The Words of the Kim Family

World Speaking Tour 1999 - Travels with True Mother

Peter Hyo-Yul Kim
Irvington, NY
August, 1999

Rev. Kim spoke at East Garden at the conclusion of the world speaking tour. He had accompanied Mother to 32 nations, and these excerpts offer a unique picture.

Everywhere we went with True Mother, I could see hope. True Parentsí course has been a life of total indemnity in the wilderness on the family level. All the way to the end, True Parents have walked alone through a long, dark tunnel and established a victorious foundation. I think that is why, as we traveled around the world in this year of 1999, I could see a clear light at the end of the tunnel, which is hope for God, True Parents and all humanity.

Without a doubt, everyone who came to hear True Parentsí message was moved and changed. Both lay and religious people were inspired and in tears, particularly Christian leaders. It was truly evidence of the work of the spirit world that was mobilized centering on Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim throughout this tour.

As we know, many seers who lived in the past made predictions about this particular time period. Nostradamus, who lived about 450 years ago, predicted that if humanity believes in the truth which will be brought by an enlightened one from the Orient, then they will welcome the new millennium with peace and prosperity. If not, he said that sometime in the year 1999 there will be a universal-scale catastrophe which will eliminate over half of the human population. In Korea there is the book entitled, "Who Is He?" The author, Nam Sa Go, who lived almost at the same time as Nostradamus, made predictions about who is going to come at this particular time. He said the savior of all humankind will come to Korea. He will be born in North Korea, have his headquarters in Yongsan in the center of Seoul and have a second marriage. He also said he will go through incarceration. This savior will be called the true parent of humankind, and will give a marriage blessing to millions of good young people in the world. His family name will be Moon. This prediction stated that by the year 2000 the world would have to know about this savior.

Many people know something may happen this year, whether good or bad, and wonder how to prepare themselves. People are trying to find an answer in different ways, but I believe that truly righteous and vertically connected people came to Motherís speech and were inspired by her message. Some of those who attended the speech were in tears even before Mother started speaking. Others came forward after the speech and shared their joy and happiness.

True Parents have been creating miracles in the hearts of people everywhere. We have to go and grab hold of them and complete that miracle. An unseen force is at work everywhere. The spirit world is ready to help us. As soon as they see the proper condition set, they interceded and make something happen. I came to the realization again that, as the old saying goes, God helps those who help themselves. We have to set the proper conditions; then the help from above naturally comes, without fail.

In the Dominican Republic, when True Mother met with the nationís president, who is divorced with two daughters, she spoke of his being in the position of father to the nation and of the nationís need for a mother figure. She asked him if he had heard about the blessing. Mother told the president to let her know when he was ready and she would find a good wife for him.

I thought Father was the one with the most courage in the world. I can testify how when we went to Pyong Yang in communist North Korea, in the Great Hall of the Peopleís Congress, Father spoke clearly about God, Jesus and the Lord of the Second Advent and recommended to Kim Il Sung that he follow Father. I truly thought at that time we were dead meat! [Father is laughing.] Father has such guts and courage. Everywhere he goes he deals only with God vertically. This time I found the same characteristic in True Mother. Before reaching the presidentís office, he was so well protected we had to pass through two outer offices guarded by military personnel with handguns. But after greeting the president briefly, Mother challenged him in that amazing way. Because of Motherís boldness and straightforwardness, as well as the heavenly dignity and integrity with which she presented this challenge to him, the president smiled and said that he would have to come to Korea next year.

State Occasion in Uganda

Several countries took the opportunity to make Motherís speech a state-level event. In Uganda, East Africa, two government ministers were waiting to welcome Mother at the airport. There were two performing arts groupsóone a childrenís choir and the other a choral group with instrumentsówho performed right there outside the terminal. Mother was very inspired because the little children performed so well, and particularly because they were wearing uniforms with the WFWP logo. They were dancing and singing in a traditional African style. True Mother presented them with $10,000 as a scholarship fund.

According to a Ugandan newspaper, four thousand people attended Motherís speech. The vice president of Uganda sat next to Mother. She was so moved and charmed by True Mother that she instantly fell in love with her. She followed Mother everywhere afterwards and arranged a banquet for her. Also the Minister of Agriculture, this is a very powerful, strong and courageous woman. Yet in front of Mother she was like a child.

We saw this type of response to Mother in many countries. So many strong woman leaders came. Maybe they thought that as Dr. Moon was an internationally eminent speaker and leader, and also very beautiful, and as they were the strongest and most famous women of their nations, they would go and see her. Although they may have had such a feeling, as soon as they met Mother they all surrendered. The vice president of Uganda was one such person.

True Fatherís presence was constantly felt throughout the tour. When True Mother was connected to True Father via audio and video, she was even stronger and even more spiritual power emanated from her. I could clear see the complete oneness between True Father and True Mother. No matter how many thousands of miles apart they are, they are truly one. This is truly the example.

I think that is why True Father told us to hold the victory celebrations right in the event auditoriums, with VIPs and dignitaries in attendance. This kind of celebration is very unusual for them, so some were anxious and skeptical about the idea. The message True Mother delivered is an all-embracing one. Whatever religion people may have, they can only agree with this message because it is the message of true family values: how to practice true love and build an ideal family. It is a very profound, serious, emotional and spiritual message. Then suddenly we would switch over to the very light-hearted cake cutting and singing. These two modes do not necessarily blend together well, but we implemented this direction of True Fatherís in every country. And it worked. I was always inspired when Father scooped up a piece of cake and, saying he was sending it to Mother, asked her to open her mouth and eat it. The guests all laughed, because they had never experienced such a thing. That kind of gesture, coupled with Fatherís natural manner, broke the ice. Then the guests would join in the celebration with more open hearts. Eventually, many of the VIPs would even stand up with us, clapping and singing along. This is how the celebrations took place everywhere.

I will conclude with one beautiful story from when True Mother spoke in Moldova. I was speaking with the programís emcee when I noticed a woman crying in tears. The emcee explained that her husband was a congressman and that they had been chosen to present flowers to True Mother after the speechó but that her husband had not yet arrived. She was so sad that she was crying and crying. She really wanted to offer the flowers to True Mother together with her husband. Then, just two minutes before the end of the speech, her husband arrived. He must have been running because he was catching his breath. His wife then dried her eyes and they went on-stage together and presented the flowers to True Mother.

People are charmed by True Mother to that degree. Some do not know what it is, but they just feel they want to do something with Mother, even shake hands. This is as a result of what I call Motherís heavenly dignity.

We are standing in the eye of a hurricane. We may not feel directly the vibration of the force or energy surrounding us, because it is very quiet in the eye of a hurricane. It may even be tranquil. But that does not mean there is no hurricane. There is. It is cleaning up the mess of this fallen world now. That is what True Parents have shown the world through True Motherís speaking tour this time. Otherwise, True Father and True Mother could have just sat down in a New York office and sent this message to even more countries via the Internet, maybe reaching more people than by Mother going around to 80 different cities speaking personally, shedding tears and sweat every day like that. But this heavenly hurricane, the hurricane of truth, has to be carried out by True Parents themselves so that everything can be cleaned up and a direct engrafting process can take place.

Sometimes, in the moment when we receive a precious blessing we may not feel its value, but as time passes we come to realize the value more and more. We are standing right now in the eye of the hurricane, because this is the last year of this millennium and this century. As I mentioned, from God and True Parentsí point of view, this year of 1999 is a crucial year in Godís providence for creating a showdown. I think we have to realize that, even though we may not always feel inspired, it is we who are directing the force of this hurricane. We have to move forward every day. Thank you very much.

Reprinted from Todayís World

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