The Words of the Orman Family

Testimony about Blessed Central Families Sacrificing for Cheon Il Guk

Betsy Orman
January 27, 2003

Dear True Parents and Brother and Sisters

I want to personally thank you from the bottom of Gods heart and report about the value of your continued prayer and sacrifice in bringing about 7000 members to Korea.

I have never seen such a powerful movement of the spiritual world working here in America, its absolutely amazing. Here is my small state every member is so plugged into go to Korea. We live in the coldest place in America, North Dakota. Its like Siberia, yesterday was 35 degrees below zero. The members here really struggle financially to eek out a living and when called upon to raise an additional $2000 for travel expenses there is no way to fundraise. By the grace of God one sister from another state read a letter I wrote and offered to sponsor 4 members to go to Korea. She sent $3400 dollars which paid for 4 plane tickets.

One elder blessed couple here has not been able to do anything publicly for years. His family struggled so much financially. I wasn't going to call him knowing his situation but when he found out what was happening in Korea he not only called us but wanted to bring his son. He went to the bank and got a loan for $1200 dollars to go. I was shocked, it was the spiritual world and the angels coming from Chung Pyung that helped him get this.

Also I work with and pray for some of our widows and widowers in this church. We have several now and most of their spouses died from long illnesses leaving them poor. So many were desperate to go. By the grace of God and your prayer many have been given the money necessary, but some are still struggling to make it.

I wanted to personally take the time to thank you all for the tremendous indemnity you are paying everyday to make this happen. If these kinds of miracles are happening in my state how much more is taking place throughout America and the world.

I want to ask you please do not give up your prayer until the very end.

My husband who is working at University of Bridgeport met at the dorm a church member he had not seen in 17 years. This man had been working in an outside job in another state for years. He mentioned to my husband that he had heard something about it vaguely and my husband explained its importance. This man came to do business at University of Bridgeport and just happened to be staying one night in the room next to my husbands at the dorm. They met in the bathroom by accident!! This man had never been to University of Bridgeport before in his life and is still trying to decide weather or not to go to Korea.

And finally a personal thank you from me. I have been in my hometown for nine years with my beautiful twins. I work as the AFC director for North Dakota. My husband works as publications director for the University of Bridgeport 1500 miles away. We have both been working in different intense public missions for over twenty years.

During this time my mother in law never, no matter how busy we were, no matter how much we sacrificed was ever asked to help us with our children. I have hired numerous outside baby-sitters but always felt that this would be her eternal regret, and she would not be able to lift her face in the spiritual world because of this terrible condition.

Finally during this time she insisted that she watch our twins for two weeks so I could go. I wept to think that she would finally realize, through loving these blessed children their value. And that through this she could make some kind of good condition to support our True Parents. As we are leaving our hometown for a new mission this would be her last chance to do this. This is truly, truly a miracle.

Therefore I want to personally and on behalf of all heavenly father thank you. Until the very end, please don't give up your prayer. I can feel it, and without it and without your love and sacrifice this victory could never even begin to take place. Kyung Bae Kyung Bae Kyung Bae, to True Parents and to all of you.

God bless you
See you soon
Betsy Orman
North Dakota Director
American Family Coalition

P. S. For those who like me cannot fall asleep on a plane I want to suggest a great book to help us prepare for the battle and victory ahead, Its called Escape From China, The Long Journey from Tianenmen to Freedom by Zhang Boli. This is the incredible true story for one of the central figures of the democracy movement in China. He had to endure two years in hiding in the wilderness in the freezing weather of the Chinese/Russian border in order to finally find freedom and save his family. He also found God in the process. It is a beautiful empowering story of someone who understands the value of America. It reminded me so much of why we are going to Korea and what father had gone through. I found it at the library. If you can find it, it will keep you busy throughout the long flight ahead.

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