The Words of the Oyamada Family

Rev. Hideo Oyamada Special Meeting this Sunday May 20th Shibuya HQ

May 16, 2012

Dear All,

I would like to report that several IFA Board members, National Representatives, and Unification Church Japan Leadership were summoned to a meeting with Rev. Sudo (Vice President, Unification Church-Japan) this evening to hear important information in English related to the Global Peace Leadership Conference (GPLC) being held in Japan on June 2-3.

As these events are being funded by Unification Church International (UCI) which is in turn being controlled by Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak and Hyun jin Nim against the clear directions of True Parents, Rev. Sudo felt it very important to provide guidance on the circumstances and events leading up to Rev. Kwak and Hyun jin Nim's failure follow those directions.

Pease note that Rev. Sudo on numerous occasions talked about both Rev. Kwak and Hyun Jin Nim in the most respectful of terms and did not attack or criticize them or their actions. He expressed our True Parents heartfelt desire for both of them to recognize their errors, to repent, and to return in attendance to their True Father and Mother.

After hearing from Rev. Sudo tonight I feel it is similarly important for all IFA and International Blessed members living in the Tokyo and surrounding areas to attend a meeting with Rev Oyamada this coming Sunday from 4 pm at Shibuya HQ to hear similar information (Rev. Sudo leaves for Korea tomorrow); particularly if you have received an invitation to, or are considering attending the GPLC or other Global Peace Federation (GPF) activities.

For members living outside of the Tokyo area, I will request permission to post either the recording I made of Rev, Sudo's speech this evening, or of Sunday's message from Rev. Oyamada.

Please let us know if you (how many) will be coming this Sunday by sending your confirmation.


IFA President 

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