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Letter to Hyun Jin Moon From Members of the Unification Church Japan

Young Seob Song, Gentaro Kajikuri, Hideo Oyamada, Ken Sudo, and Motoo Furuta
May 28, 2012

The following letter to Hyun Jin Nim dated May 28, 2012, was provided to me by the World Mission Headquarters in Seoul. It refers to events planned by the Kwak Group to take place in Tokyo on June 2 and 3, 2012.
Tim Elder

Letter to Hyun Jin Moon
From Members of the Unification Church Japan

Beloved and respected Hyun-jin nim, we hope you are well?

All members in Japan are very much aware of how Hyun-jin nim, as a member of the True Family, had since the end of the 1990s stimulated the entire movement, worked with passion for the sake of completing God's providence, and even today, relates with God's will in an unchanging way. We members of Japan are waiting to be able to once again welcome you and render assistance in the progress of providence.

The one point that is regrettable is the fact that circumstance where you are referred to as "not being under True Parents' guidance" has lasted this long. As you know, Japan is under the direct guidance of True Parents and is a church that supports Korea and shoulders the world providence as the mother nation. Furthermore, we have been given guidance from True Parents through the "True Parents' Declaration."

Therefore, with all due respect, please understand that Japan cannot receive Hyun-jin nim's guidance, even though you are a True Child that yearns for True Parents, as long as you remain "not being under True Parents' guidance." At this time, before you come to Japan to give guidance to its members, we sincerely hope that you go to True Parents' side, receive their blessings and approval, and resolve this issue.

Recently, we received word that "Hyun-jin nim will be visiting Japan and will participate in a number of gatherings." There are a number of points we would like to state regarding this.

1. Movements of the opposition

Movements of the opposition hidden within the Kwak group problem Japan has a history of fighting against the communist party while being in charge of the world providence. As a result, an organized and elaborate opposition to the Unification Church, the likes that are not often found in this world, that joins forces with the leftist intellectuals was formed. The people belonging to the opposition are at the same time an interest group, and have been making a fortune in the business of opposing the Unification Church which includes the abduction of our members.

Their abduction and confinement business, however, is now headed towards a dead-end. In these circumstances they have recently changed tactics and are focusing on undermining the body of the church. While targeting married wives, families of senior blessing groups and even second generation members, they inundate members with negative information regarding the True Family in order to destroy the hearts of members, which is a well-known method used during the abduction and confinement of our members.

Unfortunately, any statements you make from a position of adding criticism to "the current leadership" gives a suitable excuse to these opposition groups and to disgruntled members within the Unification Church, and is misused and taken out of context of the original intent of your statement.

In this way, we inform you that under the current circumstances, the very act of your visit and statements in effect will end up being used in a way that puts the brakes on the progress of True Parents' providence, and ask that you reconsider plans related to your visit and any gatherings in Japan.

2. Issues surrounding the promoter, Mr. Tadahiko Yamamoto

At this time, the promoter of the Publication Celebration on June 3 is known to be one Mr. Tadahiko Yamamoto (6500 blessing group). We have knowledge that this person has been critical of the church for the past decade, has hardly made any providential contributions, and was virtually in a state of rest. In the meantime, for the past three years he has posted 191 columns on a blog and has been supporting Hyun-jin nim in the context of criticism against the church. We have analyzed his arguments and found that they ride along the themes advocated by the Woo group and Okamoto group.

We do not know how it came to be but is Hyun-jin nim aware that Mr. Yamamoto is a person with such problems?

Headquarters is clearly calling for members to not participate in the gathering to be held on June 3. The reason is because "members are being solicited to a gathering sponsored by a church critic." For the same reason, isn't it clear that, setting aside the issues of the Kwak group, it is best to avoid having "a True Child participate in a gathering sponsored by a church critic, a person that is nearly a heretic"?

At this time, if you have plans to participate in this gathering sponsored by Mr. Yamamoto, we sincerely ask that you cancel.

3. Information disseminating from the Kwak group

In conclusion we would like to mention about the dissemination of information. Under the current circumstances, Hyun-jin nim's statements that are found on the internet include a chaotic mix of criticism aimed at the church, the True Family and True Parents, the source of which is not known. Even if Hyun-jin nim's statement "I have refrained from talking about the True Family" is true, statements made by members near you, people who stand in support of the Kwak group and "undercover" agents of the opposition harm and undermine the dignity of the True Family and True Parents.

Under the current situation that equates "Church = Evil," any initiative by the church is construed and reported in a negative light. Many expressions are portrayed in a distorted way where official memos are expressed as "invocation of the state power," pointing out problems as "an act of judgment," explanations as "threats," persuasion as "blackmail," and True Parents' words as "fabrications." Recently, due to such incidental speech regardless of Hyun-jin nim's wishes, the deterioration of the image of the church and True Family has become severe. Consequently, the church is in a situation where it is compelled to deal with such collateral phenomena inclusive with "problems related with the Kwak group."

Our hope is that Hyun-jin nim can understand the serious impact that these collateral phenomena creates and put this in consideration.

We have explained how Hyun-jin nim's actions and words, regardless of his real intentions, have become bait for the opposition, fodder for disgruntled groups, and are being used to obstruct providence.

Based on what we discussed so far, if you have any plans at this time to visit Japan or take part in such gatherings, we ask for your cooperation in cancelling these plans after deep deliberation.

It is with great trepidation that we offer this written letter to you but we hope that you understand that it was necessary for the sake of the healthy progress of providence.

All of Japan is praying for the day where you can guide providence after having returned to True Parents' side as soon as possible.

May 28, 2012

On behalf of the members in Japan

Rev. Young Seob Song, Chairman of the Association of Blessed Families in Japan

Rev. Gentaro Kajikuri, President of HSA-UWC Japan

Rev. Hideo Oyamada, Boon-bong-wang

Rev. Ken Sudo, Vice-president of HSA-UWC Japan

Mr. Motoo Furuta, Co-president of the International Missionary Association of HSA-UWC Japan 

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