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CIG Membership Card Registration

Rev. Oyamada
March 12, 2005

Dear family members,

Sunday service on March 5th given by Rev. Oyamada was very informative and uplifting. His sermon was, as he called it a report on recent events and their providential significance. He said True Father has made a very clear distinction between the time before 2000 and after, when God was coroneted. The former is called the era before heaven and the later the era after heaven.

Ref to an excerpt from True Father's birthday speech {Father placed emphasis on two points: "You must quickly break free from the customs and mindset belonging to the era before heaven. By practicing a life of the settlement of noon (in complete vertical alignment to God), offer yourselves in absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience to God and True Parents." You will then enjoy eternal peace and freedom as citizens of Cheon Il Guk. Your descendants will pay tribute and take pride in your achievements for eternity. You will live eternally in attendance to True Parents even in the spirit world. Please engrave in your bones this message I have given you today and depart from here with the resolve of the elite vanguard of Cheon Il Guk who will open a new heaven and new earth.

He spoke to us like a parent and encouraged every one of us to obtain the Cheon Il Guk membership card. He instructed some leaders in our mist to make sure any of us having problems in obtaining Cheon ill Guk ID get one through headquarters. He said in the near future no one would be able to visit Chonpyong without Cheon l Guk ID.

I'm accepting request for Cheon il Guk membership card registration. Every one is eligible and there are no financial requirements however, there is the need for a recommendation. See for basic requirement. I will send out registration forms to only those who request. I will send out more information soon.

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