The Words of the Okroshidze Family

The Testimonies from Russians about their Journey to our Fatherland and the Blessing and the Celebration of True Parents' Birthdays

February, 2000

The Blessing
Alina Okroshidze
20 yrs old

We had very precious and amazing time in the train going to Korea (I'll write about this because I know that nobody else did) . On the way to Novosibirsk I worried a lot. I was thinking that we will waste so much time, nine days, maybe it would be better to make more condition during this time by FR or listening to some lectures or internal guidance. But then I realized that it depends only on me if this time will be wasted or be very important. It is clear that even in FR'ing and witnessing and even in all our life in the center-- time can be precious when we can communicate with other people and see our limitations (and overcome them) . We can learn to love people during that time and become closer. In the train there were so many chances to do that, more then anywhere else. I think God's purpose is not to make us a "super fundraiser" or a "super central figure". The most important point is to teach us to live with love for one another. Therefore I was trying my best to consider this time as the most important examination or serious test.

There were so many difficult situations, which I've never met before. I was growing in my family without brothers or sisters and I was thinking that it's natural to be independent, any time I could stay by myself or could choose with whom I want to stay. However in the train it was impossible, even you can't stay long time in the bathroom or go out alone when the train stops. I understood much more what does it mean to live in the family, to share everything. But actually I felt great joy during this trip. In Novosibirsk we changed trains and began travelling together with brothers and sisters from Urals region (Central Russia-3 time zones difference). This was something different--- I started to notice something else. I understood that I couldn't love other people as my brothers and sisters. Maybe toward people from my own region there was no problem, but to feel close to those from another place-- even they study the same Principle, they love True Parents as we do-- was difficult.

Our dance group was specially blessed because the day before the performance, we could watch firsthand the rehearsals of Hoon Sook Nim and two True Sons, Hyun Jin Nim and Hyung Jin Nim. I couldn't imagine that Hoon Sook Nim is such an amazing ballet dancer. Everyone was so moved-- somebody said she has "singing arms". (Later when I saw video about Universal ballet I understood what an intense and devoted work they do. It's all an offering for True Parents.) Anyway, the True Children are just great. In everything they do, you can see they are different from others and naturally become leaders or center. They behave very naturally with everyone and they are very bright and strong, (and also very cool dancers!)

And of course I saw True Father. Even I could attend the leaders meeting and see him from very close. Now I have a reason to really reflect. He was standing very close and asking questions and at one point called up somebody. At that moment I became afraid to answer wrongly or that Father might call on me. It showed to me that still there is a distance between True Parents and me. Also now I have greater desire to study Korean then before, because I felt so terrible: True Father was talking to our hearts, but we couldn't understand anything. In the end I want to say, I'm really very grateful for everything.

The Blessing itself, the "Pure love rally" and all other events were so wonderful and inspired me very much, but my heart is there - in Chong -pa Dong and will always be there. From all other places I'll remember the mostly my Parents home - the place where I was born even before my physical birth. Father has said, that all the second generation of communists will belong to God and True Parents, so already that time, many years before my birthday I was born there...This place is so precious to God, because this is the place where True Family was created, where True Children were born and were growing. And I am so endlessly grateful to my Heavenly Father that He brought me to this wonderful place, to the Heavenly Country of heavenly people, my beloved True Parents and True Children!

The Indemnity Stick ceremony was so very important. I understood how much God loves us and has pity on us, because these three symbolic strikes cannot indemnify all what God and True Parents went through. I received everything with gratitude.

God really blessed this land Korea. When I was praying I felt the real presence of God and was happy. And this happiness I felt in Korea I'll bring through all my life. I've received a lot during this visit to Korea. I felt that I changed and grew spiritually. It's difficult to describe everything, still I couldn't reflect enough on all of this. It's unforgettable. It's a big blessing to be in True Parents fatherland and to receive there the Blessing from True Parents themselves.

The trip back home was also unforgettable. God really has shown to us the model of Heavenly Kingdom in Korea and Hell in the train with no heating system, where all of us were frozen for 7 days! But I guess we had to pay indemnity for everything. Praise God and True Parents!

For me it was special experience, because for a long time I hadn't met people who were educated by different leader, with different nature and character. Seems like for the first time I was seriously thinking that no matter how much I tried to love and respect, to learn from my leader, I can't say that understand everything and do everything right. I could see many differences. My first attitude to them was if they are doing different, it means they are wrong. I was praying a lot about it, because I knew that shouldn't judge like this. It was just my impatience and arrogance. Then the leader of the Urals group asked some advise or explanations from our group's leader. Then I could feel his desire to understand us. And then it was easier for me to except that we must learn something from them same as they from us. Actually it was so painful for me that so often and so easily we are not able to unite. It was sad that I couldn't give the same attention to them as if they were my closest relatives.

