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My Experience Working In Korea

Betsy Orman
January 12, 2003

Dear Brothers and Sisters.

After prayer today about this upcoming mobilization I felt inspired to share with you some of my experience working in Korea after the last Registration Blessing, also some practical tips that may help you prepare.

I went to my Korean hometown for three weeks and lived in a small church center with my Korean leader his wife and three small children. As I watched our sisters at Chung Pyung waiting to pick the names for their hometown I prayed with tears that I could find a hometown where God could use the many gifts he has given me and my unique training as AFC Director to help restore our homeland Korea. I though for sure I would be given a big city with lots of VIPs I could witness to as that was my forteí. Yet I found myself in even a smaller town then the one I now live in Fargo. It was way in the countryside and I wondered why God brought me there.

When I met the leader and his wife I volunteered to do whatever was needed even though I spoke very little Korean. The first thing I did was to travel with our Pastor to visit the several Phillipina sisters who had been blessed to Koreans, most who had almost no training before the blessing. Our pastors wife speaking no English and unable to communicate with them had just finished a 40 day prayer and fasting condition for them. What an unbelievable experience this was to visit their families. They were so starved for love and guidance. Some of you can imagine coming to another country, living in another culture and being blessed to someone you never met and being given the mother in law from hell. Some were on the verge of suicide. It was only Gods intervening through our unity that saved them. I also spent time educating many of the mothers in laws and husbands.

Rather than ask my Minster who was so busy to help me each day I rented a bicycle (unheard of in a small town) and went out witnessing every day. All I had to do was ride down the small street to a coffee shop or to the supermarket and I would meet many English-speaking students. I was the only American some had ever seen and was looked upon in this small town like a celebrity. God and spiritual world sent me such wonderful people to witness too. The most precious was a Presbyterian doctor who had been so negative because of all he had heard. Through loving him he was totally transformed. Also I had brought some brochures for him to look at so bring some of these things if you have them to use as witnessing tools. He even bought a Christmas tree and placed it as a surprise at the door of the Church Center, an outrageous expense for Koreans. I had mentioned I had been searching for one to give as a gift to my Korean leaders wife and for the Philippine sisters.

Also I tried as much as possible to help take care of the leaders wife and children or help with the cooking and cleaning as they were so overwhelmed especially on Sunday. Instead of asking anything of them or expecting something from them I tried to give only to give.

I am now thinking as we all descend on our Korean hometowns how difficult it will be for these leaders to absorb all of us. It will be like having the Japanese and Korean leaders coming to my small town. It was overwhelming at first but such a blessing. How could we have witnessed to all the ministers without them? Therefore I want to make a few suggestions, which may help us.

1. I would bring a sleeping bag and pillow. We may not need them for Chung Pyung but I am sure we will need them in our hometowns. Also things you can hand wash. Washing machines and dryers are not so available in small towns.

2. We had only one small bathroom, I would bring an electric razor if needed as well as warm clothing. Korean winters are very cold. Dress in layers as you most likely will be walking or taking buses. I was told through AAA one could get an international drivers license for free or cheaply. It may be helpful if you feel confident to drive in Korea to get one. In case we are able to rent cars and need someone else to drive the members around you may be able to help in that way. I wouldnít think of it in Seoul but in the small towns these leaders only have one car and it will be difficult for them.

3. Also for women I would bring a nice slacks outfit that you can go out witnessing in every day with a few changeable sweaters, a warm coat and comfortable walking shoes. Also bring at least one nice outfit or suit for a conference. While out witnessing Korean people will invite you in for dinner if its dinner time or lunch if its lunchtime. I remember sitting down to eat one day and being served soup with small teeth floating around in it. I tried to be as gracious as possible wherever I went and somehow I drank the soup and left the teeth this but it was definitely a challenge.

4. Our Korean members have little money, epically the leaders. Bring whatever you think you might need like womenís supplies, a towel, washcloth a hair dryer with an adaptor a or wet naps if you need it. We will probably need radios for Chung Pyung as well. Donít think they will have it everything that is so covenant to us here.. I went crazy looking for a sponge mop for the leaders wife, to save her back from bending over, and never was able to find one. They wash floors on their hands and knees every day.

