The Words of the O'Neill Family

Reflections Of Dae Mo Nim's Europe Tour

Caroline O’Neill
April 2005
Event in Germany

As we found out we would be lucky enough to participate in the Dae Mo Nim event, none of us could really appreciate it until we finally got to Frankfurt. Our teams, along with 3 other STF teams, were privileged to help with the preparation of the Hall the evening before. We were assigned different tasks from Peter May. It was only then I fully realized what a big and special event this would actually be. The evening was long, with the many things we had to do, but it was a really beautiful sight to see everyone making them selves busy and to help in any way possible. In one corner people were frantically blowing up balloons, while in the opposite corner others were trying to desperately cover the huge glass windows. As we worked into the early hours of the morning, the transformation of the hall was undeniable; it looked stunning.

After a few hours of sleep we were back once again, for the real event. Many of us were still helping with the external preparation such as keeping the hall under control as bus loads of people continually arrived from many parts of the continent. Nevertheless we waited patiently for Dae Mo Nim's arrival. I certainly felt a lot more connected to the whole event because we had been able to help with the external preparation. I really appreciated the involvement we could experience. I personally truly enjoyed the whole ceremony and for the first time I could really appreciate Dae Mo Nim and all the investment that she puts in all of us. I was also given the most amazing opportunity to present Dae Mo Nim with flowers, which was a very precious and personal experience for me and definitely something I cannot forget. Overall the day ran smoothly, and the investment we had all put was definitely worthwhile.

I look forward to the next event.

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