Those days I had such a high mood, like before a celebration. But I was also thinking how much responsibility I have and I knew that I was not the most prepared to go there. There were other brothers and sisters who were dreaming about it more than me, but they couldn't go. Therefore I was praying to have some spiritual experience and understand, feel and see more than I usually would, in order to inspire them with my testimony. Also I was worried if I can be good object to God. I was thinking that True Parents are people whom God loves the most and He is trusting us to love His most precious childre. He is giving us the chance to do what He wants to do - to make them happy. Therefore all the way I was thinking how I could love True Parents so that they can feel God's love. I was praying about it all the time.

In Korea my first impression during True Parents Birthday celebration (in the big gymnasium) was like it's some kind of official ceremony. It was like members of some big organization gathered together to honor their leader, but not like joyful children congratulating their parents. All the time I wanted to look into Parent's eyes and to smile to them, to shout, wave my hands and say: "Look hear, we love You very much!" I think they didn't want to see just an organization, but they were dreaming to see one big family. It was very painful, because I was thinking that they themselves want nothing different from a warm family, real children who can love and respect, be very close. I wished to see something more joyful, spontaneous, but not some ceremonial performance. I was thinking how much lonely True Parents actually are.

When Father received gifts, I noticed his desire to embrace everybody, like his real children (even though some were old people with gray hair!) My biggest desire (or even you can say expectation) was to see that True Parents are live "real" people. That's why I was very happy to see how they are drinking tea together, how Mother was waving with a small book in her hand, how they were talking to each other. It was such a cool feeling! First they had such serious faces and I was worried that they were not joyful during their own celebration. I was trying to catch even their one smile and when I could, I was happily laughing. The concert later was a big joy for me, because some times they showed True Parents on the big screen and True Parents were always happy and smiled. Then, in the end when they were on the stage together with their children, I couldn't stop looking how much living relationships they have. They really love each other very much - just as parents and children should.

I also received many big impressions from the Trees in Chung Pyung, especially the Tree of Love. Right before leaving I was praying to understand what love is and to learn how to love others. And I understood that we (fallen people) made love to be something that has caused the biggest pain to God. Because God is love, He can't escape this pain. He is so sensitive so that it's so easy for us to wound Him. But at the same, through true love, we make Him joyful. I felt deeply the value of all brothers and sisters. I was looking at all people who were praying with tears there and felt big love and gratitude to them, because they want so strongly to comfort and love our lonely and miserable God. Somehow I could deeply feel that this kind of people is the most precious people to God. Even there are 100 times more beautiful, clever, even kind people, but only these people are suffering for the sake of God's happiness, and ready to die for God's sake. I had strong desire to bow in front of all of those who were there, just to go down on my knees.

Katya Krasnopyorova
23 yrs old

Mostly I'd like to tell about dance performance or even more about preparations for it. I'm very grateful for that one week that we spent training, especially because in Korea we already wouldn't have any free time to pray or reflect before meeting True Parents...So this time became good preparation, because everybody tried their best -- training and sweating. We had a very good group. I could receive joy both from working together with such wonderful brothers and sisters from all over Russia and, of course, from dancing -- because I like it so much. About the dancing it's interesting, because since I joined I never thought that I would come back to dancing. Even though it was my biggest interest for 3 years (from 15 to 18 years old) right before I joined, somehow only last summer I remembered about this and started to dream of it. Then suddenly Heavenly Father gave me such a great blessing -- to be able to dance in front of True Parents!!

From the beginning everybody agreed that for us to create a beautiful performance, it would take a miracle. Reason is - that out of 32 dancers, only few people were professional. Some had some experience from before, but most had none at all! But absolutely everyone had strong desire to really represent Russia and perform for True Parents. We joked that only Moonies could do this, because they have faith and are able to unite in any situation and do anything God needs us to do. All leaders were worried: Dr. Seuk called every day to Rev. Park. Rev. Park called every day to Mr. Mito and Mr. Mito came to see us (everyday). They hoped to see some result, but we couldn't show anything for the first days, so they just had to believe that this idea wasn't wrong. I have to give great credit to our choreographers Olya , Ilya and Luda, for their incredible devotion and hard work. They are all very young but somehow they beautifully organized 32 unprofessional people into one harmonious dance troupe. And it was all accomplished within just 7 days!! .... I think we made a miracle .

