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Does Homosexuality Have A Universal Basis For Existence?

Ken Owens
February, 2000

For thousands of years, debates have occurred on whether Homosexuality should be a sanctioned way of life in human civilization. In order to answer this question, we must make a final decision on whether Homosexuality has a universal basis for existence. Letís us discuss this from six points of view.

Let us first investigate this on the basis of religion. There are many arguments based on religious beliefs, especially in the major religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The three main examples, of course, are the fact God put Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, one of each, not two Adams and not two Eves. Another example is when God smote Sodom and Gommorah for unnatural lust, especially when the men of the city wanted to "know" the two angels. And third, when God gave the Three Blessings, one of them specifically mentioned to be fruitful and fill the earth, which means have children. Since homosexuals cannot have children with each other, this excludes them completely.

Next, letís examine this issue from the basis of nature and science.

Throughout nature, everything has an opposite: Light, dark; right, left; front, back; in, out; morning, night, positive, negative, masculinity, femininity; subject, object; internal, external; visible, invisible. But, according to natural and scientific laws, opposites have a specific purpose, they are attracted to each other. There is a universal force or energy that draws automatically all opposites together. Through this energy, give and take action begins, and unity forms, creating harmony and creating something new. For example, positive ions and negative ions come together to form atoms. Then, these atoms come together with other atoms to form molecules. Stamen and pistol form to make plants. Male and female animals unite to make baby animals, and man and woman come together creating babies, thus creating families.

Through this process, we come to realize that one cannot exist without its opposite or to put it more accurately, its counterpart. Therefore, the purpose for each being is to exist for the sake of its counterpart. Subject cannot exist without its object, a teacher cannot exist without its students, man cannot exist without woman, woman cannot exist without man, parents cannot exist without children, grandparents need grandchildren, the mind cannot exist without its body, the Solar System cannot exist without the sun.

Two magnets can show this to be true. The North Pole of a magnet cannot unite with the North Pole of another magnet. They, following the law of nature, repel each other. But, when the North Pole of one magnet comes closer to the South Pole of another magnet, a force draws them together creating give and take action with each other into one united body so tightly that it makes it difficult to pull them apart. This follows the law that opposites attract. The more the force that binds these opposites together, the tighter the bond will be. Without this bond of give and take that creates these unified bodies, nothing can exist, not even the universe.

Another viewpoint is an anatomical study of the human body. If we look at the male body, the central point of the male is the sexual organ. With its definite shape and the ability to manufacture, store and send male seed, we can know that the main purpose is impregnate the female and her egg. By this viewpoint, we can see that it was designed not for another male, but for its opposite, the female.

When looking at the female anatomy. There are several areas that we can analyze. The first area is the female breast. The main function of this area is to manufacture and give milk to her child. The second area, the sexual organ, is designed for two main functions. One is for the male to enter and impregnate her and the second is to deliver the baby to the outside world. The third area is the reproductive system which sends the eggs to a position to be impregnated by the male seed and the womb which develops the fetus for its eventual delivery to the outside world. From this viewpoint, we can see that all of these areas were not designed for another female, but for its opposite, the male. Therefore, only through the sexual relationship between a man and a woman can children be created.

Another view point would be the relationship each member in the family. All human beings are, whether they like it or not, born into a Heterosexual family, or Nuclear Family, where there is a father and a mother. Only in the family, can True Love be found. The four main levels of True Love can only be experienced within the family. They are: childrenís love, which is experienced by the child to its parents; mutual love which is experience through the relationship between brothers and sisters; conjugal love, which is the highest level of mutual love, is experienced between a husband and wife; and the greatest love found in the family is parental love, the love between parent to its child. Through these relationships, can love be formed. Then, through this love comes life, through bearing children, which continues the lineage of the family from one generation to the next. Therefore, through love, life and lineage, the family can sustain its existence, thus connecting the present to the past and continuing on to the future.

Homosexuality, which denies the love relationship between a man and a woman, prevents the love in the family to create life, thus ending the lineage of that family which has existed for hundreds or even thousands of generations. In other words, the purpose Homosexuality is the destruction of the family.

Lastly, we may theorize the future of Homosexuality by statistical hypothesis. Letís assume that we have three islands, called A, B and C. Each of the these islands are perfectly suited for sustaining human beings for an indefinite period of time, with perfect weather, food, housing and even a hospital. On Island A, we will put 100 newly wedded, 21 year old heterosexual couples. On Island B, for the sake of argument, we will put 100, newly wedded, 21 year old Homosexual couples. And on Island C, we put 100, newly wedded, 21-year old Lesbian couples. All the couples of the three islands must follow only two rules: first is that all couples are limited to having only two children; and second, they will all be isolated on their islands, no one enters, no one leaves. Other than that, they are allowed to do whatever they please. The question will thus be: at the end of 100 years, what will the populations of each of the islands be?

Through simple mathematics, one would easily discover that the population of Island A, with its population of Heterosexual couples, flourished while populations of Islands B and C, with their Homosexual and Lesbian couples, ceased to exist due to the fact that, as stated in the anatomical study of the human body, it was impossible for the couples on Islands B and C to create life without their corresponding counterparts. Thus, the conclusion being that only through heterosexual families can civilization continue to exist. If Homosexuality is allowed to continue, the obvious result is the end of civilization.

In conclusion, anything that goes against these religious, natural, scientific and family laws is destructive to the existence of the family, which is the cornerstone of civilization and the universe. Homosexuality is a case in point. It proposes that two males or two females can exist in harmony with each other. But, as stated in the examples above, this not to be true. Homosexuals, in essence, deny their basic purpose in life. Only when a male and female come together can harmony be established. Two males or two females naturally, scientifically and automatically repel each other. Thus, Homosexuality has no natural, scientific, anatomical or religious basis for existence, and should and will be abandoned for the sake of the existence of civilization and the universe.

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