The Words of the Owens Family

Advice to Young People

Ken Owens
December, 1999

If there is one piece of serious advice I can give you, itís this: Keep your purity (virginity). If there is one precious possession that you have, it is your purity. No one else has it. Everyone is born pure. But very few people know how precious it is. Because of their ignorance, they give it away without knowing its true worth.

Young people are no longer children and are looking more like adults. But they do not understand the full responsibility of adulthood. Therefore, they do things on a whim without understanding the full weight (consequences) of their actions, and they spend the rest of their lives suffering because of it.

Your purity is something that only you possess. Once you give it away, you can never get it back. Itís gone forever. So, who do you want to possess your virginity? Do you want to give it to a complete stranger who would add you as a conquest to his long list and never see you again? Or do you want to give it to a relative whom you think you can trust and wants to start you off right? Or do you want to give your purity to the person whom you most cherish and love and who you know would carry your precious treasure always, never letting it go, even for an instant? Who is this special person? This person is none other than your spouse. Before you marry, you always want to keep your most precious things hidden. But after you marry, you happily give your treasure to this most precious person. For you know your spouse is the one who most appreciates and values your treasure and will guard it well.

When my wife and I were married, we were both virgins. I was 39, she 35. Why did we wait so long? Because we didnít meet each other until we were in our thirties. It is not easy for people to wait for marriage, because it is natural to want to give and receive love. For man, who is the one who initiates love, is looking for beauty to give his love to. Woman is the one who is ready to receive love by giving her beauty. When man and woman meet, they instantly want to give and receive each otherís love and beauty. But young people donít understand the preciousness of this, of what happens in a marriage between a husband and wife. By not fully realizing this point, they only count on the physical aspect of a relationship. By concentrating only on physical love, they lost the value of the purity, and can easily give it away. So many young people have regretted it afterwards, having realized how precious their virginity was and that they should have waited.

So please understand that your virginity is priceless. You cannot exchange it for anything. Once it is gone, itís gone forever. I gave my virginity to my wife. She possesses it and values it deeply. My wife gave her virginity to me. I treasure it in the deepest recesses of my heart. We are very happy because we know who possesses each otherís virginity. It is our most beloved spouse.

So, please wait. If my wife and I could wait till our late thirties, you can wait a little longer.

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