The Words of the Ota Family

Blessing Report, Norfolk, Virginia

Akira Ota
May 20, 2006

Reported by: Rev. Akira Ota ACLC Coordinator, Norfolk,VA

We had a wonderful blessing event on May 20th at Herman's Family Ministry Center in Norfolk, Virginia. It was outdoors under a tent. First of all, Bishop Gregg Proctor gave us his special musical offering, which helped uplift and prepare a holy atmosphere.

After the breakfast, we watched the video "Blessed Families and the Ideal of Peace". We read highlights of the Founderís Address. Then Mrs. Melissa Brown read True Mother's speech, "God's Model Ideal Family and Nation, and the Peace Kingdom".

After the speech was read, all participants gave a warm welcome to Rev. & Mrs. Levy Daugherty, the blessing officiators. Rev. Daugherty gave us beautiful and powerful message before the blessing ceremony. He emphasized the importance of marriage and blessing. It was particularly important for new guests to understand a little bit about the blessing.

All of us had the holy wine and received holy water with sincere hearts. In response to the holy vows, everybody shouted, "Yes" to disconnect from Satan's lineage.

Before the speech reading, people were a little noisy, in light of the event being outside. However, after Mrs. Brown started reading True Mother's speech, everyone was totally focused on the speech. It was a very quiet time. One young couple in the back read along out loud. They were so moved by the speech. Some of us felt that True Mother was spiritually here.

One evangelist suddenly arrived and attended the blessing. Nobody knew her. She said she was going to visit her brother's house when she saw an interesting gathering, all wearing the white scarves. Out of curiosity she came along, holding her Bible. She was so happy to be blessed, even though she did not know exactly what the event was all about.

We had only a short time to prepare for this event. We were not able to do enough, but the spiritual world supported us and we could overcome some difficulties. Finally we could gratefully launch our Virginia state-level blessing successfully. All participants went back home with great satisfaction. We appreciate Rev. Herman Carrington, who worked so hard for this blessing. We also want to extend our great appreciation to the officiators, Rev. & Mrs. Levy and Claire Daugherty.

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