The Words of the Owens Family

Dream of Hyung Jin's Birth

Ken Owens

Hyung Jin Moon -- March 2. 2011

In the late 1970s, I heard that our True Mother was expecting again. I asked a Japanese sister what I could do to support her! She said the best thing was to pray for her every night!

So, I prayed that True Mother would be able to give birth to a healthy baby and that she and her child would be fine!

One night, I had a dream in which True Father was sitting on the right side of a covered porch, facing to the left. Behind him, there were thousands of members, as far as the eye could see. And there, seated on his lap was a baby boy, dressed in blue clothes. True Father, with a great big smile, was bouncing the baby on his lap. And, every time, he lifted the baby high above him, the crowd behind them would give a tremendously loud and glorious cheer and applause. True Father would keep doing this over and over again, bouncing his new son and then, lifting him up in the air, his smile getting bigger and bigger. And each time, the crowd of members would give a greater cheer and applause. Father was so happy and proud.

A few hours after I had this wonderful dream, I heard that True Mother had given birth to a son, Hyung Jin Nim.

Ken Owens 

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