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ACLC West Rock Prayer Breakfast with AFP Appointment Ceremony

Julia Okamoto
June 9, 2006

The prayer breakfast was held in the New Life Pentecostal Church in Spring Valley, N.Y, on Saturday May 27th; Rev. Fitz Roy Moodie, Pastor.

The theme was unity: Unity of the spiritual community and the secular community, working together to better the community. There were around 45 people in attendance and 3 awardees. The sisters of Rockland County cooked the breakfast, which was delicious, and Rev. Moodiesí church supplied the tea and coffee.

Rev. Compton of the Westrock Family Church was the emcee for the event. We began with welcome remarks by Rev. Moodie and then he offered a toast to peace and unity, which he did very smoothly. Breakfast followed, during which Archbishop de la Rosa gave a short presentation on True Family Values. After finishing the breakfast Mrs. Moodie lead us in song to lift the spirit and hearts of the people gathered and then she finished with the invocation. A Bible reading was given by Bro. Pryce of the New Life Pentecostal Church, and Rev. Michael Kiely of the Westrock Family Church read the founders words. The WestRock Choir offered two songs, which were very uplifting and well received.

The keynote speaker was Bishop Margie de la Rosa, wife of the Archbishop, and pastor of the Christ Family Church, Mt. Vernon. Bishop de la Rosa focused her talk on the Beatitudes and went through very carefully and skillfully, speaking to the pastors in a way they could understand yet gently pushing them to go beyond their present thinking to a deeper realization of Godís love and plan. It was a great talk and very well received by all present. Both the religious leaders and the community leader were inspired and enlightened by her words.

Next we invited Mr. Jack Corley, Assistant Secretary General, UPF to give the AFP awards. Being awarded that day were the host pastor, Rev. Fitz Roy Moodie, Rev. Jean Claude Dorcelly and Ms Vedeta Hanley of the Community Action Program in Spring Valley. Mr. Corley spoke a little about AFP including the five points and the importance of continuing to do good works.

Rev. Moodie was asked to give the closing prayer but when he came up he was so moved that he felt he just had to express himself. He said he was so moved and pleased by all that had happened and all that he heard. He was so grateful to have the prayer breakfast. He was also moved to see people in his church from all nations and races. Then he told us about a dream he had of speaking in front of people from all around the world and different religions and this was somehow a fulfillment of that dream. He believes that this is his destiny. He thanked the sisters who had faithfully visited him and in his words, "never left him out but always told him what was happening".

Bishop de la Rosa commented that she would like to come back to visit Rev. Moodie to personally invite him to the next ACLC meeting on June 24

The general consensus was that it was a successful event, especially for a first time on the local level in Rockland County. I think some of key reasons for the success were the unity of the people involved. The outreach team in Rockland and Orange County planned the event. The original inspiration came from Diana Perkins. We were having an outreach meeting, trying to think of how to reach out to the community for ministerís outreach and HD family church and how to combine the two. We came up with two events. The first was a Japanese luncheon, suggested by Mr. Kiely which we did, and then Diana got the inspiration for a prayer breakfast. I felt it would be a challenge but Rev. Sakamoto gave us the confidence by his support to go ahead, and his help and guidance was there every step of the way. Without his support we could not have done it, so a big thank you to him.

The other sisters contributed in many ways. Mrs. Kiely visited with me and called, following up on the ministers, working very hard. Her determination and persistence kept me going to visit, just one more church. Tokiko Stewart and I visited churches many times especially Rev. Moodieís to discuss plans as they were formulated. Rev. Moodie is the pastor of the church she chose to visit. Tokiko also took responsibility to manage the food situation. She did a great job, making sure the food was enough and delicious as well. At the breakfast Diana worked really hard to help with the food service and clean up. Kimiyo Matthews made her famous homemade bread which was enjoyed by all. Robin Kiely, Mrs. Kielyís daughter in law, pitched in on the day and took care of the registration. Sanae Garwood was not able to attend because she was helping at Camp Sunrise but she was there helping in the planning and Iím sure praying for us.

The other point to consider was that it was a local event so there was a more intimate feeling as people knew each other.

It was really a community event. I want to thank Rev. Compton for all his help and support. He did a very good job of emcee, and Rev Sakamoto, without whom we could not have done it. I am so grateful to all who helped and participated in different ways. And lastly thank you to True Parents who give us these opportunities to learn to grow to understand Godís heart and to make a foundation for the future. I personally learned a great deal and realized itís not just the prayer breakfast, or whatever the event, but the journey to the prayer breakfast and how we can experience Godís heart and love for brothers and sisters in our church and outside. It affords us an opportunity to meet great people too, such as the community leader Ms. Vedeta Hanley, a great lady.

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