The Words of the Oswald Family

Master's Visit Report from St. Louis

Bob and Vivian Oswald
New Age Frontiers - March 15, 1965

(Our Master was greeted in St. Louis by Bob and Vivian Oswald, and Gordon and Mary Weir with their four children, The Oswalds have completed the correspondence course, and the Weirs had just finished Chapter IV., This was their first personal meeting with any of the members of the Family. Following is Vivian Oswald's report.)

As for myself, I still haven't hit ground since Friday (March 5). To describe the complete gamut of emotion is beyond me, I do know this: I had tried to steel myself with the thought that I was going to meet my true earth father. I tried to envision what I thought when I met Bob's father for the first time. Then I decided I'd just be me. The meeting was awesome and delightful. I'm not too sure I remember everything that went on -- but I do remember that I knew immediately which one of the ladies was Mrs. Choi. She is a real lover (referring to Mary's 'we have been lovers, now we must be doers').

The parting is what I remember most (except the evening meeting). I was not ready to let Ahbogee go to New Orleans. I really didn't want him to physically leave us. I guess I knew I had needed him for a long time and here he was, on the other end of my right arm, and I didn't want to lose that great firm grip with all the warmth and security that a father could give his child. And with my left arm around Mrs. Choi, the emotion, vibration, love, -- was overpowering! I wept, they wept, Miss Kim wept, and George and Gordon acted just like big brothers (although I treated them like my kids!)

How fortunate we are -- we have a tiger in our tank. And to quote Bob, "so much has been accomplished already -- but there is so much more to do!"

Right now we are THE Befuddled Missionaries in Missouri. We eat, talk, sleep DP. Putting into practice is not the easiest thing to do. We've been so wrong so long. I have decided that we should go over the entire course with the feeling that 'this is happening to me' as Miss Kim translated. And this might be quite scary!

Ahbogee is truly a man. He can reprimand, cry, laugh, snore; he has wisdom, truth, power, faith, love, and shares these with us generously; he is the 12 gates of Heaven; and his dedication -- who can think of a word to describe this? The which of which there is no whicher, or something.

Miss Kim! Ah! I could go on for hours about her, and at times I'm completely speechless about her. How fortunate we are to have her.

When I think of the Park ceremonies -- how cold it was, how hard the wind was blowing, how hard it was snowing, and how warm I felt. Wow!

He walked through the water many times, and his shoes weren't soaked through when he removed them. Bob told you by phone that it was getting dark (5 pm) when were in the Park. I wondered at the time why he would tell you that, because I remembered how bright it was. It seemed that the sun was shining but there were no shadows, a "reflection" around Mrs. Choi looked like sunshine and blue-gold mist.

I thought at the time that the sun was reflecting from her blue coat. I wonder! I do know that I was not imagining these things. I'll go back there and get the answer.

At the City Hall there was no pebble, But Ahbogee walked a few feet to our right and found one embedded in the walkway expansion joint. I thought, just how is he going to dig that out? So, he just moved his left hand to his left, and there was a metal object with which he removed the pebble. I still get duck bumps thinking of it.

A sidelight of the visit, Miss Kim took Ahbogee all through the house, and she got to the studio downstairs and promptly announced that this was to be the meeting room. Everyone beamed!

Mary Weir just called me, all a-tremble, after reading Chapters V and VI. She tells me there is so much here that she has thought and believed for so long -- "and here it is, confirmed." I know they are anxious to finish the course since the meeting of the Family.

Best love and prayers, Bob and Vivian. 

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