah, please. I don't want to cut Mr. Park's time out so I'm going to finish but please understand that I don't mean that I have a better, believe a better personal life of faith than you. No. Not at all. I'm still struggling. I'm still having all kinds of thinking about many different situations. But we, at least we have the same goal, the same vertical line following… Maybe you are five steps ahead of me, maybe I'm one step ahead of some of you, but that doesn't matter because we are on the same line, just like when you see the relay of the skaters, as long as you're on the same line, same team, you go follow that track. That is important I think. A little bit slower, a little bit faster doesn't mean so much. Father said many times, "Don't die but follow me until the end." Then you have hope. Whether you achieve your goal today or ten years from now, make sure that you stay on the same line, same track. That is Father's advise to us.

Please, I'm sure that you know much more that I have been saying this afternoon. But that's more and more what I feel nowadays. Because I can see more clearly what Hyun Jin Nim's camp is trying to do now. Ignoring, rejecting, refusing, stepping on Father's orders, directions, and the teachings. Completely going against it, yet, they are trying to put their finger on our side. And put all kind of blames and criticism… Finally, they reached the point that they criticized Mother and Father. Even when we know this much, if anybody thinks, "Oh, maybe what Hyun Jin Nim is saying is right." If you think that way I think you have to pray more… I think we really have to straighten ourselves out, and make sure that we are on the right track. And do what we are supposed to do.

There are many reasons. Because of money -- you know sometimes money can be a very attractive bait. Money, your friendship with somebody, your acquaintance with Hyun Jin Nim as a personal relationship, or you know, something like that. But no matter what, what is more important than our eternal life? Our eternal life is at the stake. Please make sure that.

A person like me, who stayed with True Parents last 40 years, who served and attended True Parents family for the last 40 years, I can clearly testify here this much, saying that our vertical line is always connected to True Parents, not True Children. True Children are on the horizontal line as our Abel or as our eternal Abel. But now, when we have Father on the line, they are not in between Father and ourselves. We have a line directly connected to True Parents. That is my belief. That doesn't mean that we should disrespect the True Children. No, please don't misunderstand that. We should give our respect and honor as much as we can, but when it comes to our eternal lifeline know that we have to go through True Parents. Thank you. 

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