The Words of the O'Connor Family

Second Blessed Husbands Workshop

John O’Connor
December 5 - 12, 2001
Chung Pyung, Korea

From December 5th to December 12, husbands participated in the Second Workshop for Registered Blessed Husbands.

The Blessing groups who participated were from the 777, 1800, 43, 118 couples. The staff reported to us that there were 174 Koreans, 302 Japanese, and 97 Westerners. The leader for our Western group was Jeff Tallakson, Regional leader in Russia.

Hoon Mo Nim/Dae Mo Nim spoke to us on three occasions. She left immediately after the third talk in order to go to the airport for a flight to Brazil where there was a Blessed Wives 21-Day workshop in progress. Dae Mo Nim reminded us of how many spirits dominate us in our daily life. Therefore, liberation of evil spirits and our own discipline in daily life is necessary for preparing for our eternal life in spirit world. She said that after people die, and enter spirit world, many of them wonder for 40 days looking for there home. Many times they find where they are supposed to be but reject that place as not good enough. They continue looking for a better place but don’t find it. We make preparation for our house here on the earth. As well, she reminded us to repent for our ancestors’ sin. Our ancestors may be trying to tell us many things but we cannot hear them. Dae Mo Nim encouraged all members to come to Chung Pyun and participate in ancestors liberation in order to more quickly restore spirit world. She said there is a beautiful world prepared but we have to cleanse ourselves and live according to Principle. Her intention was to spend more time with us as she said: "I am sad that I cannot be here to teach you more to take care of you wife. Hold her hand and be good to her."

We had two sessions of Unification Thought studies. It was a very meaningful time to read and discuss the content. We had a helpful guide in the person of Andrew Wilson who has studied Unification Thought and comparative philosophies. As we were studying masculine and feminine characteristic, Hyun-Ie Kim made some instructive remarks about the husbands making effort to understand the nature of their wives. He said we need to develop sensitivity to the feminine nature of our wives. When we perfect husband-wife relationship, God will bring us special Blessings. As well, he said, together we will develop the most important identity, the "family identity".

Our other reading time was devoted to the Essentials of Divine Prinicple. We read through the colored portions. Dan Stein, as our Hoon Dok leader, set a very high standard for our readers. The goal of the readers was to read fast, lively, with passion and heart, with clarity, among other heavenly adverbs. As many of you have experienced, the Principle really jumps off the pages when you are in that setting. Of course, we all had moments when we fought off the powerful desire for sleep!

The WFWP leaders organized a presentations of the Divine Principle in chart form. These are presentation made using overhead with underlined text next to the "chart" or diagram. The goal of this format is that everyone can use it to lecture by just reading the brief script and pointing (with a laser light) to the key words on the diagrams. All of us got a chance to practice with the laser light emanating from the hand-held pen. According to Dr. Shimmyo’s instruction, we were to just make one split second flash near the indicated word or phrase. Challenging it was and sometimes very funny as well as the light beam would make multiple flashes and streaks across the screen!

Of course, there were the central activity for which we were there, the Holy Song and Ansoo sessions. We have learned that through these sessions, many members have overcome medical and spiritual problems. The environment was more harmonious than when I went to the first time in 1997 for 40 days. The Ansoo method is developing. One of the workshop staff admitted that when he first knew of the Ansoo method he thought it was very primitive. Now he sees Ansoo as a highly advanced spiritual application.

The Prayer Hall provides a very special environment in which to pray. It is the place of all the angels in support of our spiritual growth and to directly take our prayers to Heavenly Father. On the last evening of our workshop while in the Prayer Hall, I felt a very warm and physically embracing feeling. My arms and upper body tingled as if angels were massaging me. I felt Heavenly Father’s great love for all of us.

New construction of Palace:

We were treated to a visit to the holy ground, some 45 minutes walk behind the new hospital. This location will be the place where True Parents residential Palace will be built. It will have facilities to receive VIPs and conduct important meetings. At this time, there were only several drilling machines and a limited amount of material on site. The altitude at this location affords the best breathing atmosphere, according to one of the project presenters.

Hospital report

We received a report about the new hospital under construction. The head director and head doctor gave reports on the progress and vision of the " NAME" Hospital. According to the Director, True Father has had the vision of this hospital since the 1970’s.

One of the main points is the goal of unifying Eastern and Western methods. East and West traditional approaches are very different. Typically, the East focuses on internal problems while the West focuses on external symptoms. He said much research is needed to accomplish this as it is not easy to unify the two approaches. The facility is open for public patients. The hospital will be designed in a resort style. They want this hospital to be as comfortable (pleasant and warm environment) as if you were being taken care of at your our home. Many of our members need physical healing as well as spiritual healing. Members will be able to combine a Workshop and a hospital stay in the same time period. He envisions that non-Unification members may also eventually take part in the workshop sessions.

Particular focuses will be on: mental illnesses, skin disease, pregnancy deficiencies.

They plan to have more than 100 beds with 3 stories below and 8 stories above ground. They have specialized and certified doctors and nurses prepared. The facility will house a research center. The Director said they must have unique services and be a very unique hospital in order to attract people to come to this quite remote location or they will not succeed beyond our church membership.

When someone passes away, there is a dedicated room for an Ascension Ceremony.

They plan to combine traditional, herbal, and spiritual methods. There will be gynecologists and cancer specialists. But as well as doctors providing treatment, there will be other practitioners with specialized methods. There may be practitioners applying therapy based on music, smells, food diet, drinking liquids, etc. As well, acupuncture and Tae-Chi methods will likely be applied.

The director pointed out that the strongest point of their programs should be based on spiritual healing, that is, removing the base of the problem.

It seems that there will be high chances for success as this hospital will be a beautiful facility located in pristine nature coupled with such a wide variety of approaches and a highly trained staff.

Bridgeport University will be cooperating with them for development of services for the hospital. They plan to get overseas clients and will do wide-spread advertising. The goal is to make it a profitable venture. The director asked several rhetorical questions: 1) Why so remote? Answer: Chung Pyung is a place with high spiritual power and it is important to be in quiet nature to accelerate healing as opposed to the traditional location in the busy city. 2) Why so high? Answer: There is plentiful fresh air for quicker healing. 3) How to combine spiritual with physical healing? Answer: That is a very big challenge which they face but are doing ongoing research to be up to the task. The planned goal for completion of the hospital is June 2003.

Special experience in Blessed wife’s mission area :

After the 8-Day was finished, we had one full day to spend in Seoul. Paul Frank and I traveled together from Luxembourg so at his wife’s encouragement, we visited his wife’s mission area for North/South unification. We met with the regional director of the area, Mr. Pak. We also met with our Korean national messiah, Rev. Lim Jong Yoo. Mr. Pak invited us to a special graduation ceremony. We learned that the PWPA had organized a course with Hoon Dok style reading selected words of True Father. The course was scheduled for readings once each week for one year. Thirty-eight women completed the course and it was their graduation day. They wore the traditional cap and gown attire. Several PWPA professors were there as well as the mayor of that area of Seoul. They each gave a congratulatory speech. Each graduate was given a certificate and numerous gifts. All participants were treated to a large buffet lunch. One could feel the importance of the moment and the accomplishment of these women. As well, there were appreciative comments that one person from America (myself) and one person from Luxembourg (Paul Frank) would attend their ceremony. The project was a good model of Hoon Dok education and getting the community involved in the process.

We also were able to spend time in discussion with two church leaders from the area. Having that experience helped us connect with the spirit of our Korean brothers and sisters in their efforts to establish the Fatherland. We thank Rev. Pak for so graciously serving us. Mansei!

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