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True Parents Arrival In Korea

Peter Kim
November 1, 2004

True Parents who departed on Oct. 15 to America, have finished four-city speaking tour in America successfully and arrived at Hannam-dong at 7:00 p.m. via Yeoeodo holy ground on Nov 1, 2004.

150 people of elders, leaders and church leader in Seoul area welcomed True Parents, at the time of arrival. They received bow from members and cut the cake and received bouquet of flowers.

Dr. Peter Kim reported about the blessing events which is happening like a bomb and speaking tour which were held in four city in the United States of America. Dr. Kim explained about True Father's direction which is working with the confidence and absolute belief. They are as an example of influence and work of spiritual world in every area, during the process of preparation for the blessing in every corner of United States.

Dr. Kim said that True Father has to come back to Korea after conclusion of the 34 year providential period in United States. That is why, he directed to prepare four-city speaking tour because he has to leave the last message for the people of America. Father visited 4 blocks --east, south, west, north-- on the foundation of 50 States Speaking Tour two years ago. Father visited New York on 26 Oct, Washington on 29 Oct, Chicago on 29 Oct, Los Angeles on 30 Oct and spoke in the theme of "God's Providence to Establish the World Transcending Religions and Nations Based Upon the Absolute Values of True Love". Dr. Peter Kim explained about a celebration for which 6th child, a daughter, of Hyun jin nim was born. Her name is Shing Hyang nim. She was born on 26 Oct, in the New York, during the event in that city.

He reported about the amazement of the blessing ceremonies in America with the spiritual change everywhere. He said that most of Christian ministers mobilized their members and made them drink holy wine and gave them the blessing.

This kind of things never happened before. And with this spirit the blessing of 2 million people which True Parents directed was accomplished at last. After report, Peter Kim read True Parents' speech from the four-city Speaking Tour. After that, True Father asked Rev. Yoon Tae Geun to report about the fishing world cup.

He reported about the Asian Cup which was held in Taiwan with 500 anglers from 21 nations on 20, Oct. In Taiwan, Fishing World Cup will be held in 2005. During the Fishing Asian Cup, one of Taiwanese staff was moved and offered vase with a gold skin. Rev. Yoon Tae Geun offered this vase to True Parents. The meeting for welcoming True Parents ended with the song of "Kagopa (I want to go)" by True Mother around 9:30pm after the report and testimony of some of leaders.

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