5. The Koreans eat mostly vegetables. Rice and Kim Chee. I would buy food for the center; special things especially ice cream or bread for the kids who went ga ga over it. There diet is a great way to lose weight but if you need more protein you may want to pack some protein bars. And you can always purchase a gift of meat for them. When I came home from Korea I longed for the Kim chee we had every day in Korea. I think I went through Kim Chee withdrawal.

6. They couldnít afford to heat the entire house so they heated only the bedrooms. I paid for the heating while I was there so they could heat the living room and I could have the Philippine sisters over for an English Sunday service. I would bring whatever cash you could scrounge up. If some members just cannot canít go for whatever reason have them give a donation to you as theyíre offering. This is a great thing we can do for the leaders. Let every member make some kind of offering. Donít expect to be taken care of there expect to take care of others, even though this is their heart to do everything for us. When we descend all at once it will be difficult for them. I wouldnít wait to be taken care of.

7. Also the bus transportation system there is unbelievable great. They had a national level meeting that was about 8 hours from my hometown and I traveled there by bus, which involved three transfers. My leader said donít go, you will get lost but I did it and took the other sisters who were afraid to travel with me. I just gave my driver the names of the cities I had to go to and he showed me what busses to take and where to get off. I have never seen such a bus system as Korea has so donít worry about getting back and forth from the airports etc.

8. When I went I was thinking the entire time, we could win this whole city with one ALC meeting, just one. Now I think we will be given the opportunity. Some may think how can we do anything that quickly but I want to share a miracle that happened to me when Father came on tour across America. I had just finished coordinating the North Dakota conference and Father asked us to put together another conference for South Dakota within the next 5 days on Easter Sunday for ministers!!! This was completely unplanned. I was about to faint when I heard this but Mayuri Hoffman the incredibly faithful AFC leader of South Dakota said Yes Father I will do it. There were almost no members to work with her in South Dakota and Father wanted to bring 300 MINISTERS on EASTER SUNDAY, five days from that day.

We immediately went to work and mobilized our team that included the incredibly wonderful and faithful Westchester New York sisters and Frank Logettria who had come to help in North Dakota. Rev Kim in Chicago also mobilized the wonderful sisters there to help. In South Dakota in 5 days we brought 300 people including many ministers to see Father speak. Father was beaming with joy and was so proud of us. I think he was proud of our attitude and our willingness to unite with his direction. Obviously spiritual world had already prepared the victory, it was just our unity with him and each other that made it happen. I am sure this kind of victory is waiting for us in Korea as well.

Even though Father is calling us out there to bless us I hope especially as Americans we are praying now how to give Father absolute joy and victory. I want to make the internal conditions of preparing my heart and attitude to unite and give True Parents a greater gift then they would give to me. Unity is all they ask; our heavenly attitude will decide everything. Americans can tie all the members together, can practically organize and can move the people of Korea to receive Father more than any others.

Now as I read the title of this mornings headlines on Aol "NORTH KOREA WANTS TO START WORLD WAR THREE" I decided something. If I have to leave my kids alone (I havenít found a babysitter yet and my husband was transferred to another city 1500 miles from here) if I have to sell whatever to raise money, if I have crawl to get on the plane, my hip is ready for a replacement, I am going, no matter what. I am going to help True Parents no matter what it takes. If God needs me he will help me do it. We never know the importance of the mission that Father is calling us to do. Lets really pray for one another and help all our members make one united offering. True Parents will feel this when they see us and know if we have done our best.

If anyone has any questions regarding working in Korea that I can answer please feel free to contact me.

Also two more important things. You do not need a Korean visa to enter Korea for less than 30 days as a Tourist. And bring the best small Korean/English dictionary you can find, something very portable. You will need it.

God bless all of our precious members. May we bring a beautiful gift for our True Parents, a victory, through our faith and obedience and unity. And let North Korea stand down and understand what is their eternal position as Gods chosen nation. See you all in Korea.

Betsy Orman
AFC Director
North Dakota

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