The Words of the Owens Family

A Vision

Ken Owens
March 1976
Barrytown, NY

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han -- March 28, 2012

Five days after receiving the revelation, my 120-day class began the day with a special morning service. The staff members came in very quietly with serious faces and carrying water pans. We all knew then that something special was going to happen. David Hose read from the Bible of Jesus washing the feet of the Disciples. We were going to re-enact this event and we became very serious.

After Rev. Hose's feet were washed, he washed the other staff members feet. Then, they passed the ceremony onto each one of us who would then, in turn, wash the next person's feet.

After my feet were washed, I then washed the next person's feet. I looked around the room to see how everyone was doing. Some were looking at others, some were praying and others were crying. I then prayed about this ceremony and that God's heart would be with everyone. I then meditated.

While meditating, I suddenly saw myself kneeling before Heavenly Father. He was sitting on a throne and all I saw were His knees, legs and feet. It was all black around us, yet He was shining brightly. For several seconds, I looked at Him. Then, He reached out His feet to me and I washed God's feet. After I finished, I kneeled back, looking at Him. Then, all of a sudden, the scene shifted and I was now sitting on the throne, looking down at God who was kneeling before me. His face was shining very brightly. He then took my feet and He washed them. I was so surprised that God, who is Almighty, would humble Himself to me, sinful, little me. I was so dumbfounded that I began to cry, cry for the first time in twelve years. I would then keep reliving the vision and I would cry even more. The brother next to me, heard me cry and said, "Alright!"

After the ceremony was over, I told Rev. Hose what I had just experienced. He then asked me to retell it to the whole class. There were "oohs and ahs" and one sister's eyes just lit up with joy. I told them that I understood now that it wasn't just Jesus who washed the Disciple's feet, but God as well. God loves us so much. 

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