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Priority Privileges For Foreign Nationals To GPF

Ruka Nun-Ira
October 17, 2008

Dear blessed central families,

Yesterday, leaders of the various different groups of our blessed central families namely (NPO-MCF, The Philippine group, The Brazilian Group, The Russian group, and The Chinese group met with leaders of GPF to discuss final plans and strategies to make the coming GPF a success for heaven and True Parent

As you already know the field of the venue Ajinomoto main stadium is projected to be filled with foreign nationals both members and non-members living in Japan. Local Churches around the nation have been instructed to give priority to foreign nationals in their locality.

Ticketing prices might vary from 2,000 – 8,000 yen depending on the strategy of the local Church but foreign nationals should not be charged more than the minimum fee. Please contact your local Churches for your tickets. Foreign national are also to be given first priority in terms of transportation to the venue in Tokyo. If you should have problems call me and give me your church phone number and I will talk to them.

Members who have non-member(s) foreign national(s) to bring to the festival can get tickets from me at 1,000 yen for them, again call me. Tickets are limited so first come first served and would be available until Nov. 5th. I advice you reserve early and collect them on Nov. 2nd our next Sunday service. If you live out side of Kanto I will make arrangements.

This festival is one of the few easy opportunities we can get to express our gratitude to heaven, our local churches and the True Parent for the blessing because our mere presence alone will make a big difference that can bring victory to Heavenly Father. Don’t miss this opportunity.

Please come with your family and friends and guests. And don’t forget to visit NPO-MCF’S booth, which will be highlighting our activities and various arrays of performances.


Ruka Nun-Ira 

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