The Words of the Nordquist Family

Tamar (Palm Tree in Hebrew)

Peter Nordquist
March 17, 1999

The reason I commented on the subject of Tamar is that I had a deeper insight that I wanted to share, which at the same time made Father's role in the Sammy affair all the more clear to me. Sex with a motivation like Judah's, kills. Sex with a motivation like Tamar's, absorbed, digested and transformed the evil vitality of Judah into a victory for God in her womb. She reversed the action of Eve in a providential situation that both God and Satan were watching very closely.

But what really happened in Tamar's womb. Two fetuses struggled to be the firstborn? The fetus should be in the "Tam" state of consciousness, "receiving the pure life element from God", like a pure innocent baby sleeping. It is the deep sleep with no dreams state of consciousness of original nature. But Satan invaded the womb of Eve, and polluted the pure state of consciousness of the developing physical body, the fetus. Father said that the physical body knows the truth. But we are not free to access it because of a controlling spirit of evil vitality which was set in motion by Satan at the Fall of Man. Physical salvation means to clean the astral body, which controls the physical body, of those elements which are of Satan's creation. The astral body is the spiritual energy of the physical body, and needs to be cleaned through indemnity. Reversal of the energy of evil by actions that generate shame and repentance when, by the light of God's grace, we can see the fruit of the history of sin that we and our ancestors participated in. We left God alone. We abandoned the Vertical Mom and Dad.

But the Vertical Mom and Dad's love for us, the children, is absolute. God knows the value of his children. The Vertical Mom and Dad didn't ever stop loving us, only our receptive base of heart to receive it needs to be developed. Easiest way is to love and serve the person whose mind and body do not struggle, who is able to receive God's love, and feel God's absolute love for others as well - The Horizontal Mom and Dad position of the True Parents.

The process of physical salvation posited by Divine Principle and Father's words deals with identifying historical sources of resentment or "han" and creating scenarios to resolve them. It requires God, Adam, Eve and the Archangel positions to unite centered on True Love. But what constitutes "True Love" in the course of Restoration Through Indemnity is often very bitter medicine. In reading about Noah's course, we find that God had Noah build the ark on the mountain to ensure maximum hardship for Noah - maximum persecution and hard time from all quarters. This was the only way. It is still the only way to be forced into a position to deny ourselves and come back to our original position as unfallen children who are receptive to the love of God. We have to love the taste of being pushed into the zero position. It seems like death and failure, but surprise, surprise... we discover our parents there, and in so doing, we discover ourselves and the True World - The Real World.

Best Regards,

Peter Nordquist

PS, I wasn't attacking anybody in particular, but just proclaiming the ridiculousness of doubting Father's motivation, especially in the area directly involving the Fall of Man. Doubting Father's wisdom in this area too seems to me to be a bit ridiculous as well. I guess some people think Father didn't know the day would come when Sammy would grow up, and that people would struggle, especially if Father didn't come right out with an explanation.

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