Natasha Leschenko
17 yrs old

What can I write about the time I spent in Korea? ...It was great blessing, the present from Heaven. I know whom I should say "Thank You" - to God and True Parents. I had many different feelings toward my spouse, to the Blessing itself, to my visit to God's chosen nation, but the brightest and most memorable experiences I had were with meeting True Parents. Actually this I was waiting the most. During the Blessing, I was looking at True Parents and then up to the big screen where I saw the Stadium full of white dresses and dark blue costumes and I couldn't believe that I'm there. I'm part of this "alive" stadium with trembling heart and tears in my eyes meeting the Messiah.

While I was listening Father's speech, His prayer, always I felt frustration that I don't know Korean language. But anyway I felt that these two people on the stage are the most dear for me. That's why it seemed to me that I understand their feelings. When I opened my eyes after True Father finished His prayer, I looked at myself and realized that I'm all white, not only because of dress. I felt very strongly that now I have more bright and pure spirit. I didn't want to cry, even tears were in my eyes. It was just natural, all my emotions were unexpectedly appearing and same time disappearing. It's difficult to describe, everything was changing so quickly, and I wanted to cry and to laugh... When we were leaving I didn't have nostalgia feelings I've expected. I had feeling that nothing disappeared, that I am bringing the "peace of Korea" together with me and that it'll always stay in my heart.

Tanya Murshel
28 yrs old

There are no right words to express all feelings I have after my dream has come true. I couldn't imagine that the time will come when I'll have chance to go to the Heavenly Country of Korea... the country of chosen people, the country of True Parents. When we arrived there I had such a real feeling deep in my heart as I was coming back home - the same asI had in my childhood when I was coming back home to my beloved parents after being in pioneer camp for the whole summer. And I almost forgot all 10 days of the long trip we had by train and airplane in order to get to Korea. Just the joy of coming back and that soon I'll see my True Parents was overwhelming my heart. And I didn't expect to meet True Parents so quickly, but next day Heavenly Father gave me and my spouse the chance to attend pledge service on True Parents Birthday! This was even beyond my dream! I was so amazed to see beautiful place of Chung Pyung and True Parents Palace there. It was feeling that we've come to the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth! True family was so near...

When True Father was praying I saw a vision of one miserable man is standing near some door and desperately asking to come in. And this moment Father was praying about spiritual world, (just I understood this word in Korean - "spirit world" or "spirit"). So I thought may be it was my ancestor waiting for his liberation, which we had 5 days later in the same hall... I felt so frustrated that I couldn't understand completely what True Father is praying about... So, I'm really desperate to study Korean and to teach others, this is so important in order to understand True Parents Heart.

Each day was full of interesting events, but for me the first and the last days were the most deep: True Parents Birthday and the visiting of True Parents home in Chong -pa Dong. I felt that it was the house where I've spent my childhood and looked at all things as if it were my grandparents things - all the furniture and clothes, the steps to the second floor- all was so familiar to me! And specially the small yard near True Children's rooms...I was sitting there and imagining as all children were gathered together to play there and Parents are sitting and watching them... I couldn't stop my tears, because it was so real experience like: " It's not my first visit to this house, I was here long time ago, I came back home!" I didn't want to leave this place so quickly and this was the deepest experience for me.

Vasilisa Leontieva
27 yrs old

The simple words of gratitude are not enough to express all of my feelings and thoughts, while I've been staying in Korea. Seven years I was waiting for meeting True Parents substantially. But had no chance: Russia is so far away from them... And now I was ready to sacrifice everything. Even though we had long trip (by train 7 days there from West to East and coming back), but I was so happy to see True Parents even three times! My True Parents.

I was impressed by 80 years celebration of True Father. I saw lovely heart and eyes of True Parents. The Blessing itself was the greatest thing. Unfortunately (to True Parents) I needed to receive the Blessing for the second time. First I thought I wouldn't have any new feelings. But I repent, because I feel the great love of God through relationships with my spouse.

I had strong experiences in the first church at Chongpa-dong. Even this place became a part of history, but how much it's real! It was seemed to me that True Father just went out and soon he is coming back. Looking at the pictures of True Mother with the children, their eyes are so pure. I felt how much tears were shed there for all humanity.

Korea itself amazed me by its beauty, mountains and lakes. In Chung-Pyung I was crying a lot with tears of happiness, just being there. Each stone was telling me about Father. Trees are symbolizing Father's Heart. It was very strong impression.

