The Words of the Otsuka Family

Hyung Jin's Visit to Japan

Rev. Otsuka
President of FFUWP Japan
April, 2000

Very rough and possibly inaccurate English translation.

Hyun Jin Nim is worrying the situation of second generaions very much.

There was whole country young man missionary work conference at Shoto head office on April 21.

Otsuka president of Japan reported.

(a long sentence)

Hyun Jin Nim is coming to Japan on May 2.

A message told in a meeting this time is a splendid title of "inheritance and development".

Think that we in particular must think about issue of this inheritance seriously.

It is for the second thing that must be taken in its heart as a parent of we second generation to cannot treat hardship, success, failure carried on its back of a generation in fate to must succeed to all things especially that it is soldier, a second generation that Hyun Jin Nim concludes, and it is said.

Even if faith is taught, it is not understood that it is not tried. The inheritance is not finished that it is not tried. A second generation avoids the thing which has been done a persecution of, and the first generation cannot pass from the world. Because we took pains in a part of, parent, say that do not want to let a child have a hard time, and man not to let devote its life to children is. It is wrong.

Because Children devotes its life already when they were born. Is born, and do the ceremony of dedication immediately || the time || time of devotion of children || is because is it. Accordingly the offspring is offspring held up by heaven, but must go with meatus of heaven therefore.

Think that it is rude for children so long as a way of thinking of children is not aware of being the various life that it cannot be known, and at first was given to heaven as a way of thinking of a parent definitely. "God, this offspring are your biosis".

It is made this biosis you, and a parent must arrive at it to the state that Job arrived at finally that you are your thing so that it is used this life how.

A second generation stands in such a situation, and children cannot but go on a road of hardship that a parent did, too. And you are thanked heartily with pleasure, and a child having a hard time is stared at, and me must be supported.

Of course though it that a child does not have a hard time parent makes effort hard, and Issei will make a base is a purpose that eventually hardship of a second generation seems to lose weight, too, but it is a parent that teach the method which gets over meatus of hardship when it was not able to enough.

It is not love of a parent that do not let a child have a hard time. It is love of a parent that teach that hardship is got over, and win. Meatus to get over hardship must be taught.

If there was a parent avoiding it, the parent is a parent spoiling children. Will aggression for us, persecution stop immediately therefore? Do not stop. The bad image that stuck to a religious group continues for a long time. Even if second generations become canities before long, the image may continue.

It is liability of a parent that teach method to get over it therefore. Hyun Jin Nim is for there to be certainly such a thing as for the purpose added a thing of "inheritance" to here. The first generation has all died, and will not a second generation need to preach it if grow in the times of a second generation? If a second generation does not preach it, number of Unification Church has become number only of a second generation. May not develop.

If a child has been born steadily, may develop, but how many must generations turn?

Will only which be to take time to make 1000000 members? Restoration of heaven and earth depends that much, and it is not given. When eventually what have been turned difficulty into until today shorten time how, and True Parents tried to think about having been whether heaven is made, naturally a second generation cannot but go witnessing. Be so, increase naturally.

There is not an excuse, but is hopeless with current phase really. In Islam, human resembles while being born from 1-year-old to 7-year-old, and say that be religious.

In brief, only the minute when ego does not arise puts hand together as a parent completely says the other day, and a salute is given. Be betray if pleased to say that pedigree is wrong. One may be religious from 1-year-old to 7-year-old automatically, and it becomes more difficult when 21-year-old are become from issue, 14-year-old from 7-year-old to 14-year-old most.

It has said that it was tragedy for a teacher that a father had to explain principle for Mr. children, too.

Though a thing of principle is the thing which will convey it in nature while there is you with children in life together, it is meaning to be tragedy of a teacher to can have not but come to explain true parents to Mr. children with the logic.

Issue considers the person in charge in charge of these phase from 7-year-old to 14-year-old to increase most.

That is important.

And if it is over 14-year-old, and a senior high school, a university are not pulled to church action hard if it has been finished, church action is not done before long.

If a habit there is it in a church, and to be active will not be taken out, do not come.

That kind of education must be done thoroughly.

If it tries to be traced, origin of education for the children is the talk that is bad whether conjugal relations are good.

A high school student of one blessing second generation said.

Though say that a parent goes to oneself for worship, of oneself is turned to that but a parent of oneself does the quarrel that quarrel does and has been tired before long, and a church is said to when go. This which it is done harmoniously if want to let a church go by oneself, and is fruit when say how oneself thinks is a juvenile mind. Even if there is it in various ways, a quarrelling condition will be shown to a child, and do not become precocious.

Have think about which a thing of children sticks to instantly when the condition that a parent quarrels was examined. And children has lost sight of the starting point of biosis when have thought that touch it in neither in conclusion || unstable in a reason mentally || have done it, and half of life becomes unhappy. That sacrifice makes a family busy in Will of God is understood well, but biosis of children has been lost that but it has been sacrificed too much. The Nisei who is a than a current mission more important thing, treasure of eternity of God comes to have been lost. It is received a big test 1800 couples, senior party of 1610 couples now currently.

