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Israel Pilgrimage September 2004 - Outreach

John OíNeill
October 2004

I did outreach work with two younger members, Mr. Murphy (7) and Ute Schmuki from Germany.

Since coming here to Israel I have felt a strong desire to really give Godís love to all the people I meet. Today we met some very strange people. It was a very inspiring day.

Door to door At one of the first doors we knocked on an funny lady came to the door. She politely listened to what Ute had to say. She then informed us that she would not be willing to attend any of our events. At this point Ute offered her a small present. She seemed very touched by this and invited us all in. She gave us all an alcohol free drink and offered to make us more. She told us about her history. She was in a concentration camp for three years in Theresienstadt. Many of her relatives lost their lives. Her husband survived from a concentration camp, the only survivor from 60 of his relatives.

This lady has a very beautiful heart even though she suffered so much and is still suffering now because of the situation here. She was very inspired by our peace initiative. I felt that we could really touch her heart.

U.N. Contact

At the very next door I spoke to a man who is working for the U.N. in helping to bring peace here. He was a Christian from Ghana. I told him about our activities and he was very interested, especially about our Ambassador for Peace programme.


We also spoke very deeply to a number of other people at their doors. I could clearly see how we could genuinely inspire and give genuine hope and inspiration to the people by explaining about how our religions teach us to love and serve each other and to live for the sake of others. Their concepts are unfortunately not practiced by religions today. Also we explained about how Godís viewpoint must be brought into the ideas about how to solve the problems. In addition we explained about our Ambassador for Peace programme, inter-faith work, IIPC initiative, etc. The people really feel that we are doing very significant work and that we are taking the peace process to a higher level.

At the very end of our time today I was by myself and I met one Jewish lady. She was a little bit skeptical at first, but again after bringing in the information about our various initiatives I could see how the lady felt something very significant about our work.

It is such a joy and privilege to be able to go to the people and to offer them hope. That their suffering can come to an end through understanding how taking the peace process to higher levels (Godís levels) a true lasting peace is genuinely possible.

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