Sergey Kudryavtsev
24 yrs old

It was started rather unexpected. I found out that I am going to Korea. I was very surprised and didn't believe in it till the end. Our way to Korea was by going through almost all Russia. We were 7 days and nights in the train and two hours in the airplane. During our trip we could unite so much, although we were already united before, we could really feel that we are just family. My spouse is from the same region, and during the whole trip we could get to know each other more and become closer to each other.

I fell in love with Korea from the first look, first breath. I could realize that this is the Holy and Blessed Land. This feeling always accompanied me during my stay in Korea. The next day after we arrived was the main event, True Parents' Birthday celebration. When I saw True Parents for the first time I lost my ability to speak, I wanted to scream, but I couldn't. It was fantastic, that I'm here, together with True Parents in the same building. I used to see True Parents only on the picture, but now they are here, near me. Incredible! All the time while True Parents were there, I was enjoying looking at them, swimming in the energy coming from them. I saw God! God is dwelling in the harmonies unity of True Parents. I was so inspired with all I saw and felt. I can say that I was dreaming about it my whole life, to see and feel True Parents.

The next bright experience is connected with Holy Wine ceremony. During the ceremony I felt, that inside of me something is changing, my heart is feeling with such unknown feelings. Even I was breathing differently. So I had many feelings. The Blessing ceremony has changed my mind. When we exchanged our rings I felt that I'm giving something mine and receiving something from my spouse. Everything was amazing. The representatives from different religions were giving their blessings and everybody could feel that God is in everything. And the Blessing True Parents gave us was really an incredible Blessing from God.

Sveta Vyatkina
18 yrs old

I was very inspired when found out that I'm going to Korea. I was happy. It was not important how to go, how many days, seven or even more. We went by two trains and then by airplane, but we were very joyful because we were going to Korea (and during all that time we became more close friends to each other.) When we arrived to Korea I couldn't understand, am I really in Korea now. I'm standing in the fatherland of True Parents. I was so much joyful. And I was going to the Blessing!

It was like a long magical dream. The most inspiring for me was the first church (Chongpa-dong) in Seoul, I could feel True Parents more close. When I entered inside, I felt like I was in the time of True Parents and the True Children were living there. The pictures and everything else was touching my soul... the blackboard on which True Father was teaching members the Principle-- everything was so precious there. From each corner and each object -- there were coming such a high spiritual atmosphere. All these rooms, oh God this is the holy place, the most holy place! The table and the armchair where True Father was seating.... sofas for members....telephone...from everything I felt pain in my heart when I was thinking how much True Father had been suffering. How many tears he had shed for the salvation of humankind, to free Heavenly Father from great pain and sorrow. I felt God's pain so much. I could not say anything while walking by the rooms. Just looking at everything with opened mouth. Also the True Children's rooms were so amazing. Going from one room to another I saw some yard and imagined that it was some sunny day and True Parents and Children were playing there, somebody was playing the piano. I was so happy to imagine this. Or like True Father alone were sitting there, writing something and thinking deeply. I felt the great strength of True Parents. After leaving that church I was crying a lot. Everything was so real. Just I felt how much True Father was crying and praying with tears. That place will always be in my heart and soul.

Also I was impressed by Chung Pyung Lake. I felt myself so dirty on this holy ground. I felt such strong power coming from the trees. These trees are very unusual. Even externally they are not like all others. I have so many emotions that I'll not be able to describe all of them. It's impossible to write everything how I felt. God, they are so beautiful trees! Looking at those trees people immediately can say that this is unusual place. I was shocked when I came up to the Tree of the Blessing. I just was breathing this air and looking at this Tree. I felt great love of Heavenly Father. Sometimes I felt like I could fly! Heavenly Father is so happy when He sees that His children are happily laughing.

For me there is nobody more precious than True Parents. I love them so much and want to embrace them. I'm very grateful to God for He gave me such a Blessing. I'm very grateful to True Parents for they overcame so much and did so much for me to be able to know the truth and go this way of faith. Just now I realize how God was protecting me during the 16 years before I joined-so that He could give me His Heavenly Blessing. I'll be always indebted to God and True Parents. Now I know what I have to do. I'll do everything possible what Heavenly Father desires. I understood that Korea and Russia are completely different, like heaven and earth. People there are amazing, I was so impressed by them, and they are so different from Russians. I always said to myself: "This is the chosen nation". I was so happy to go to Korea, despite the very long trip. Thank you very much.

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