When Niseis are big in our age before long, it is it with the greatest enemy remote man with the Nisei who is not the protest group which is not the Communist Party an enemy of first. It is related the greatest enemy of Unification Church it. The issue is the most important. It needs to be defended from now on. The Republic of Korea covers the wave already, and Japan is going to be put on soon.

This time it is stood up, and there is the hope that a father is led to through a sentence chief of the bureau in Japan, and is rejected. These two persons tied Republic of Korea and Japan, and Chief Moon, Mr. Yoshiko Koyama, the father said that it was important columella to tie a sentence house and a Japanese Nisei to at the time of marriage formula. A distance of a second generation is fierce.

Be steep, but must hold on by education in a reason from now on. And the children seem to be we Issei || will need to keep it well not to make a mistake.

When love and feelings knew the agreement right, the simultaneous attendance right, the right of inheritance a generation and a second generation because only person of love does "the inheritance" according to the Word of Father, the inheritance is done in the one point finally. Accordingly reference of profundus feelings with a generation must be made while Hyun Jin Nim ego, too will be succeeded to, and a lot of second generations go in the field, too.

Therefore a thing of inheritance cannot be made so long as an Issei Nisei abandons a thought to be comfortable, and the Nisei first generation throws away the thought that all failed in, and each other does not have one feeling of feelings in the phase which is being highly advanced dimension more.

When issue of young man missionary work is thought about, I feel a thing not less than a sense of impending crisis already. If it be elaborate, and a young man decreased as things mentioned above, how will grow?

Globalization made cosmic by a blessing the greatest issue of Unification Church, but though it was good that a blessing spread through a reason, it is it to members from the inside, and it is issue that there was not an action member from members more.

It becomes consequence making force weak most. Be not, but young persons get impossible to cope with a reason at all as in the past any more even if it is assumed that election help was gone for. Be serious.

Because it is said that the times of a Nisei are had from now on, young man missionary work is devoted itself to really, and it must be attended. A blessing is received, and a member is become, and a devotion person must be shown.

It is for `shin` of a devotion person to hold up phren.

Must devote yourself decidedly.

It is good that the body holds up phren before God all once, too.

As for holding all up, both all things and the body enter all the phren.

This is the religious acme, and it is not the issue which it says in this way ah, and seem to be attached to with law.

There is not the holy thing which bend, and is not less than it which Jesus is so, too, and Buddha state is so, too, and many Yoshito saints will give a life to for God so, too.

It is splendid really to do it on a young day.

Devotion as religious affection should be absolutely done.

Pneuma power of Unification Church has been lost that this has been got rid of.

While such a thing is thought about in this way so socially, what time of day or our anima is for intensity and pure sex to have been lost, too.

We do not dream of becoming a huge cult while serving to True Parents. It is our liability, and, in sky midair renaturation, the human which can serve as the mission must be made whether a mission of a country of this mother can be fulfilled.

If it was millions of person who is all accompanied even if it is assumed that there was you, on earth what will it be it in? It is for the one person who will be interested than 1000 persons to follow to be important so that it is written with Divine Principle. Therefore baptism John was more important than anyone for Jesus. Accordingly it is necessary ? by 10000 who will pull it than accompanied 10000000 persons are made.

Much Sokagakkai cannot be corresponded to in the number of people. Sokagakkai opens in a meeting of a young man department from the half of April to the half of May in the whole country as a top by founding 89 of May 3.

During the one month, several of a young man mobilized by meeting participation number are 3000000.

It is 3000000 persons only with a young man.

It is man of parenchyma spent as an action member by the June general election that the 3000000 persons should come more and more for.

How many people are there we now?

But it can be got over before long if a thing not less than 3000000 minutes stands with basis of the internal which there is in the conation in the determination in the anima even if it is assumed that there was not 3000000 mobilization power even if.

The Vietnamese morale a thing of war seemed to be understood by Vietnam War, and to want to liberate a nation than American modern times weapon was strong.

Be so any time.

A thing of war is issue of morale of human fighting instead of thing of external instead of weapon.

It is what can beat 1000000 if nobody is in defying death what kind of feeling it does what kind of determination it is done by with.

The morale will be lost, and do not become precocious.

A that kind of feeling must be had in missionary work.

If even if did it if it was very difficult to preach it in a reason of action of mission as a country of mother of various now, did it by oneself || how?

Because be good, even one person appears in a street, and preach it.

Because it is difficult, it is getting out of that there is not because center does not understand it.

Missionary work cuts it any time. We must do young man missionary work mainly on a visit to Japan of Hyun Jin Nim once already this time that we try to think so.

Must return in an atmosphere of missionary work of 70's.

Missionary work / education will be tried hard closely.

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